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Telephone  interviewing, appointment setting, sales (particularly one-time close), good rapport building, excellent vocabulary and usage.

Other Skills And Experience

1.  Written Communication
     a. I wrote all the copy for my affiliate marketing website.

     b. I composed sales-related letters to be used by two of the companies for whom I      did telemarketing.

     c. I write to legislators regarding policy issues.

2.  Medical Transcription

I transcribed notes for ER, psych, OB-GYN, General Practice, and Endocrinology.

3.  Household Management 

For a household of up to four persons; includes cooking and budgeting

4. Caregiving (children and elderly)

5.  Some retail, food service, and office work experience.

6.  Piano (can play piano at the 4th year level).

Work experience

Oct 1997May 2015

Homemaker, Online Affiliate Marketer

For the past seventeen years I have been a homemaker, raising the younger of my two children.  During part of that time I've also hosted a website about collectible dolls on which I did affiliate marketing as an Ebay Partner Network associate.  I also did telephone promotion for a political candidate.
Prior to 1997,
I did telemarketing (appointment setting, some sales, and also some survey interviewing) for multiple companies, usually part time.   A list of the companies can be furnished upon request.

Apart from the telemarketing, I also spent 6 years doing medical transcription (1989 to 1995), and made short-term forays into the food service industry,  office work, and retail. 

Interests and Hobbies

Current events,  child and animal welfare issues,  vegetarian cooking, piano, chess, and dollmaking. 




Santa Barbara Business College

Secretarial skills including typing, shorthand, filing, and Business English.

Early Achievement

High school:  (Glendora HS, graduated 1973),  both general and Honors classes.  Impromptu Speaking and Debate;  from grades 9 to 12;  placed 8th in the state of California for Impromptu Speaking, 1972.   
Three awards in writing contests sponsored by a local newspaper during school years.