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I am an enthusiastic, talented and dedicated chemist, who is looking for an opportunity to practice and apply my theoretical knowledge and practical science that I have learned as a chemist and even to learn more through an encouraging company that adopt my will.



Dec 2015Jan 2019

Quality Officer

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company


Jan 2019present

Sr. Quality Officer

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company
  • Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Analyzed raw materials, in-process and finished products.
    • Prepared standard operating procedures, SOP’s.
    • Contributed in method validations.
    • Prepared control samples, primary and secondary standards.
    • Contributed in product off-spec investigations.
    • Performed instruments calibrations.
    • Performed instruments troubleshooting.
    • Singed off Certificates of Analysis, COA.
  • Familiar with the following Analytical Instruments:

    • HPLC 
    • GC
    • Titrations , including KF
    • Viscometers
    • Density meters
    • ICP
    • Particle size analyzer
    • Osmolality meter
    • pH/Conductivity
    • UV
    • IR


  • English Course at British Council

  • Internal Auditing ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001

  • The A to Z’s of Microbial Control, Monitoring and Validation of Water Systems for Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Medical.

  • HPLC Fundamentals and Troubleshooting
  • Communication & interpersonal skills workshop
  • Mind Mapping

  • Color Q Personality Systems

  • Effective Communications

  • Vision - Self Confident - Gaols Setting

NOTE : Personal references and document are available upon request