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A lifelong learner naturally devoted to enforcing positive change in professional and personal life.

I am presently carrying out one of such changes.

I have over dozen years of hands-on experience backed up with extended academic education. I am an expert in marketing, communication, strategy development, project management, insights generation, planning, conceptualizing, designing and executing innovative and workable solutions.

I have succeeded, on local and international level, in influencing consumers perceptions and attitudes by championing consumer understanding and brand’s message expression, maximizing reach tools and techniques, engaging teams of talented people, developing compelling strategies and award-winning marketing platforms and products.

Two years ago I’ve engaged myself in endeavors for women empowerment in France, Belgium and Poland, in particular in the area of supporting women experiencing emotional violence and recovery of their self-identity and self-esteem.

And then it became clear to me, that with the purpose closer to my heart, I can redirect my career and fully use my expertize and capabilities to develop and implement tools and techniques, that can more effectively carry the message, better reach more women and more powerfully motivate and transform their attitudes and behaviors.

I consider the independent (e)book publishing as a finest underpinning domain to do so.

I envision (e)book publishing as focal point of an integrated activities system that can be applied for empowerment purposes:

  • embedding psychological knowledge and practices in attitudinal and behavioral transformation in every component of the system,
  • applying methodic approach to content and mechanisms development inspired by art therapy, coaching, creative writing, book design, e-application design and video production,
  • employing social media, social campaigning and crowdfunding for targeted dissemination and financing method, as well as the driving force to ignite empowering women movement.

Here and now I look for the best opportunities to contribute to the publishing world with my broad experience in marketing and strategies. It is a strong connecting point between my current career in FMCG, publishing industry and my future long-term goals.

However my ultimate destination goes far beyond marketing and even publishing, so I intent to gradually grow into my aspirations. Being mindful of required know-how, I have designed tailored-made self-education program that will enable me to speed up the momentum and augment the accomplishment.

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

International Strategic Brand Manager (Central Marketing Function)

Imperial Tobacco Group, FRANCE

Promoted to lead Global Innovation & Strategic Planning pillar within global brand team. To drive the brand development in the biggest Central & Eastern European markets (2011-2013) and Middle-East and North Africa (2014).

  • Championed consumer understanding and translated insights into strategies and brand platforms (Innovation Strategy and Pipeline, May’2014; brand equity platforms (Insights Workshop Nov’2013)).
  • Played key role in global strategy development coordinating annual planning and goal setting process.
  • Led global brand analysis and performance reporting for strategic and operational purposes.
  • Directed new entry market model building and secondary brand strategy workstream
  • Worked out compelling business cases leading cross functional teams and coming up with clear business oriented recommendation (R1 Strategic Future Workshop May’2012, Green Cigarillos Challenge, Jul’2014).
  • Supported regional and local teams in translating strategy into operational brand plans.
  • Ensured global understanding and implementation of brand equity on subjected markets. One example resulted in revised BTL approach in Germany and unified CE regional communication and activation strategy leading to increased consistency of global message.
  • Designed and developed new products and communications and rolled it out across subjected regions. As an example: ‘Generation’– new modern packaging format in Georgia, doubled the brand’s market share and became a segment leader (Feb’2012). ‘Additive Free’ – key brand initiative in Germany, rolled it out to 7 more markets and became the flagship initiative in brand’s portfolio (2012-2013).
  • Drove validation of new initiatives aligning with the markets launch strategies, performance measurements and KPI’s; designed and implemented initiative launch tracker.
Nov 2010Sep 2011

Strategic Brand Manager (Central Marketing Function)

Imperial Tobacco Group, FRANCE

Promoted to join global brand team to contibute to Brand Re-Positioning and to investigate how to increase brand relevance inside and outside core geographies and validate new brand proposition template globally.

  • Experimented and successfully implemented methodology to determine local drivers for successful brand proposition and primary affine consumer target and piloted it in Russia (‘Target Project’ pilot in Russia in Feb’2011).
  • Validated global brand template using above proven methodology and led recommendation for template’s modification, playing key role in articulation of new brand positioning (March - June 2011)
  • Developed fresh communication approach to leverage brand equity among young adults (‘G-Connect’ - Gauloises Innovative format series with TTL consumer engagement concept, Sept’2011)
Oct 2006Oct 2010

Senior Brand Manager

Imperial Tobacco, POLAND

Promoted to lead Brand Development of the key company brand, and carry out a comprehensive set of consumer marketing activities to drive market share and improve brand health.

  • Developed brand marketing strategies, annual plans and budgets.
  • Identified new market opportunities and initiated new projects leading to over 40% growth of market share in 4 years and brand awarded Students’ Product of the Year in 2009.
  • Drove consumer centric development of 3 new product concepts and launch strategies. One received the Pearl of the Market Award by Polish retailers, for the best launch in the category (2010).
  • Championed marketing platforms driving increase of effectiveness  and becoming most healthy brand within whole brand’s footprint:
    • Experiential consumer activities in Horeca channel (300% growth in numbers of contacts).
    • First online campaign and online community in category in Poland (Virtual Skyscraper, honored Golden Arrow in Direct Marketing Contest by professionals in creative marketing committee, 2008; 60% growth of participants and 70% response rate uplift).
  • Introduced continuous learn and adapt loop for improvement of marketing platforms.
  • Initiated and led the process of brand’s positioning sharpening.
  • Implemented comprehensive brand management approach including new target group definition model and brand health measurement system.
  • Prepared regular brand reviews and projects related presentations to top management
  • Built the business cases and shared best practices to the global brand forums.
Oct 2002Sep 2006

Marketing Research Manager

Imperial Tobacco, POLAND

Promoted to manage Marketing Research Department. Provide Marketing & Sales management with the facts, information and insights for the decision making process.

  • Identified research and analysis needs in order to facilitate planning and execution of marketing activities.
  • Planned and led all marketing research projects (quantitative and qualitative: Usage & Attitudes, consumer profile, brand image, packaging, communication, retail audit).
  • Managed research budget and ensured efficiency of spent.
  • Monitored and evaluated new research techniques, screened and benchmarked suppliers for quality and efficiencies purposes.
Aug 2000Sep 2002

Consumer Research Specialist

Imperial Tobacco, POLAND

Recruited to develop Quantitative and Qualitative Research tools within the existing system of consumer market research and carry out all research actvities for the key brands' portfolio.

  • Designed methodologies and organized research processes.
  • Analysed and interpreted the results.
  • Presented and provided recommendation to brand teams.
Sep 1999Jun 2000


PENTOR Research Institute for Opinion and Markets, POLAND

Carried out quantitative and qualitative research projects for various FMCG clients.



  • "One of the finest marketing experts I have ever met”
  • "One of the best analytical thinkers I have worked with – ever”
  • “Great intuition, broad business approach and unusual strategic thinking skills”
  •  “Has the ability to condense reams of consumer research into clear and usable information”
  • “Acute understanding of business environment, sharp thinking and determination to work out superior solutions”
  •  “Everything she creates does with unique awareness of the ultimate goal she aims to achieve and methods she wants to apply"
  • “Creates a culture of cooperation”, “gets the best out of her partners"
  • “Has incredible skill to coach others and manage people with passion and belief in success"
  • “Rare individual that can justifiably be regarded as a leader rather than a manager"

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More about me

Dialing up the Potential
I have always lived with the inner drive to grow and improve. I’ve studied coaching. I’ve underwent a life coaching process myself working on my big personal project. I’ve attended numerous workshops and read a great deal of books. The ones that have impacted me the most...

Strategic & Imaginative Mind
I am strategic thinker by nature. I developed visions, strategies and plans for brands, marketing activities and innovations. I set the objectives and prepared business cases. To get to the bottom of things and nurture creativity, I designed and implemented learning and visioning processes. Recently I became a real enthusiast of Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

Passion for Expressing Brands’ Message (Brand Building)
I have passionate drive for creating brand stories that deliver real value and results. Building the brand is like telling the stories. I strive for finding the most effective ways to express and carry them to their audience. I’ve developed several brand positioning and created award winning activities and innovations focused around the brand’s core message.

Experiential Marketing Expert
I’ve championed the marketing platforms that intensify immersion of consumers into the brand world; like creative and interactive events, web-based participative activities and theme-concentrated online communities.

Supporting Women Cause - Career Path Change
I’ve embarked towards a new career path two years ago, engaging myself actively in endeavors for women empowerment and ending violence against women. I established relationships with non-governmental organizations, municipal and government administrations, consulted projects, fostered partnerships, wrote grant applications, researched issues, designed and moderated creative workshops.

Innovative Social Project Creator
I’m carrying on advanced works on my own innovative social project, which gained official recommendation from Polish National Commission for UNESCO. My foundation is officially registered since Nov’2013. To work on this project I’ve engaged multidisciplinary team of professionals, innovative services design, social media, advertising and building communities, animation of socio-cultural projects, theatre & dance movement psychotherapy and in violence prevention.

Motorcycling and Photography Lover
I own Yamaha Drag Star 650. The motorcycle leather jacket coexists peacefully with the summer dresses in my closet. My custom ideas and expat contract in Paris bore fruit with implementation of motorcycle-photographic trip across the whole south cost of France.
My other favorite photographic projects I’ve carried out in Marrakesh, Galicia, Tuscany, Rome and Barcelona.


Marketing Strategies
Positioning & Branding
Makreting Platforms & Campaigns (Experiential & Web)
New Product Launch
Marketing Research & Consumer Insights Generation

Career Highlights

  • 4 times promoted
  • 5 new products launched in 2 years in 12 markets (captured up to 50% of the respective segment)
  • First online community and online campaign in the category (Poland 2008)
  • 3 awards for the brand and its activities (Student’s Product of the Year, Pearl of the Market, Golden Arrow)
  • 60% to 300% KPI’s growth from improved consumer engagement tools
  • Brands’ volume and profit growth (volume CAGR 2010-2013: +4%, profit CAGR +7%)
  • Key markets share uplift (Germany, Poland, Iraq, Morocco and Saudi), doubling Georgia