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Work experience



The New European Bauhause - EIT Strategic Synergies Cluster

Mentoring of the team #Aqui, based in Barcelona. After the 1st series of our #business #mentoring, Lea & Clément participating in our sessions summarised "The mentorship process has proven to be an incredible learning journey for the aquí team: we went from 0 to 100 in 12 sessions spread over just 7 weeks. [...] Agnieszka gave us the tools and confidence to think bigger. To the end of the project, we have now opened the door to the next level full of exciting opportunities we would have never imagined possible at the start."
The #mentoring process proved to be highly effective as the EIC Accelerator has just invited #Aqui for the second phase!

VII.2022till now


EIC/EIT "Women Leadership Programme"

What is in for a coach?

  • Contribute to bringing a positive change to the mentee's life;
  • Be exposed to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches;
  • Expand professional network;
  • Be at the forefront of increasing the role of women in innovation and tech;
  • Contribute to solve specific business problems of start-ups participating.

What coaches expect?

  • Fine-tune the company strategy;
  • Support to position in the right market;
  • Aid on the pitch and negotiations;
  • Discover innovation opportunities;
  • Tackle potential glass-ceiling issue.

Business Mentor

Horizon2020's Program for innovative firms & start- ups - ACTTIVATE Acceleration

Mentoring of startups and SMEs operating on the markets of AgriFood/Agriculture: Fine Bubble Technologies sp.z o.o. , Mater Dynamics (PT) - , Health Sens (PL) , ICT: Noldus IT (NL) - innovative solutions for behavioral research

Main topics of mentoring sessions: Business Challenges, Goals, Objectives and Vision, Product Validation, Key Partner(s) & Investors, Business Modelling, Entering the Market, Assessment & Evaluation of the Business Development.

Funding: Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 691473


Registered Independent Expert & Coach

European Commission

Assignments include: Business Innovation Coaching, Evaluation of proposals including applications to EC's COSME (COmpetitiveness of SMEs), Monitoring of projects, and Evaluation of programmes, and Design of policy .

May 20142018

Business coach of "The Journey" programme & Network Member & Pool of Coaches Member

Climate - Knowledge & Innovation Community

Coached 40 future changemakers in eco-innovation and building sustainable business models on a 5-week summer school programs: 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014.
Locations: Univeristy of Hamburg - Imperial College London - Warwick Business School  - Denmark Technical University (Copenhagen) - Munich Technical University - Berlin Technical University - European Institute of Technology (Wroclaw).

Applied Methods & Tools: 13 approaches to Ideation including Backcasting; Scan Cards; Goals&Objectives setting with SMART, SMUUTH, OKR; Strategy finding with a SWOT analysis, PESTEL environment analysis; Design Thinking; Technology Adoption; Value Proposition and Business Model Canvases; Customer Persona; Peer review, BRAINSTORMING; 5WHYs; I DO AART; System thinking; Reflections of the day & of the experience.   

Among the coached entrepreneurial teams were those operating in  e.g. AgriFood/Agriculture market: e.g. Almassence - Sustainable organic antioxidants, Y'ulu - Your Breadfruit - innovative production of breadfruit flour from Hawaii (MX+NL+DN+BE), Majesticks, Sea.D (CA+BE+NL), Seselo Mello, Flarmy, Souphearb, Jemy Farmer; 

Circular Economy: Wise, Jemy Farmer, R3think, Watflow, WayCup,
Almassence, etc.


Business coach & Co-organizer & Consultant

Henley Business School (HBS) of the University of Reading

Preparing a framework & active engagement in a project design to connect start-ups - young consultants - business experts in order to support business models' development. Coaching of the startups operating in ICT market: Balonodrom (PL) - innovation to limit transportation in a city, BleedingEdge (PL), CollBrain (PL), Q Codders School (PL), MyBudget (PL), Proway Consulting (PL),  Excelify (PL).

Applied Methods & Tools: Creative Methods of Problem Solving; T-GROW to explore VISION, GOALS, OBJECTIVES; 5W; 5WHY, 5W & & 2H, PESTEL; Timeline Tapestry; PERSONA CANVAS; EMPATHY MAP; Scan Cards; BRAINSTORMING; BACK-CASTING; FISH-BONE APPROACH; SCAMPER; 5 Thinking Hats;  BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY; DESIGN THINKING; Minimum Viable Offer; PROTOTYPING; Reflection with E.L.A.

Oct 2010present

Founder & Managing director

International Center for Entrepreneurship (InCE)

InCE was launched as one of the winning projects in the European Social Fund competition in the region of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland, organised for the entrepreneurial women by the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in 2009. The InCE's key activities include: Consultancy on Business Launching & Development, Start-ups Coaching, Training & Research on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


Industry Expert evaluating MOZART programme's applications

City Council of Wroclaw - Wrocław Academic Hub

providing review and evaluation the applications for funding institutions -

MOZART, or the City Programme for the Promotion of the Partnership Between Universities and Business was adopted by the City Council of Wrocław in 2012. The aim of the Programme is to support the Wrocław job market by connecting local business to researchers and their intellectual potential.

The Municipal Office of Wroclaw provides subsidies to science and business partnerships to help them execute their projects in a variety of fields, including biotechnology, medicine, construction, IT and robotics.

Participants in the Programme can tap into the intellectual potential of scientists, whose broad expertise can be used for the benefit of the company. Researchers in turn are offered an opportunity to work in the business environment and use their knowledge in practice.

The flexible formula of the Programme allows researchers to combine their scholarly duties with their business engagements. This is extremely precious because it allows researchers to benefit from their newly acquired business acumen in their daily academic practice. As a result, universities are able to provide modern and regularly updated programmes of study that are suited to the emerging needs in the job market. University graduates are better prepared to take on professional roles in the future.

Former editions of the Programme demonstrate that the partnership collaboration drives innovative solutions, products and services. As a result, companies are able to increase their turn-over, which translates into the growth of local businesses and new jobs in the market.


Business coach & Participant & Speaker

'Climathon' by Climate - Knowledge & Innovation Community

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon taking place simultaneously in 45 countries and 6 continents. It attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, students and professionals to create innovative solutions to cities climate challenges.

2017 - Participating in Climathon2017 gave me a great opportunity to develop business ideas tackling the climate-change problems. My outcome of this year edition – generating 109 business ideas in 15 min. (individual scoring, which actually gave me the winning position in this respect in Budapest), developing, together with the Team, the idea triggering my mind for the last months (!), and finally – after 24-hrs of non-stop working on its development – being on the stage and …as a Greenery team memberwinning the Climathon 2017 in Budapest! All of these – during just 24 hrs of the crazy entrepreneurial event! .

2016 - Budapest, coach & speaker, 2014 - Wałbrzych, Poland, coach


Author of the C-KIC CEE’s Acceleration Programme (CAP) Strategy

Climate - Knowledge & Innovation Community CEE

Four niches were identified & proposed as a foundation of CAP operation:  1: Corporate Innovation Partnerships,  2: Mentorship-driven Accelerator Programme, 3: Venture Capital Fund/Stock Markets, 4: Start-up Programmes.


Oct 2017present

Associate professor

Jesuits University Ignatianum in Krakow /

Main areas of knowledge sharing: 

Innovation: Creating New Market Space, Lead User Method, Innovation Process, Assessment of Market Potential of New Business Ideas, Customer Utility Map, Blue Ocean Strategy, Improvement of Customer Experience, Experimentation, etc.

Management 2.0: IT Tools in Business, Creation & Application - Blogs, Forums, Wiki, Podcasts, Social Media,

Project Management: Ideation, Business Model Planning, Flourishing Business Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Hypothesis Canvas, Creativity Development, Work with Objectives and Goals, Expactations Management, Team Building, Creative Methods of Problem Solving, Market Research, Design Thinking, Pricing Strategies, Risk Management, Final Pitch Presentation, etc.

Acquisition of European Union funds



European Commission Project "WINGS" on Female Entrepreneurship

Development of a  network of entrepreneurs, experts, policy makers to facilitate ICT systems for learning & training of female entrepreneurs; Bringing widespread visibility & maximizing the exploitation of innovative good practices in the field; Fostering new business opportunities by creating Virtual Market for e-commerce. Budget: 0,6 mln euro / Lifelong Learning Programme: Comenius, ICT and Languages / KA3 ICT Multilateral Networks  


Leader of the work packege 'Events'

European Commission project "PRAXIS" - European Center for Project & Internship Excellence

PRAXIS was launched as a consortium of higher education institutions (HEIs), research labs, chambers of commerce and firms, all committed to enhance cooperation between HEIs and industry on projects & internships basis. It has been composed by 64 international partners and covered all EU countries. Budget: 1,15 mln euro / Lifelong Learning Program

Feb 20142016

Visiting professor

McDaniel College (U.S) in Budapest,

Course on Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

Main areas of knowledge sharing: Recognizing opportunities and generating business ideas, Feasibility analysis, How to write a business plan? Developing an effective business model, Industry and competitor analysis, Preparing the proper ethical and legal foundation, Introduction to financial management, Building a new-venture team, Getting financing or funding, Unique marketing issues


MA in Management, Individualized Education Plan at two Faculties

FacultIes of 1.Management + 2.Electrical Engineering, Opole Technical University

The diploma thesis focused on auditing in a multinational manufacturing company and concentrated on the cost reduction innovation. The last 2 years of study organized within an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at 2 faculties simultaneously: Faculty of Management and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control & IT.

Professional Training

Completion of: SAP R3 Academy on Finance by SAP Training Centre - covered topics: Configuration & utilization of the organizational units, Mastering data & documents from financial accounting;  

Climate-KIC's Coach Training - TRAIN THE TRAINER, Berlin IV.2018; COACHING TRAINING for "The Journey" coaches, Berlin, IV.2018; TRAIN THE TRAINER, Frankfurt, 2014 - covered topics: Coaching techniques, Business Model Canvas (BMC), Business Plans (BP) exercises, T-GROW;   COACHING TRAINING for "The Journey" coaches, Brussels, 2015, covered topics: Financial Template, Climate Impact Mapping, BMC, BP exercises;  TRAIN THE TRAINER, Frankfurt, 2016 by Provadis - covered topics: Design Thinking, Coaching methods, e.g. 5W&2H, 6 hats of Eduardo de Bono, 5W, Fishbone, Professional Education Approach, Workshop Design-Delivery, Conflict management;   AMSTERDAM'2016;  Climate-KIC Coach &Trainer Training - Brussels'2017 - covered topics: Skills Building & Knowledge Exchange, Facilitation Leadership, Sustainable Business Design, Systems Innovation, Challenge-based Workshop Design, Gamification; Climate-KIC Leadership Training - Brussels'2017 - Transformational Leadership from within: A model for moving sustainability beyond incremental change;  
CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH course by British Council - Proficiency (CPE) level;

Recent publications in English

  • The C-KIC CEE’s Acceleration Programme (CAP) Strategy (for the internal use only)
  • Women Entrepreneurs: It's not all about money!, Daily Planet Magazine, 2016
  • Entrepreneurship: the 'she' factor,  Euroscientist Magazine, January 2016 (TEXT);
  • Coaching & facilitating young entrepreneurs from the perspectives of a coach, an education manager and a jury member – the case study of the Climate-KIC Journey programme, I. Hancox, K. Heron, A. Klucznik-Tӧrő, ICERI2015 Proceedings, Sevilla 2015;
  • How to boost female entrepreneurship in Europe? Agnieszka Klucznik-Tӧrő, Lisa Mahajan, Valentina Castello, Juan Guerrero, ICERI2015 Proceedings, Sevilla 2015, ISBN: 978-84-608-2657-6,
  • Report on female entrepreneurship in Poland, focus groups findings, International Center for Entrepreneurship 2015
  • Results of the Systematic Literature Review on Entrepreneurship and Its Influencing Factors, Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, Volume 2 (2014) No 1, (TEXT)
  • Assessing the importance of internships and soft skills on employability of university students [in:] Project Work and Internship - Theory and Practice, International Center for Entrepreneurship - PRAXIS 2013,
  • Report on the research on higher education, partnership and innovation [in:] Higher Education, Partnership, Innovation, (2009) eds.: A. K.-Toro, A. Csepe, D. K.-Ciotucha,
  • Entrepreneurial education in the international literature on the subject  / in Polish:  E-mentor, nr 5 (47) / 2012  (TEXT) How to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurial education  [in:] From Higher Education to Innovation, (2010) eds.: A. Klucznik-Toro, K. Bodis, I.Kiss Pal,

Labour market forecasting - towards increasing the employability of graduates [in:] International Technology, Education and Development Conference. INTED2008 Proceedings,G. Chova, D. M. Belenguer, I. C. Torres (eds.), International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), Valencia, Spain, ISBN: 978-84-612-0190-7

Co-operation between Higher Education Institutions and Industry – the Case Study from Wroclaw in the Lower Silesia Region [in:] European Higher Education in a Changing World. A view from the Danube Region, : I. Tarrósy, S. Milford, Publikon Books, Budapest 2007, ISBN: 978-963-06-3975-0,

From higher education to faster development [w:] International Technology, Education and Development Conference, :L. G. Chova, D. M. Belenguer, I. C. Torres, International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), Valencia, Spain 2007, ISBN: 978-84-611-4517-1,

The quality of human capital and its significance in the competitiveness of the region - the European perspective [in:] The Dynamics of Science and Technology Policies, Izmir University of Economics, eds.: Erkan Erdil, I. Hakan Yetkiner, Izmir, Turkey 2007, ISBN: 978-975-8789-13-9,

The employability of  doctoral graduates - some conclusions and reflections after Bologna Process meeting in Nice. [in:] International Technology, Education and Development Conference. INTED2008 Proceedings, G. Chova, D. M. Belenguer, I. C. Torres (eds.), IATED, Valencia, Spain 2007, ISBN: 978-84-612-0190-7,

Kształcenie i zatrudnienie inżynierów w gospodarce zmierzającej w kierunku gospodarki opartej na wiedzy (Education and employment of engineers in the economy transforming into knowledge-based economy), readers: R. Rauziński, M. Dworczyk, ATUT Publishing House, Wrocław 2007– in Polish, ISBN: 978-83-7432-225-6,

Programmes of supporting the employability of university graduates with a case study, [in:] Analles, Tomus I,  ed: Jolán Róka, Századvég, Akademia Budapestienis Communicationis et Negotii, Budapest 2007, ISBN: 978 963 7340 59 8,

Zarządzenie kapitałem ludzkim w warunkach tworzenia gospodarki opartej na wiedzy (Human resources management in the knowledge-based economy), [in:]  Zarządzanie organizacjami gospodarczymi w wieku informacji, Publishing House of Technical University of Łódź, editor: Jerzy Lewandowski, Łódź, 2006 – in  Polish, ISBN 83-7283-186-6,

Konstruowanie programów kształcenia oraz jego planowanie w ujęciu jakościowym i ilościowym z wykorzystaniem modelu Correa-Tinbergena (Constructing of educational programmes and its qualitative and quantitative aspect with the support of Correa-Tinbergen model) [in:] Materiał konferencyjne z Międzynarodowej Konferencji Naukowej „Metody oceny jakości kształcenia specjalistów w zakresie zarządzania”, scientific ed.: Lidia Białoń, Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska, Warszawa 2006 in Polish, ISBN 978-83-7520-000-3

Przygotowanie zawodowe jako jeden z celów szkolnictwa wyższego (Preparation for employment as one of the aims of higher education), A. Klucznik, M. Szewczyk, [in:] Współczesne problemy zarządzania i marketingu, editor: S. Pajączkowski, H. Węgrzyn, Legnica 2004 -in Polish,

Programowanie kształcenia i zatrudnienie inżynierów (Programming of education and employment of engineers), doctoral paper, Publishing Office of Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw 2004 – in Polish

Problemy zatrudnieniowe inżynierów (wybrane aspekty) {Some aspects of the problems with employment of engineers (the chosen aspects)}, [in:] Komputerowo Zintegrowane Zarządzanie, Tom I, editor: R. Knosala, WNT, Warszawa 2004 in Polish, ISBN: 83-204-2952-8

Programowanie kształcenia na poziomie wyższym w kontekście istniejących tendencji gospodarczych (Programming of education at university level in the context of economic tendencies), [in:] Komputerowo Zintegrowane Zarządzanie,
editor: R. Knosala, WNT, Warszawa 2003in Polish,

Szkolnictwo wyższe w procesie budowania gospodarki opartej na wiedzy w kontekście wstąpienia Polski do Unii Europejskiej (Higher education in the knowledge-based economy in the context of Polish accession to the European Union), [in:] Materiały z 23 Międzynarodowego Sympozjum Naukowego Studentów i Młodych Pracowników Nauki, Tom: Mechanika (Mechanika Edukacja Techniczna), Uniwersytet Zielonogórski, Zielona Góra 2002in Polish,

Edukacja  jako  element  rozwoju  regionalnego (Education as a regional development’s tool), [in:] Zrównoważony rozwój regionalny w aspekcie integracji europejskiej problemy ekonomiczne, ekologiczne i społeczne, editor: K. Malik, „TRIADA”, Bytom 2002in Polish,

Zarządzanie odpadami na miarę XXI wieku na przykładzie Zakładów Azotowych w Chorzowie – Holding S.A., Materiały z 22 Międzynarodowego Sympozjum Naukowego Studentów i Młodych Pracowników Nauki, Tom: Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska, Politechnika Zielonogórska, Zielona Góra 2001in Polish,

Aspekt komunikacyjny  wykorzystania  narzędzi informatycznych przez  małe  i średnie  przedsiębiorstwa, Nauki Społeczne z.48, Zeszyty Naukowe Nr 273/2001,  editor: H. Lewandowski, Politechnika Opolska, Opole 2001 in Polish,

Przeobrażenia na giełdzie papierów wartościowych jako jeden z objawów globalizacji, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Poznańskiej – Zeszyt nr 32/2001, Organizacja i Zarządzanie – Konkurencyjność Podmiotów Gospodarczych w Procesie Integracji i Globalizacji, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej, Poznań in Polish

Wybrane społeczno-ekonomiczne aspekty prywatyzacji kapitałowej w przedsiębiorstwach polskich na przykładzie regionu Opolszczyzny [in:] Rozwój regionalny w perspektywie Integracji Europejskiej, eds: A. Zagórowska, K. Malik,  M. Miszewski, „TRIADA”, Bytom 2001 in Polish,

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Reengineering jako nowa metoda zarządzania, Zbiór referatów z Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Studenckich Kół Naukowych i Młodych Pracowników Nauki,
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Racjonalizacja zamawiania energii elektrycznej przez zakłady przemysłowe, [in:] Społeczno-ekonomiczne aspekty przekształceń ustrojowych w gospodarce kraju i regionu, editor: M. Ciepaj, Materiały konferencyjne, „IMPULS”, Kraków 1999 in Polish

Experience in providing review and similar independent services for funding institutions

Experience with international programmes and organisations

  • Experiences as the partner of international programmes:
  • Experiences as EU funds/programmes applicant:
    • 2019: Erasmus + : Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education - KA2 (Call for Proposals 2019 - EAC/A03/2018), with Lahti University of Applied Sciences (FI)
    • 2019: Infrastructure project - regional fund - Regional Operational Programme of Lower Silesia Region 2014-2020, Priority 1 - Enterprises & Innovations, Action 1.3 - Development of Entrepreneurship, Scheme 1.3.B - Support of Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs
    • 2018: Erasmus + :  Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Knowledge Alliances - KA2 (Call for Proposals 2018: EAC/A05/2017) - BRIDGed, with Aarchus University (DK)
    • 2015: Erasmus+:  Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training - KA2  (Call 2015) -  ProComTool, with Turku University of Applied Sciences (FI)
    • 2015: Erasmus+:  Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training - KA2  (Call 2015) - INSPIRE, with inspire - Verein für Bildung und Management (AU)
  • Polish-American Exchange Programme Co-ordinator - Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, USA - Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow
  • Experience with international organisations:
  • Leader of the international projects: IHEPI2010 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; IHEPI2009 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; Praxis Center for Excellence; Leaonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation;

  • Initiator of international exchange programs, e.g. with University of Luxembourg, Wroclaw University of Economics, Linneus University (Sweden).

Startups coach  -  Entrepreneurship expert  - Business owner

Systems Thinking: communicating complexity in simple ways

  •  Application of practical tools to analyse Global/ Ecological/ Economic/ Regional systems, e.g.:
    • Systems Dynamics’ Mapping & Feedback,
    • ICT tools applications to deepen an understanding of interrelations between systems’ Objects/Subjects,
    • Analyze systems with a "Backcasting" approach – e.g. with three “The Journeys” groups of young entrepreneurs, with young consultants and start-ups participating in Reading University - Henley Business School programme in Wroclaw, etc.,
  • Expert level understanding of systems including Complex Economic Systems - over 10 years experience in sharing knowledge on interconnected Systems consisting of Long-run and short-run economic growths – Business cycles - Banking systems - Exchange rates - Interest rates – International trade - Comparative advantage  - Employment - Aggregated product generation,
  • PhD study with specialisation of Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations, in the area of management sciences offered me a deep and comprehensive understanding of systems thinking and systems innovation;
  • Practice-based experience in systems-related projects, e.g:
    • Fruitful student internship conducted at ZCW Gorazdze SA, currently: Heidelberger Zement AG,
    • Successful transfer of knowledge transfer that is from academia-to-industry while working on commercialisation of my M.A. research,
    • Innovative tutoring on IT applications with several listed companies such as Remak SA, Rafako SA Boiler Engineering Company,
    • Preparation of  modernisation and reorganisation plans, together with budget calculation application, for the regional leader in cartography OPGK,
    • Verification of the IT application for managerial financial analysis and reports for one of the Polish plant of BOSCH.
  • Searching for system innovations with diverse tools and approaches, e.g. Flourishing business model canvas,
  • Delivering public lectures on systems thinking,
  • Organising of workshops on system thinking for the HEIs – e.g. Wroclaw University of Economics, AIK in Krakow, etc.

Fluent in English

  • Working in English as visiting professor, lecturer, researcher and tutor, business coach, mentor and publisher (10+ years) at various universities and in various countries including:
    • Germany - Munich Technical University, Berlin Technical University, University of Hamburg,
    • Great Britain - Imperial College London, Warwick Business School / University of Warwick, Henley Business School / University of Reading,
    • Denmark - Denmark Technical University,
    • Hungary - Corvinus Business School / Corvinus University of Budapest,
    • Portugal - Technical University of Porto,
    • Slovenia - Environmental College in Velenje,
    • Sweden - Linneus University,
    • Turkey - Izmir University of Economics,
  • Writing and publishing various articles in the international books, journals and magazines, including the recent ones:
    • Coaching & facilitating young entrepreneurs,
    • Entrepreneurship: the ‘she’ factor (see the whole list of publications below),
  • Public speaking during nearly 100 international conferences (see below),
  • Delivering seminars and workshops for MA & Ph.D. students and for professionals at renowned universities like:
    • University of Warwick - on setting the objectives, besiness ideas generation, backcasting, etc  - within The Journey programme,
    • University College London - on business plans development - within The Journey programme,
    • Linneus University - on programming of education - withing Erasmus Exchange Programme, etc.
  • C2 (proficiency) level courses of English, British Council,

Excellent understanding of EU regional policy framework, EU programmes supporting regional transitions, including EU structural funds

Experience in innovation, business creation and modelling

  • PhD study with specialisation of Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations,
  • Supporting development of innovations, business creation and modelling by:
    • young entrepreneurs e.g. under "The Journey" programme,
    • start-ups (presented below),
    • established companies e.g. Noldus IT from the Netherlands, OPGK from Poland, Factories of BOSCH and Heidelberg Zement, listed companies - Remak S.A., Rafako S.A.
  • Scientific review of publication Poland: Emerging Innovation Leader of the Visegrad Group, by Dr. Daria Tataj, published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland, 
  • Research on acceleration processes and programmes,
  • Research on practices of young entrepreneurs, business coaches, education managers and organisers of the educational programmes supporting process of launching, developing and growing of the new firms, since 2014,
  • Research on female entrepreneurship and networking, part of the international project WINGS, funded through competitive calls of the Lifelong Learning programme, 2014-2017,
  • Research on students' internships and project work, part of the European Center for Project/Internship Excellence: PRAXISproject, funded through competitive calls of the Lifelong Learning programme, 2011-2014,
  • Doctoral research & studies within specialisation in Management of Production, Transfer of Technology, Productivity, Technological Innovations. The doctoral thesis focused on Human Resource Management, 2005-2007,
  • MA thesis research, which included energy auditing of listed production company.
  • The audit project concluded with the innovation that provided with annual energy cost reduction of 15%,
  • Preparation of the modernisation and reorganisation plan together with budget calculation application for the regional leader in cartography OPGK,
  • Verification of the IT application for managerial financial analysis and reports for one of the Polish plants of BOSCH.

Understanding of Horizont Europe & H2020 framework or other EU funding mechanisms

Experience in Knowledge Triangle Integration and working with knowledge triangle stakeholders (education, research, business)

  • Experience in knowledge triangle integration:
    • Intergrating ideas of researchers and existing businesses of all types by looking for their best matches by evaluating the business potential of their cooporations / within MOZART programme (see also below),
    • Integrating partners from education - research - business under the projects:
      • H2020 - ACTTIVATE (see also below),
      • LLL Praxis project (see also below),  
      • Erasmus+ WINGS(see also below),
    • Integrating stakeholders of education - research - business - policy making by initiating and organising the International Conference on Higher Education - Partnership - Innovation: IHEPI.  Its purpose was to organize a forum for the identification and integration of experiences in means and methods of fruitful linkages between the academic world, policy-making institutions and business enterprises in pursuit of efficient co-ordination of higher education programs, innovation policies and market demands. Among the speakers of the event were guests from EIT, EC, HEIs, business organisations, parliament.

  • Working with knowledge triangle stakeholders:
    • working with and for HEIs (10+ years) as associate professor, researcher, visiting professor and lecturer  (see also below),
    • Doing research in teams of researchers, e.g.
      • energy auditing in cement factory,
      • research under University of York leadership on entrepreneurial skills development among engineers (within PRAXIS project), 
    • Working for and with business by consulting, coaching and mentoring their innovative technologies and ideas,
    • Management, leadership and implementation of international projects engaging partners from education - research - business, e.g. H2020 - ACTTIVATE (see below), LLL Praxis project,  Erasmus+ WINGS project, etc.

Some mentored & coached entrepreneurs' teams

Older work experiences

Nov 2007Aug 2012

Associate professor

Budapest Metropolitan University / formerly Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts

Lecturer and initiator of the Course on Entrepreneurship. Main areas of knowledge sharing:

1. Introduction to entrepreneurship
2. The questions every entrepreneurs must answer to
3. How to write a great business plan?
4. How entrepreneurs craft strategies that work? 
5. How much money does your new ventures need?
6. Milestones for successful venture planning
7. Strategy vs. tactics from a venture capitalist
8. Bootstrap finance: the art of start-ups
9. Commercialization of technology: what the best companies do?

Lecturer of the International Economics and Management. Main areas of knowledge sharing: Trade Patterns, Scale Economies & Lecturer of the EU Economics.Main topics: Growth Effects, Capital Market Integration, European Monetary System,

Leader of the international projects: IHEPI2010 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; IHEPI2009 - International Conference on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation; Praxis Center for Excellence; Leaonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation;

Initiator of international exchange programs, e.g. with University of Luxembourg, Wroclaw University of Economics, Linneus University (Sweden).

Nov 1997Sep 2007


Faculty of Management, Opole University of Technology

Lecturer of the courses: 1)Business Planning, 2) Integrated Systems of Management (based on SAP R/3 Finance and Controlling, 3)Microeconomics (some topics: Theory of Enterprises, Allocation of scarce resources, Market structures, Consumer behaviour), 4)Macroeconomics (some topics: Calculations of national products: GDP, GNP, NNP, Monetary and fiscal policy, Banking systems, Employment and labour market issues, Theory of economic growth, Aggregate demand and supply, Inflation, Tax system)

Some detailed information about coached program 'The Journey'

Supporting and carring about groups of 40 young entrepreneurs and future change makers within 5-weeks long intensive summer school program with generating business ideas tackling climate-change problems, team building, exploring and developing business ideas up to their final pitch presentations in front of the professional jury, consisting of investors, among others. 

Venues:  2016/J6: Hamburg University of Technology - Imperial College London - Warwick Business School; 2015/J3: Warwick Business School - Denmark Technical University - Munich University of Technology; 2014/J6: Warwick Business School  - Technical  University of Berlin - European Institute of Technology EIT+ (Poland).

  • Presentation of The Journey in The Journey kick-off meetings
  • Delivering pre-ideation sessions
  • Preparation of Climate-KIC Contextual Learning Journey together with Climate-KIC Education Team and Co-Coaches in the area of entrepreneurship & business planning
  • Providing guidance to a group of 40 students
  • Assisting students in making use of the learning content for their own business idea & plan development
  • Business Coaching of small students teams in the area of entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating the learning and application of business skills of international students with various backgrounds and coach them to develop their own business plans
  • Travelling with the student group to 3 countries
  • Providing feedback to the students and to the Education Managers & Teams.

Conference presentations

Forum Green Smart City, Krakow 2023, Przykłady nowoczesnych technologii i aplikowalnych rozwiązań w kontekście idei Smart City i Smart Village

Digital Enterprise Madrid Conference (DES Madrid) - invitation of Horizont2020's project - ACTTIVATE:,

Word Forum organised by Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, World Academy of Art and
Science, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, The Global Round Table, 2019
Conference on Selfemployed, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, 2016,
Annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, ICERI2015, Sevilla, Spain,
International Conference and Workshops on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation, 2010 – initiating and organising the International Conference on Higher Education - Partnership - Innovation: IHEPI. Its purpose was to organize a forum for the identification and integration of experiences in means and methods of fruitful linkages between the academic world, policy-making institutions and business enterprises in pursuit of efficient co-ordination of higher education programs, innovation policies and market demands. Among the speakers of the event were guests from EIT, EC, HEIs, business organisations, parliament., Organiser: BCCB; venue: Budapest, Hungarian Parliament,
International Conference and Workshops on Higher Education, Partnership and Innovation, 2009,
International Technology, Education and Development Conference. Venue: Valencia, Spain, Organizer: International Association for Technology, Education and Development,
Chair of the session: Curriculum Design and Innovation,
World Science Forum: Investing in Knowledge: Investing in the Future, organiser: OECD, World Science Forum, Hungarian Academy of Science; venue: Budapest, Hungary
FemStart Conference: Universities debate female start-ups, organiser: Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (Stuttgart), venue: Wroclaw, Poland,
EU Presidency Conference - EUR Future Conference: European Researchers of Tomorrow – crossing the borders of Academia and Industry, organiser: Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (Stuttgart), venue: Stuttgart, Germany,
International Conference on the Dynamics of Science and Technology Policies - Technology and Economics Development organized by Science and Technology Policies Research Centre (TEKPOL) of Middle East Technical University and Research Centre Izmir Congress of Economy (IKAM) of Izmir University of Economics, Presentation: The quality of human capital and its significance in the competitiveness of the regions - the European perspective,
International Technology, Education and Development Conference in Valencia (Spain) organized by the International Association for Technology, Education and Development,
chair of the session: University – Industry Cooperation: Employability

Official Bologna Seminar on Doctoral programmes in Europe, organised by European University Association and French Ministry of Education and Research,hosted by the University of Nice,
Participation in the workshop: Generic skills training for employability of doctoral candidates and career development: both inside and outside academia Official Bologna Process Conference, Nice, France,
XI International conference on “Management in the age of information" organized by Technical University of Łódź in Bełchatów, Poland,
23trd International Scientific Conference and Workshop of Young Researchers in Zielona Góra organised by the University of Zielona Góra, Poland,
22nd International Scientific Conference and Workshop of Young Researchers in Zielona Góra organized by the University of Zielona Góra, Poland,
International Scientific Conference and Workshop of Young Researchers in Białystok organized by the Białystok University of Technology.

PhD Students

The opponent of Ph.D. thesis of Chiara Mansanta,  Intrapreneurship Discovery: Standard Strategy to Boost Innovation inside Companies’, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

Conferences (committee member, organizer)

International Conference on Higher Education - Partnership - Innovation, IHEPI, in Budapest

PORTFOLIO of 3 relevant PROJECTS in support of the application - Demonstrable experience taking an idea from design/research into a market launch as a core member of a team; Ability to generate new opportunities by thinking creatively about the financial impact, risk analysis, and data; Ability to inspire the community through business and entrepreneurial thinking (collaboration rather than one-off consumption) while recognizing the complementary nature of design & entrepreneurial capacity

1.    International Project - Development and implementation of innovations - green technologies in the form of vertical gardens including micro-farming

Agnieszka Klucznik-Tӧrő together with a Partner institution from Norway – Green Transformation AS, and a group of colleagues have successfully applied for the Norwegian Fund grant co-financed the 1M project (nr NORW.19.01.04-02-0046/20-001).  The activities include the development and implementation of innovations in the area of environmental technologies – that combine: Art, Design, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture.

Its activities include:

1)    DEVELOPING INNOVATION, the research effort has focused on developing new solutions and products in the area of vertical gardens, including micro-farming for both external and internal structures.

The aim of developing innovations has been to prepare the prototypes, which will then be commercialised. This task consisted of:

- RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) WORK carried out both independently and jointly with the R&D institute and should result in 5 innovations, including 4 innovative products and 1 innovative solution.




2.    International Project WINGS -Entrepreneurship & Networking

The project’s aim has been to create a strong, recognizable & sustainable EU-wide network & online platform for facilitating the access & share of existing learning & training offers to support women entrepreneurs.

The WINGS project was financed by the European Commission with a budget: of €0.6 million (KA3 ICT MULTILATERAL NETWORKS programme, Lifelong Learning Programme: Comenius, ICT and Languages, No: 543208-LLP-1-2013-1-AT-KA3-KA3NW). The aim of the project was to disseminate initiatives related to female entrepreneurship in order to generate awareness for their sustainable impact and expand their areas of activity; to create a strong, recognizable pan-European networking group and an online platform designed to facilitate access to existing training and educational offers to support entrepreneurship.

Our objectives:

·       to develop a unique EU network to facilitate ICT systems for learning, supporting & training women entrepreneurs bringing widespread visibility & maximizing the exploitation of innovative good practices in the field;

·       to strengthen the linkages between EU women entrepreneurs, project managers, learning communities, multipliers &society encouraging the knowledge &experience exchange via a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop online platform, where valuable &innovative EU learning opportunities can be found & accessed in one place;

·       to foster new business opportunities by creating a Virtual Market for E-commerce & facilitating international networking.

 By achieving these objectives, WINGS has created a cluster to strengthen the mainstreaming of new technologies, educational practices &training EU – wide, sustaining a valuable knowledge–sharing environment.

To fulfill project's main  aims & objectives a set of  specific objectives was planned:

  1. Development of a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop platform integrating existing learning & training offers to support  women entrepreneurs categorized in modules according to the topic / geographical location  of the valued offers gathered;
  2. Definition of specific criteria to collect EU good practice initiatives & innovative project results in the categories of training, e-learning & self-study materials, e-coaching & mentoring of  women entrepreneurs;
  3. Implementation of a Virtual Market Place fostering  E-commerce opportunities for EU women entrepreneurs providing additional market access &visibility for their companies &products;
  4. Increase awareness & appreciation of WE among EU members, also highlighting its relevance as a source of new employment;
  5. Facilitation of a more inclusive environment for migrant women that want to start a business  in a foreign country, dedicating a special module in the online platform to address their needs with the gathering of topic-related information;
  6. Mainstreaming in all phases of the project assuring at least 50% female staff working in the project, including women entrepreneurs & migrant specialists in partnership;
  7. Facilitation International Roundtables aimed at project teams & coordinators, multipliers, associations, NGOs & policymakers to share knowledge & experience in producing a long-term strategy for the progress of women entrepreneurs across the EU;
  8. Increase awareness of IT importance for knowledge sharing, networking & doing business among EU women entrepreneurs;
  9. Use of ICT & innovative tools for the promotion of the project results, networking workshops, and project meetings.



3.    Consultancy project for start-ups

Agnieszka Klucznik-Tӧrő together with the International Center for Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School, Wrocław University of Economics, and Climate-KIC Poland, invited start-ups from the Wroclaw Region to take part in a project with a consultancy program.

The aim of the project was to support start-ups, especially with a value proposition development and its adjustment.
The project was free of charge for entrepreneurs and took place in Wroclaw, Poland, between 2017-2020.
The form:  a short summer school, which combined teamwork, workshops, and short experts’ talks.

Learning Outcomes for Entrepreneurs:
Entrepreneurs have had a chance to be supported by an international team of experienced coaches, professional consultants, and open-minded students of entrepreneurship.

Each start-up was accompanied by one working team, which offered its full capacity to identify the weak area(s) of a start-up, analyzed it, and came up with proposition(s) for the improvement(s).

Entrepreneurs worked in a workshop style with students and coaches in a stimulating process that led to entrepreneurs having a sharper focus on the venture plans and a stronger confidence in the words they use to explain their venture ideas to ‘outsiders’.

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