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To work in large, challenging, competitive and professional IT environment,

health care project with IT related. where an opportunity exist to help me

become an expert from professional with good job prospectus and financial


Personal bio data

Date of Birth:           22nd May 1972

Marital Status:       Married, with 3 kids

Nationality:              Pakistani

Total Experience:   1991 till present.

Work experience

Western Computers

Experience:     1 Year (1991)

Department:     Maintenance

Designation:     Engineer

Reporting to:     Chief Executive


Project & works

• Dealing IT wholesales equipment’s.

• Rental IT products in Education sectors

• Supervising & support customers

• Maintaining the IT peripherals.

KTF System Authorize Dealer (Apple)

Experience:      2 Years (1992)

Department:     Maintenance

Designation:     Engineer

Reporting to:     Marketing Manager


Project & works

• Maintain the Publish center equipment’s.

• Work on converting the Mac to IBM applications

• Laser technology solutions

• Major connectivity and communication

• Marketing product software, solutions.

Petroman IT institute

Experience:      1 Year (1994)

Department:     Electronic testing Lab

Designation:     Instructor assistant

Reporting to:     Principal


Project & works

• Electronic circuit diagram

• Training computers

• Preparing the semester projects.

• Major fault dinguses

Softseek Implementers Software Consultant

Experience:      2 Years (1996)

Department:     Software Academy

Designation:    IT Senior Engineer

Reporting to:    CEO


Project & works

• Computerized Medical Labs

• Mange Education program collage, schools.

• Marketing & services

• Computer course instructor

• Analyst & layout applications

Al-Muhtarif Maintenance Consultant And Services

Experience:      1 Years (1997)

Department:      Information Technology

Designation:      IT Solution Provider

Reporting to:      Management


Project & works

• Organize&analyst application.

• Operate IT issue.

• Outside Support IT related issue.

• Designing Auto CAD structures

IT Managing (Hardware Section Supervisor)

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (Head Office)

Experience:      +16 Years (1998 till present)

Department:      Information Technology Group (ITG)

Designation:     IT Managing (Hardware Section Supervisor)

Reporting to:     IT vice President, IT Directors


Plans & Projects

Queuing System analysis & Implementation

• Video Conferencing implementation & managing

• Digital Signage Infrastructure & Planing

• PACES implementation

• Bio metric and smart card Implementation.

• Help desk application analyzing Implement

• Organizing IT equipment enhancement

• Medical Lab (MD) Infrastructure & Implementation

• Pharmacy Check point Implementation.

• Data information Kiosk Implement & Support

• Reconstructed P.O.S Plan & Implement

• Bio-medical connectivity with IT analysis & Implement

• JCIA and Sbahi solution as team

• Inventory control IT stock Plan with Infrastructure

• ERP Training Implement

• Technical training for Saudi Engineers Solution

• Bar-coding system for Patient ID band Implement and Support

• Print management solution plan

• Maternity identification Solution plan

• Online booking auditorium Solution plan

• Nurse Call System plan

• Document contract management plan

• Balding Management Plan & Reporting.

Administrative responsibility/ Authority

IT Infrastructure:

As advancement in IT infrastructure accelerate, it is critical that your IT system are aligned with

your business needs. Enter company rely on our strategic thought leadership.

Feedback for repairing

Technical reports include various types of "technical" information. Reporting and diagnosing the

equipment failed, many reports have different classification as technical reports.

Analysis & Strategy to Selection equipment’s

The alternative method for maintenance strategy selection is to use a bottom up approach such as

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis to select appropriate strategies and practices to maximize

equipment reliability.

Acceptance certificate equipment’s

Signing of the final Acceptance to shall certify that the work contained in the subject to contract

has need inspected by the parties and installed. The financial authority are approve

Technical Authority

Variability stock on handled, with variations from listed inventory. Each piece will go through logistic

Control opinions and if found to be substandard, Selection for warranty equipment’s

Training consultancy

• ITIL course • Project Management • International Industrial • Ministry of Production • Computer for Doctors • Leadership


Professorial and Specialized Knowledge
• Infrastructure • Management • Administrative • Analysis • Solution & Support
Performance (Expert)
• Best Employer award • Best Performs attendance • Nice Behave • Learning & Implements



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