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A person with a vision to change things for good in the world. Abhishek kumar has never bounded  himself within a limit. From exploring the fields of quantum mechanics in physics to investigating the  ancient Indus valley civilization in history to digging into computer algorithms, Abhishek Kumar has a vivid work experience.An open source software supporter, Abhishek Kumar's vision is to establish a financially independent  scientific research laboratory and he is about to relish his dream by the  official start of his venture on 16th of October 2015.

Work Outline



Ivory Tower Lab
  • Abhishek Kumar has founded Ivory Tower Lab with the vision to make it a financially independent research lab. He intendeds to do so by initially selling software as product  and software as service(SaaS) and later as platform as well(PaaS).
  • The idea was conceived in 2009-10 and took some time to come up with a concrete business plan.Now with a firm goal to be a leading research lab by 2020, the lab is set to be officially launched on 16th October.
  • He is currently working on 'wave-particle duality' phenomenon in quantum physics and also exploring the field of 'neutrino particles'.
  • He is developing a free and open source 'calculator-plotter' in  python programming language which can be used by students,academicians and researchers of various fields.
  • He is currently constructing several add-on for an open source 3D design and gaming software Blender.
  • Abhishek Kumar is also digitally restoring a 1200 year old ancient  temple  known as   Martand Sun Temple. The temple as for now lies in ruins but holds great cultural value.



Exploring the different areas of the field for the last six years. Currently working on wave-particle duality and Neutrinos particle.


Working on Indus valley civilization for last three years. Also did some work on proto-Indian European civilizations and other historical topics.

Python(programming language)

Coding for the past five years and still working to gain proficiency on the language. On the verge of creating my very first software, an open source 'calculator-plotter' for scientific research.

Blender(3D design and gaming software)

Worked in the field of 3D designing for two years as free lancer and also did some work on  basic level computer games.


Experience in designing websites and web-applications.  



Bachelor's of engineering

University of Pune (India)

After taking admission in mechanical engineering stream in 2009 Abhishek kumar dropped out of college within one semester as he found out that open source community had a lot to offer and the world of internet provided more knowledge and opportunities than what was given inside the  four sided walls of classroom.