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Cover Letter

Dear Concerned,

I would like to introduce myself as an accomplished result driven Human Resources Management professional with 10 years of rich hands-on leadership experience with leading international companies in the Middle East.

My core competencies include the full spectrum of HR management including HR policies & procedures, HR administration, talent acquisition & management, organizational design, learning & development management, employee experience & engagement, workplace rights, health & safety systems and corporate social responsibility.

I have extensive experience in establishing world-class HR organizations incorporating global best practices, deploying optimum human resource management systems (HRMS) with effective processes, policies, procedures & controls contributing to enhanced profitability and sustained business growth.

As HR Manager with Interbrands – Fattal Group, I contributed to the formulation of the 2020 strategic business plan of the company to assure business sustainability. I established the health & safety function in the organization and implemented the SETS People 365 HRMS.

Between June 2009 and August 2015, I worked as Compensation & Organization Development Manager with Coca-Cola İçecek, Jordan with accountabilities spanning HR administration, talent acquisition, management & retention and health & safety coordination. As detailed in my resume, I delivered substantial benefits to the company through numerous and diverse initiatives. Among my achievements include the best score in Managerial 360 Leadership and recognition as a high potential senior manager in the group.

I started my career in HR with Kempinski Hotels in Jordan working at prestigious properties including hotels in Aqaba & Dead Sea Coast. I established Bayan HRMS in both hotels and was a member of the pre-opening team at these hotels.

Confident of achieving all predefined goals & objectives, I enclose my resume. I look forward to a discussion on how I can add value to your organization.

With regards,

Abdul Fattah Bakir


- Human Resources Management professional with experience of guiding teams in multi-location organizations in diverse industries including FMCG & hospitality in Jordan

- Proficient in building & sustaining world-class HR organizations deploying current global best practices contributing to the achievement of corporate goals & objectives

- Skilled in creating superior work environments through implementation of workplace rights policies, health & safety, employee engagement leading to high levels of talent retention in the organization.

Executive Summary

  • Versatile, dynamic, resourceful Human Resources Management professional with 10 years of rich leadership experience with reputable companies in diverse businesses.
  • Proven competence in developing, implementing, reviewing & updating the full range of HR processes, systems, policies and processes to achieve organizational excellence.
  • Experience of working with global leaders including Coca-Cola & Kempinski Hotels gaining expertise in implementing global standards & best practices in HR management, talent management, learning & development, employee engagement, workplace rights, health & safety and corporate social responsibility.
  • Consistent track record of achieving highest scores among peer levels at the international level in the organization with benchmarked high impact results.
  • Experience in deploying and managing various HRMS systems including SAP Success Factor, SETS People 365, Bayan HR solutions, Sales Force and in using Hays & Mercer job evaluation systems
  • Deft in building & sustaining productive collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and leading, mentoring, coaching and motivating culturally diverse, cross-functional professional teams and workforces.
  • Proactive, achievement driven professional with strong work ethic, integrity and excellent communication, influencing, problem solving, decision making, planning & execution skills.

Professional Experience

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Human Resources Manager (Interbrands - Fattal Holding)

Interbrands distributes FMCG products, home appliances & electronics representing reputable MNCs

Reported to: General Manager with dotted line reporting to Group HR Director

Team: 5


  • HR Administration
    • Developed, reviewed & implemented HR policies & procedures complying with Fattal Group standards
    • Implemented the company’s pay policy including job mapping and grading system for attracting, acquiring and retaining talent of highest capabilities.
    • Formulated and implemented HR strategies aligned to the overall corporate business strategies
    • Participated in preparing human resources management budget including manpower planning for the HR function.
    • Managed all aspects of staff learning & development including training need analysis and implementation of the annual learning & development calendar.
    • Provided advisory/consultancy support to the company’s managers & supervisors in taking appropriate decisions related to management of employees for maximization of performance.
    • Liaised with the company’s senior management to understand & fulfil their human resources requirements
    • Trained & coached line managers for effective implementation of the performance management system
    • Administered contracts for 3rd party administrative services like security, cleaning, maintenance, stationery, staff canteen & staff transportation
    • Prepared & submitted regular reports to the head office on the achievement of agreed KPIs. 

  • Health & Safety Management
    • Monitored & ensured compliance with approved occupational health & safety policies, procedures, rules & regulations at all company locations
    • Developed & execute H&S training programs to build awareness of and improve compliance with H&S requirements.
    • Coordinated incorporation of H&S into departmental and individual KPIs to promote best practices and embed H&S as a part of the work culture

  • Highlights
    • Contributed to the formulation of the HR scope in the company’s 2020 strategic business plan to assure business sustainability.
    • Developed the company’s E&S action plan using IBM HR solutions
    • Initiated the implementation of SETS People 365 HRMS covering Total Rewards, Organizational Development, E-Recruitment Solutions, Performance Management System and Learning & Development to build a systematic HR framework
    • Developed HR rules & regulations complying with requirements of applicable labor laws and meting company operational requirements
    • Led the establishment of the health & safety function in the company with all required processes, policies, procedures and standards.
    • Reviewed and improved performance of all 3rd party services
    • Implemented transparent & open door HR practices leading to reduced attrition and improved retention of talent
    • Introduced the company Code of Ethics (COE) and progressive disciplinary action policies
    • Provided continual & innovative HR support in OPEX management to enhance P&L performance
Jun 2009Jul 2015

Compensation & Organizational Development Manager - Jordan & Syria (Coca-Cola İçecek)

CCI is the fifth-largest bottler in the Coca-Cola System in terms of sales volume

Reported to: Human Resources & External Affairs Director

Team: 8


  • HR Administration
    • Provided strategic HR support in E&S action planning & budgeting to ensure sales growth and assure business sustainability.
    • Implemented team capability development plans and coached & mentored direct reports, extended leadership & leadership teams.
    • Established and tracked communication & networking across various departments to maintain ongoing relationships and promote realization of total company vision.
    • Reviewed & aligned HR policies and procedures company operational requirements, business priorities & objectives at the same time complying with local & international standards.
    • Adopted effective strategies for implementing HR systems & modules promoting excellence through highly efficient HR processes to tackle business challenges.  
    • Supervised internal legal correspondence ensuring safeguarding of company interests & reputation and achievement of organizational objectives.
    • Managed all aspects of the company fleet including monitoring status, services & pooling for cost-effective support to various departments.
    • Participated in managing 3rd party security services & 3rd party services like employee transportation, staff canteen & cleaning to deliver requirements as per predefined standards.
    • Managed CSR initiatives for building & sustaining good relations with the peripheral and local community

  • Talent Acquisition, Management & Retention
    • Developed & implemented manpower planning & distribution strategy for optimum headcount with continual savings in employment costs & overheads.
    • Formulated & implemented talent acquisition & retention strategies, established a development forum for talent pipeline and built reputation of the company as an employer of choice.
    • Developed a talent acquisition module based on targeted selection strategies to attract the best available talent to the organization.
    • Established the fundamental job evaluation & grading system based on Hay & Mercer methodologies to meet country benchmark, assure employee equity  
    • Lead total rewards programs – Coordinated annual planning of rewards & recognition using pay for performance methodologies. Managed premium systems & incentive schemes for commercial & supply chain personnel
    • Supervised the implementation of industrial relations strategies, code of ethics & CCI workplace rights policies, identifying root causes of non-conformities and initiating corrective & preventive actions.
    • Coordinated employee engagement programs to achieve and improve employee satisfaction index scores.
    • Supervised the employee performance management system including setting objectives & development plans for individual employees.
    • Managed the employees’ learning & development budget optimizing utilization through action plans aligned to individual development plans. 

  • HRM Support for Health & Safety Management
    • Supported the HSE department in ensuring adherence to the Coca-Cola Operating Requirements (KORE) for standards & requirements for managing safety & health including compliance with the 12 golden rules.
    • Provided required assistance for passing H&S audits, assuring compliance with KORE guidelines for local & international requirements by implementing corrective actions for non-conformities.
    • Drove programs which embedded H&S ownership culture across the organization at all company locations to sustain occupational health & safety standards.
    • Monitored formulation of H&S KPIs assuring incorporation of international industry best practices at all stages of the process.
    • Coordinated the execution of the H&S training program promoting awareness & compliance among internal & external stakeholders.

  • Highlights
    • Contributed to the implementation of Operation Excellence to build a green & lean operation by optimizing the headcount of 650+ direct & indirect employees through professional strategies with enhanced per employee productivity.
    • Achieved the highest score of 85% in performance zone in the CCI group international operations
    • Provided innovative HR initiatives in OPEX/CAPEX management to for continual enhancement in P&L performance. Delivered average annual savings of USD 200, 000.
    • Reduced the rate of talent attrition from 43% to 9% by adopting transparent & open door HR management practices.
    • Implemented an aggressive training program with 15, 000 hours of learning & development programs per year – CCI supply chain & commercial development programs, leadership development programs, sales force management capacity development programs and continuous specialized technical skills & soft skills development – assuring the highest levels in employee competencies
    • Led the successful implementation of SAP Success Factors HCM system modules – Total Rewards, Organizational Development, E-Recruitment Solutions, Performance Management System and Learning & Development – and assured 100% utilization, the highest among CCI group international operations.
    • Achieved HR Operational Excellence by ensuring that all HR practices in the company were best-in-class.
    • Delivered the best performance in adopting best practices among 92 countries in the Eurasia & Africa group, inculcating a wining culture and shifting the mindset to align with company business strategies
    • Implemented game changer strategies in HR which transformed the performance curve of CCI Jordan operations to profitability through initiatives in volumes, revenue & internal OPEX management
    • Implemented the best practices in incident management crisis response, rated as the best across the CCI group
    • Maintained a healthy workplace environment for 8 years in a row by implementing workplace rights with full compliance with international workplace rights policies & procedures achieving Green Certificate in SGP/workplace rights audits.
    • Won the best practices excellence award in 2010 & encouragement award in 2009 from the Social Security Department. Led the company to the second position in the Arabia CSR awards in 2010.
    • Ensured continuous improvements in work-life balance of employees by enhancing company environment in terms of offices, company vehicles, machinery, sports room & facilities and health & physical fitness promotion
    • Contributed to women’s empowerment by initiating the Coca-Cola Woman Club
    • Maintained all HR requirements and passed all HR audits with zero adverse findings. Supported passing of ISO 14001 & OSHAS 18001 audits without critical observations.
    • Participated as a volunteer in the activities of INJAZ, a non-profit organization promoting youth education & training.
    • Achieved the best score in Managerial 3600 Leadership and recognition as a high potential senior manager within the country operation as well as the CCI group.

Mar 2006May 2009

Kempinski Hoteliers - Jordan

Kempinski is a leading global chain of luxury hotels
Jul 2007May 2009

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Kempinski Hoteliers - Jordan

Reported to: Human Resources Manager

Team: 5

  • Assignments
    • Kempinski Hotel Sawsana, Aqaba Jordan: 201 rooms – Member of the pre-opening team, Apr 2008 – May 2009
    • Kempinski Hotel Amman Jordan: 200 rooms, 300 staff members – Member of Task Force, Jan 2008 – Mar 2008
    • Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Swaimeh Jordan: 350 rooms, 600 staff members, Jul 2007 – Dec 2007

  • Responsibilities
    • Developed HR policies & procedures as per Kempinski standards with required customization to comply with Jordanian Labour Law.
    • Participated in developing & implementing annual departmental action plans aligned to the overall hotel annual plan objectives.
    • Contributed to the formulation of annual departmental budgets and monitored expenditure and costs to ensure budgetary compliance.
    • Supervised upkeep of up to date personnel files of all employees as per the approved hotel procedure.
    • Monitored accurate updates on a daily basis of various records – annual leave record, compensatory time-off, employee appraisals & disciplinary actions, employee labour & health cards, medical insurance registration & renewal, sick leave and monthly status reports.  
    • Participated in recruitment of new staff including interviewing & selection and hiring of suitable candidates.
    • Supervised and administered the provision of employee transportation.
    • Coordinated the identification, reporting and rectification of all potential and real hazards in the hotel premises
    • Supported the HR Director with administration of employee salary & benefits.
    • Supervised the maintenance of time cards & other time keeping records and on time preparation of payrolls
    • Coordinated with various departmental heads and ensured effective implementation of the employee appraisal system
    • Coordinated activities related to employee engagement like monthly staff meetings & GM Lunch meetings to improve employee satisfaction.
    • Conducted periodic inspections of the employee dining room & locker area including random locker inspections assuring maintenance of housekeeping & hygiene standards
    • Liaised with various government agencies on matters related to work permits & residency cards for expat employees
    • Prepared, reviewed and updated employee handbooks, expat guides and employment applications.
    • Participated in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to build good relations with the peripheral and local communities.

  • Highlights
    • Successfully implemented the Bayan Human Resources Management System at both Kempinski Hotel Sawsana & Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea
    • Maintained all HR requirements and passed all audits at all locations with zero adverse findings
    • Participated in multiple recruitment drives & job fairs assuring hiring of required numbers of personnel for various trades & functions at the pre-opening stage of the hotels
    • Encouraged employee diversity and women empowerment in the employment process both at the Dead Sea & Aqaba properties.
    • Contribute to continual improvements in work-life balance of employees by enhancing the company environment in terms of offices, company vehicles, machinery, sports rooms & facilities and health & physical fitness facilities
Mar 2006Jun 2007

Human Resources Officer

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar/Dead Sea
  • Responsibilities
    • Generated personnel related reports including month-end Birthday List, Insurance Report, Probation List and annual employee performance evaluations
    • Prepared and issued employee ID cards & change of status (job responsibilities) memos to employees as per company procedure
    • Prepared the Employee of the Month nomination report and Certificate for the selected employee
    • Monitored compliance with statutory requirements and issued month-end reports on employee status regarding labor card expiry, resident visa expiry & health certificates
    • Ensured strict adherence to rules and regulations established by the Employees Handbook as well as the hotel’s fire, hygiene & health policies.
    • Organized various employee welfare and social activities for building employee satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Highlight
    • Served as a member of the hotel’s pre-opening team.