The feature that most identifies me is the love to acquire knowledge, especially of cultures
and their differences. For me learning is the only way to enrich one's life and society as a
During the last year of high school I stepped up my interest in history, literature,
contemporary art and psychology: all matters on which I based my final research project,
focused on trauma in relation to memory. During my studies I specialized in fashion, and I
have realized how close that is to my interests and desire to travel, where I can learn and
compare cultures, know their current political situation, meet new people and their different
points of view, come into contact with the art and observe the influence of all of this in
human behavior. This has led me towards an ambition to become a Trend Forecaster. From my
studies and work so far, it seems I have a good learning ability and mental flexibility which,
together, allow me to make interdisciplinary connections. I have been told that I have
strengths in both creativity as well as technical knowledge. To be successful in the fashion
industry I believe it is essential to have these both working in seamless balance. A
continuous exchange is important between creativity and technical expertise throughout the
lifecycle of a product across different company functions, from initial briefing, to the
creation of a collection, marketing, sales, and finally, a review for any lessons learnt.
Moving to London and working in the world of hospitality while I'm looking forward to
re-starting my studies, has made me discover that I have a certain intuition in sensing the
wishes of people and how to fulfill them. I believe this an essential element in delivering a
successful product. I'm not afraid to take on challenges or competition - I think perseverance
and resilience are necessary to achieve inspiring new goals.
The internet is the most important immediate communication medium for me to keep me in touch
with the world and fashion trends. However it cannot replace the deep multi-sensory,
traditional and direct approach of, for example, comparing and observing shop windows, and
other peoples' responses to them. I have had the opportunity to experience similarities and
differences from my time in Florence, and now in London. I'm fascinated by photography and
read many magazines, observing the details and imagining what inspired the photographer.
During my time working as an intern at Mazzanti Piume (a company which provides feathers and
collaborates with the most relevant names in fashion), it appeared that I have a good
knowledge of fabrics and materials, and can recognize the fibers and the quality of a product.
After the first week the manager gave me a chance to work in the style office, where I had the
opportunity and the satisfaction to create the shoulder strap for the "Artemis" bag by
Christian Louboutin. That experience taught me the importance of attention to detail and the
value of craftsmanship of each piece, made possible by care and love for the work.
I am sending my application to your university because of the many opportunities I believe the
qualification and experience would provide. Your academy is recognized throughout the world as
a great foundation for many people in the career I wish to pursue. Further, I think London is
a mirror of my character - no other place I know of has the mix of so many cultures that
coexist and work together. Consequently I have decided to embark on building my future here. I
hope also this demonstrates my commitment to giving this application the best chance of
success. With the guidance, teaching and support your university can provide I am sure I'll be
able to develop the skills that will allow me to become a clever cool hunter.
I hope to have the chance to continue on the path that inspires me most by learning in and
contributing to your university, and have the chance "to look forward with the amazement of a