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A supply chain professional with knowledge of managing projects, resources and staff in an effective and efficient manner. Highly focused with a comprehensive understanding of logistics, procurement and the supply chain. Record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs while increasing performance, all within budget.

Committed to identifying and implementing continuous improvements in the supply chain. Now looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make best use of existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development.


Cost Saving Control ( 800K USD for Logistic Cost 2018

AEO Certification for Huawei Telecommunication Guatemala S.A 2017

Outstanding Staff 2016.

Internal Control Awar Best Team 2014.

Best Department Supply Chain 2012 Golden medal( Huawei)

Regional Best Platform Support Dept 2011 (Huawei)

Outstanding employee 2008-2009 -2011.( Huawei)

Golden seed prize  future managers 2008-2009.( Huawei)


regional Logistic manager central america ( guatemala,el salvador, honduras, nicaragua)

huawei telecommunications ( guatemala) s.a

Warehousing ( Inbound , Outbound, stock taking, ITO, Return Process, Scrap Process, Reverse logistic, Cycle counting, WMS, RF and PDA processes, 5S, 8S, EHS) and Customs clearance process coordination, KPIs  for CC process and PTW coordination,  LSP management (KPIs,  Billing process, SOP, Contract Review, SOW, qualification) Customs relationship, HS code evaluation,  AEO Certification Process, Internal control ( Audit, self check strategies, Compliance test for Customs clearance process) Risk assessments, OHSAS 18001, Local Distribution, BCP. Subcontractor WHs.

4 administrative Supply Specialists for each country, 4 Central WH ( 10.000 Mtrs2 indoor without rack) , 4 regional WHs ( 300Mtrs each)  4 LSP among all countries for WH, Local distribution and CC process.

Supply Chain Manager

Huawei Technologies de Venezuela s.a
sep 2011sep 2015

18 Administrative employees ( 4 chineses - 14 local) + 89 outsourcing employees + 2 LSP, Warehouse area coverage: 30.000 Mtrs2/ 5 main boxes (Admin units) 1 management box.Inventory values: around 120MM USD

Pre Sales Support: Actively participate in the presales project decision making, SLA management, customer assessment, supply marketing, bidding phases, logistics budget estimation, contract reviews and supply solution.

Production &  International Deliveries: Close follow up of production phase according to the customer requirement date ( CRD) international logistics issues, customs clearance procedures and warehousing services oriented to project success.

Customer Service Management: collection of customer needs to design logistics solutions according to specific requirements such as: barcodes, serials, RF, risk assessment, communication channels building, and so on.  Face-to-face logistic interface, survey and analysis of complains in order to optimize solutions  to increase satisfaction.

Project Implementation Support:  synchronizing with weekly meetings with  PMs and AM customer targets and source planning.

People Management: implementing motivational strategies to avoid labor turnover.

Risk  & Complain Management: Monsthly basis customer satisfaction survey to follow of problems, control table, and solution plan to mitigate risks.

Supplier management: Bidding, analysis and selection, evaluation and performance feedback + quality follow up closely.

Warehouse Manager

huawei technologies de venezuela s.a
nov 2008ago 2011

Focus on:

 As a Warehouse manager, the ITO and Low Turnover rate were the most challenging and important KPIs to monitor and push other areas to make more profitable of service and avoid high inventory values.

People Management to guide them to fulfill the targets of the company and customers to keep the best logistic service in Venezuela in front of competitors.  Promotions and team buildings strategies were applied to motivate team members.

Oversee the maintenance of warehouse and labour-management systems and involved in operating storage and reverse logistic systems.

Workplace health and safety standards and for the security of the building and stock through different work tems and leaders of sensitive areas such as: Inventory , picking , packing and shipping.

Closed follow up of daily plan to deliver 100% from 8:3 AM0 to 10:00 PM, in average 80 orders per day and 2 working shifts of 16 people each.

Team building activities s.

Adminustration and budget control, based on real requirement to keep operation running without delay

Key Account Specialist

Huawei Technologies de Venezuela S.A
sep 2006oct 2008

Focus on:

•Achieve logistcis and money collection targets with Finance & sales  Department management.
•Identify and evaluate business opportunities targeting emerging from customer needs, based on low cost 
•Use appropriate and effective distribution systems for efficient coverage of sites in short time based on implementation plan, market shortages, customer voice and complain management.
•Manage effectively stock-sourcing ( installation Materials and transportation)

Logistic Dept Supervisor

Dalbert Internacional S.A
mar 2000sep 2006

Focus on:

.PO elaboration and placement

Manufacturing process follow up with internationa suppliers

International track and trace for all shipments from ASIA, EUROPE and North America.

Internal communication with Sales dept and Procurement.

Interface colaborator for special negotiations.

Container loading, customs process and customs broker evaluation.

Logistics solution builder for 3 parties business and E2E solutions.


Ontological Coach Enterprise Field DIPLOMA

Newfield consulting ChilE
ene 2012dic 2013

 A holistic and effective way to assist people in discovering new possibilities for work and life, jumping into their best potential.

International Commerce (B.Com) Not finished 8vo. semester Venezuela

Universidad Alejandro Humboldt
sep 2007mar 2009

Administration, economy, marketing, Harmonized code classification, customs valuation , special rules (law), logistics, international agreeents, Incoterms, business strategies etc.

Customs Process Expertise, Incoterm Expert DIPLOMA- Venezuela

jul 2004dic 2006

According  to OMC ,ICC and local customs legislation, understand customs process, duties calculation and redlines of international commerce in Venezuela and also covering customs procedures in all Latin America. 

Customs and Foreign Trade Administrator

Colegio universitario de administracion y mercadeo
abr 2000nov 2004

 Acquired all competencies to understand customs rules, and apply the accurate legislation to the authorities to proceed with the customs clearance process in a successfully result.


  • Perseverance
  • HRM
  • Teamwork
  • Communication and public speaking
  • Emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Ability to take risks
  • Motivation to co-workers
  • Positive energy
  • I take the initiative
  • Organization and planning skills
  • Resource management capability 
  • Bilingual ( English/Spanish)
  • Microsoft 2010.
  • Process improvement
  • Project management
  • Operational logistics management
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Project based logistics
  • Warehousing & storage
  • Cost reduction
  • International trade
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer  management


Coaching & Communication Skills



Eng. Luis Castellanos

Wireless Director Dept

ROGERS Canada 

Info. Upon request

Atty. Carlos Navarro

Regional Director of Legal Dept

Huawei Venezuela.

Info. upon request.

Eng. Augusto Sanchez

VP Delivery & Service 

Huawei Venezuela.

Info. Upon request