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Work experience

ARRAZI Saudi Methanol Company
Apr 2007Present

Security Leader

  • Work on equipment and security services
  • Follow the work of security companies operating
  • Distribution of security men work tasks
  • Supervise the work of the security men
  • Writing security reports
  • Work schedules and security models
  • Arranging annual leave for security men
  • Work overtime for security men
  • Action evacuation plan for employees
  • Arrange a visit delegations and official visits
  • The supervisor of the E-Industrial Security System
  • For applications in the system SSRS
  • Commissioned to do administrative work


king Faisal University

Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Social Work (Part Time)

With a VERY GOOD Grade and a GPA of 4 Out OF 5

He holds a recommendation from the university in both the :

  • capacity development (A+)
  • Internet and communications (A+)
  • Public relations(A)
  • Management Of Social Organization (A)


  • Knowledge of the requirements of safety and security
  • Dealing with friendly visitors and staff
  • Work within the spirit of one team
  • Speed completion of tasks perfectly
  • Capacity for development and innovation

Major Activities

  • Member of the International Advancing Security Worldwide (ASIS).
  • A representative of the management of EHSS at the annual meeting to improve and develop the working environment.
  • Contributed to solving some of the problems related to security.
  • Suggestions concerning the  EHSS and development has been applied.

Text section

  • Participation and support in the ninth SABIC Technical Meeting  in 2009.
  • Participation and support in the ninth SABIC Technical Meeting in 2010.
  • Security Man Of The Monthly April 2013.
  • Participation in the SABIC year-end meeting steering committee in 2016.


Jul 2017Jul 2017

Training course on the use of Q- Pulse.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Institute for the Protection and Security of Establishments
Feb 2017Mar 2017

Training course in the use of Glock pistol 9-mm.

headquarters of the Commission for Jubail emergency
Mar 2016Mar 2016

Telecommunications group and its importance.

GAS Company
Jun 2013Jun 2013

Training Course of Air Taser Electrical Gun

May 2015May 2015

General Information Security Awarenes

importance of maintaining the security of the correct information to the circulation of information, methods and knowledge of the information availab

May 2015May 2015


Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning – General Awareness

Mar 2015Mar 2015

Acceptable Use Policy Awareness

It recognizes the acceptable use of the project and Systems and Information SABIC

Jan 2014Jan 2014

Introduction to SHEMS and General EHSS Awareness

Rahma Language Center
Apr 2008Jun 2008

Certificate in English Language ( Book 2 ).

Arabic Open University
Oct 2003Dec 2003

Certificate in English Language Level ( EL98 ) Intensive Program for English Language.

Completed The English Language Course  

Appraisal career job

  • 2016  Excellent
  • 2017 Excellent
  • 2018 strong
  • 2019 Excellent


I was born in 1985 .

I married and I have two children .

I work in the company SABIC &ARRAZI Security Department since 2007 .

Member of the International Advancing Security Worldwide (ASIS).

His many tasks in the Security Section
I participated in workshops, conferences and worked a presentations on security .