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Abdulaziz F. Aldhahri

Retired Army Officer

Work experience

May 2010Jun 2014

Management and Personnel Director

Saudi Royal Land Force (Transportation Unit)

- Primarily responsible for personnel management.
- Plans and oversees the implementation of employment plans.

- To ensure the implementation of the procedures according to regulations.

- General supervision of the timings and working hours.


Teacher and evaluator officer

Armored Corps Institute

- Training mid-level officers on the planning steps.

- Evaluate  the plan as well as it's steps.

- Evaluate  the trainees and write reports on their performance.

- Writing test questions, correct them and supervision.


Training Team Leader

Security Armored Company Unit at (K.A.I.A) (JED)

 -Manages training  process and trainers.

-Achieving trainees skills as required.

-Coordinate training schedule and supervise their implementation.

Jul 19962005

Army Officer ( variety of positions and tasks )

Saudi Royal Land Force

- Director of Supply, Subsistence and fuel /Tanks Battalion ( Less than 1 year ).

Teacher and evaluator officer/Armored Corps Institute ( More than 1 year ).

- Officer in Charge of firing Field/Armored Corps Institute ( Less than 2 years ).

- Training officer/Armored Corps Institute ( 1 year ).

- Tank company Commander/Tanks Battalion ( 1 year ).

- Operations officer/Tanks Battalion ( 1 year ).

- Training Team Leader/Tanks Battalion ( 1 year ).

- Tank Platoon Commander/Tanks Battalion ( Less than 2 years ).


Sep 1993Jul 1996

, Bachelor of Military Science

King Abdulaziz Military Academy

This academy graduated army officers after training and study civilian and
military science (such as law and international agreements, administration,
mathematics and physics).
Students undergo training for a period of three years of study, then
graduating as a lieutenant, then appointed as leader for a group of soldiers
at a younger chain of command .


         - Intensive English language course (Kaplan International Colleges )

                  Perth/ Australia(05 JAN 2014 - 30JAN 2014)

         - Planning for joint weapons (JAN 2013 – MAY 2013).

         - Armor Officer Advance Course (AUG 2004 – MAR 2005).

         - English language course (at Military Language Institute/AUG 1989--JUN 1999).

         - Armor Officer Basic Course (AUG 96 – MAR 97).





Languages: English /

Level : Higher Intermediate