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Work experience

Researcher and Translator

Harpers Magazine

Harpers Magazine is one of America's oldest (est. 1850) and most respected liberal magazines. I am currently working as a freelance translator and researcher for Harpers Magazine. I am responsible for finding and verifying statistics for the Harpers Index, as well as tracking down and translating materials for the "translations" section.

Guidebook Writer

Fodor's Travel, a division of Random House, Inc.

  Fodor's is America's largest travel publisher, with over 5,000,000 books sold every year. I wrote the Side Trips and Neighborhoods chapters for the first edition of the Fodor's Beijing Travel Guide. Writing involved traveling to all of Beijing's neighborhoods and out-of-town tourist destinations, including a few off-the-beaten track sites.

Sep 2007Present

Marketing Director, BD, PM

Global Web Security

Global Web Security (gWebs) is a Singaporean web-services security start-up based in Beijing. gWebs makes encryption and authentication software for consumers, small businesses, and the enterprise.

Our products bring public-key encryption to webmail.

  When I arrived at gWebs we were a very young start-up and I was hired as a translator for our software's localization pack. Chinese is the only language spoken at our office, so I quickly learned a lot of technical Chinese and established a strong relationship with our CEO and CTO. I was promoted to Marketing Supervisor within weeks and then 6 months later I was promoted again to Marketing Director. During that time, I redrafted our business plan, wrote our website and all of our marketing materials, setup our web infrastructure, blog, stats, SEO and a small suite of systems to enhance our productivity. When our LAN and web systems were mostly in place, I hired and (now) manage a system administrator to take care of them full time. I also manage our 8 person marketing team which develops the materials you see here, as well as a Chinese blog ( a Chinese website ( and a number of other things.

  In my capacity as Business Development Associate, I work on strategizing, planning and securing corporate partnerships, which have, to date, resulted in the addition of 3.5 million users to our user base.

  In addition, I have been and am still involved in a substantial portion of our project management. I am responsable for some of the major innovations and technological developments at gWebs, including our switching to an open source encryption model and development of a Firefox plug-in.

Dec 2004Present

Editoral and Photo Intern

National Geographic Traveler

  National Geographic Traveler Magazine is a subsidiary of the National Geographic Society and is considered one of America's foremost travel magazines. I was recruited as an editorial intern, but during my time there I wrote three published articles and assisted with research for much of the editorial and photo staff.

Jul 2008Present

Youth Outreach Volunteer

Democrats Abroad & The Barack Obama Campaign

I started out volunteering for Democrats abroad this summer when I realized how difficult it was to register to vote abroad and noticed how very few people had contacted me about registering to vote. So I contacted them, started a facebook group, organized a half dozen voter registration, phone banking and fundraising events, and raising $4000 in 3 months. I also went to Ohio and worked in the Elyria office, training and recruiting other volunteers, knocking on doors, phone banking, and registering more then 150 people to vote in 3 days.

May 2005Sep 2008

Sole Proprietor

AMPhotography & Travel Writing
Feb 2007Sep 2007

Founder, CEO, CTO, CFO, COO

  KuaiBBS was my Chinese web startup. KuaiBBS is a China-centric Bulletin Board System (BBS) built from the ground up using Perl, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS connecting to a MySQL database on a UNIX platform. I was the sole programmer, designer, system administrator, project manager, investor and marketer.


Jul 2004Aug 2004

Summer Studies


Macintosh & Macintosh Applications
Windows & Windows Applications
Website Design
Perl Programming
UNIX System Administration
Chinese Language

gWebs Website

Marketing Materials

National Geographic Traveler

Sales Lit.

Magazine Articles