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Daneka Souberbielle

Director of Intercultural Engagement


Student Affairs professional with over 10 years of experience leading inclusivity and access strategies, providing direct support to students from recruitment through graduation and engaging students and professionals in active learning through co-curricular programming. Progressively responsible and multifaceted experience at multiple levels of higher education, from direct service to administrative leadership in the following areas: Registrar's Office, Academic Advising, Federal TRiO Programs (Upward Bound and Student Support Services), Multicultural Affairs and International Programs. Fiercely dedicated to the holistic approach to student and professional development.

  • Compliance. Develop appropriate departmental policies and staff training to ensure that Student Code, university, state and federal regulations and guidelines are consistently met.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. Envelop cultural proficiency in international, multicultural and other diverse communities, including oral fluency and written proficiency in academic and colloquial Spanish gained through 16 years of community involvement and service. Inaugurated two new departments which served approximately 2,000 racial and ethnic minority, international and LGBTQ students, increasing social and academic integration and cultural adaptation.
  • Strategic planning. Ensure departmental efficiency and effectiveness  via the drafting, implementation and assessment of unit-specific strategic plans over the last 8 years.
  • Collaboration & Leadership. Employ a stakeholder approach to ensure knowledge holders have comprehensive input throughout all stages of project management.

Work History


Director of Intercultural Engagement

Dixie State University

Provide administrative vision and direct leadership to a staff of eleven professionals in the Multicultural/Diversity Center (MCDC) and International Student Services (ISS). 


  • Successfully established the Student Affairs Intercultural Engagement department at Dixie State University, supporting the cultural adaptation and social & academic integration of approximately 1,900 students.
  • Established the inaugural university Global Engagement Committee and served as its first chair. This committee centralizes the university international efforts, serves as it strategic body and internationalizes the campus.

Student Development & Engagement

  • Led the development of minority student leadership programs, resulting in the Multicultural Student Council and  International Peer Mentor Program.
  • Directed the creation of a hybrid New International Student Orientation, which increased efficiency of arrival process by 95%.
  • Oversee more than 50 annual student activities with participation of 3,000+ students, campus and community members.
  • Addressed international and diversity-related student conduct issues, including providing mediation services.

Operations Management

  • Manage a yearly budget of $800,000.
  • Brought the university into compliance with Department of Homeland Security and SEVIS requirements by constructing a cohesive Policy and Procedure Manual for International Student Services and targeted staff training.
  • Improved the International Student Admissions process, leading to a 40% increase in international applications.

Upward Bound Advisor

Dixie State University
  • Collaborated with high school counseling staff  to recruit 90 first-generation low income high schoolers into the program.
  • Provided college preparatory advisement to participants, planned and tracked academic interventions and prepared graduating seniors  and parents for all aspects of college transitions.

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant

Brigham Young University

Independent Instructor for American diversity courses in Sociology department.

  • SOC 113: Multicultural America
    • Introductory sociological study of social structure, stratification, gender. Special emphasis on the ethnic, political and economic history of African, Hispanic, Asian and Native American peoples in the United States.
  • SOC 323: Race and Ethnicity
    • Social psychological and social structural analysis of racial and ethnic relations; prejudice, discrimination, responses, protests, current issues.

ESL Instructor

Southwest High School, WCSD

Created  and delivered curriculum for adult English Language Learners from Washington County.


Support Services Advisor (TRiO)

Dixie State University
  • Fostered dozens of undeclared students in selecting a major course of study.
  • Advised first-year students during 3 summers of Orientation & Registration sessions and first year Smart-Start seminars.
    • Assisted students in career development in Psychology field through DSC Cooperative Learning Courses.

    Diversity Center Coordinator

    Dixie State University

    Initiated and executed the reinstitution of the multicultural program from ground level, including:

    • Trained a Hispanic Student Adviser and twelve student coordinators.
    • Established multicultural and diversity student clubs for Native American, Polynesian, African American, Hispanic/Latino, gay-straight alliance and religious/spiritually diverse students, increasing student participation six-fold.
    • Addressed student retention via peer tutoring program.
    • Organized six annual campus events attended by over 300 students, faculty, staff and community members.
    • Provided diversity training workshops for 100+ Dixie State College staff and students.
    • Managed $90,000 yearly budget including staff salary, student scholarship, event and operating budget.
    • Secured $30,000 for Multicultural & Diversity Center to expand staff and implement retention program for academically high-risk minority students
    • Recruited multicultural students from local high schools.
    • Authored a “Road to Your Success” informational booklet for multicultural high school students to assist with the college application process.
    • Held college admissions informational sessions for Spanish-speaking parents in local community centers and churches.
    • Resolved students’ diversity issues through individual and small groups counseling.
    • Wrote all protocol, policy and modules relating to the Diversity Center and its programs.

    Transfer Advisor

    Dixie State University
    • Worked with Registrar's office and Academic Advising to receive, evaluate and advise incoming transfer students.
    • Advised over 300 first-year and transfer students in admissions process, course selection, financial aid and academic major selection.



    Master's of Science - Sociology

    Brigham Young University

    Thesis - Racial and Gender Differences in College Completion: A Social Network Approach


    Bachelor's of Arts - Psychology

    University of Michigan

    teaching experience

    SOC 113 Multicultural America, Brigham Young University, Fall 2012, Fall 2013

    Introductory sociological study of social structure, stratification, gender. Special emphasis on the ethnic, political and economic history of African, Hispanic, Asian and Native American peoples in the United States.

    SOC 323 Racial and Minority Group Relations, Brigham Young University, Winter 2013, Fall 2013

    Social psychological and social structural analysis of racial and ethnic relations; prejudice, discrimination, responses, protests, current issues.

    SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology, Dixie State University, Fall 2014, Fall 2016

    Introductory sociological study of cultures, socialization, stratification, religion, families, organizations and social change.

    SOC 2630 Racial and Ethnic Group Relations, Dixie State University, Fall 2015

    Historical and contemporary sociological analysis or race and ethnicity including the meaning of race and ethnicity; the extent of racial and ethnic inequality in the U.S., the nature of racism, discrimination, and racial stereotyping; the pros and cons of affirmative action; the development of racial identity; differences between assimilation, amalgamation, and multiculturalism; and social and individual change with respect to race relations.

    SSC 1001 & 1002 Student Support Services Smart Start Seminar I and II, Dixie State University, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

    First and second semester seminar for first-generation, low-income students assisting students in course and major selection, test-taking skills, securing academic resources and other college-success strategies.

    PSYC 1180 Psychology Work Experience, Dixie State University, Fall 2005 – Spring 2011

    Experiential learning course for Psychology majors.



    Emotion Work and Self-Preservation, IDEAS Coalition Round Table, December 2015

    Dealing with Microagressions, Utah Women of Higher Education Network (DSU Chapter) Monthly Seminar – December 2015

    Creating an Inclusive Classroom, Dixie State University New Faculty Training, November 2015

    Creating an Inclusive Classroom, DSU Teaching and Learning Conference, April 2016

    Brag Sheets, DSU Upward Bound Seminar, October 2015

    Multicultural Communication, DSU Exempt Staff Association, 2009


    Dixie State University Global Engagement Committee, Chair, 2015 - Present

    Dixie State College Diversity Committee, Chair, 2007 - 2009, 2015

    Dixie State University, Diversity and Equity Executive Council, Member, 2016 - Present

    Dixie State University, Exempt Staff Association Board Member, 2016 - Present

    DSU Provost Search Committee, Member, 2015 


    Utah State of Higher Education Mission Based Funding, Dixie State College Multicultural & Diversity Center, FY2011 - 2012 - $30,000

    Americorps VISTA, Dixie State University Multicultural and Diversity Center, FY2015 - 16 - $5,000