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M.A. in English

Sorbonne/Censier University

Master's Thesis: Computerizing Textbooks: A Journey into Computer-Assisted Language Learning


Haggai Yedidya

Daniel is an energetic and motivated expert, whom delivers his qualities in a personable and caring manner. He is highly experienced with social media and makes himself available to share of his abilities and expertise. I received training from Daniel on the subject of Linkedin and social media. During the few sessions, I've learned very much in a short time. 

Ben O'Hanlon

If you're interested in LinkedIn Daniel Alfon is one of the best people I know to talk to. He's really knowledgeable, genuine and worth reaching out to. I swap ideas and discuss LinkedIn strategies with him whenever we both have time, I value his opinion and highly recommend seeking his advice.

Eugene Semenov

Daniel Alfon, Unlimited! And from my personal experience - International! His expertise in social media and creativity in communication are applicable Everywhere! (well...almost) Despite the time difference (I am living in Toronto) Daniel was always available and willing to chat and answer my messages. From all his benefits I would emphasize the fact that Daniel's methods always leads to desired results. I would recommend him to every company that want to make things right and from the first try.

Nir Ben Lavi

“Daniel was extremely helpful in making introductions and helping us making new business contacts. Daniel's efforts were outstanding and helped us in promoting new deals.”

Rina Oz

"Daniel leads you to success in a fast and easy way. Pleasure working with him.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

David Waknine

"Masters his areas of expertise"

Chaim Fox-Emmett

“I have known Daniel for several years and without doubt Daniel has a unique skillset and talent that makes him a true networking contact able to generate interesting and helpful contacts in many diverse industries. His friendly and response manner is refreshing and he is joy to work with.”

Joan Barrientos

“Daniel was a great asset to Udizine- Not only that he drove the sales force of the company but he also maintained & continued maintaining the relationship with all of his customers.

Only great success having him part of my network and friends!!”

Avigdor Jakubinsky

"A rare true talent"

Yuval Walters

"...a highly accomplished LinkedIn guru...Daniel's mentoring has helped me expand my vision and open up new and endless possibilities.

Daniel repeatedly proves the long-term value of networking"

More recommendations available here

Noam Rozen

“Need to find valuable information about your industry, competitors or clients? Look no further - Daniel will find this information at no time. His ability to use different resources (in and out of the web) is outstanding & remarkable"

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Work experience

DBM (global outplacement firm)

As a New Career workshop facilitaor, coached and helped hundreds of gifted executives looking for new challenges, focusing on the high-tech sector.It was great fun,too. * Revamped CVs - no Visual CV then :-)

* Helped (Re)define career objectives * Enhanced interview skills via simulations of interviews with analysis with analysis.

* Upgraded negotiation skills, elevator pitch, body language and networking skills.

Since 1998, I have given career-, networking and web-related workshops and social media training in Israel, the UK, the Russian Federation & France.

Coached via e-mail hundreds of US and UK residents prior to their Aliyah. This project gave me the opportunity to meet executives in London,England; Paris,Marseilles and Lyon,France; and Siberia [in the Winter].

Jul 2007Present

Online Marketing Projects

Among others:

  • B2B Social Media consulting
  • An exciting online education project · 
  • LinkedIn & Twitter marketing consulting and lectures - startup accelerator gigs [Star-TAU,TheJunction,TheHive,TheElevator], B2B, NGOs [e.g. Gvahim and Matan] and individuals.  
  • Market research                            
  • Shidonni , a browser-based virtual world for children [2009]

           Market research, lead qualification, initiating contact in French territory resulting in media coverage and exposure

Conducted market research identifying promising prospects in Key B2B territories 

  • HP Indigo [pre-Drupa project  2007/8]

Created and developed tools used by ~100 HP Indigo salespeople worldwide.

Analyzed, spotted trends and predicted future directions in players (competitor pricing, annual reports, evaluation of  competitors sales). Led worldwide HP Indigo Competition Forum

Oct 2010Present

Social Media marketing specialist [English projects]


SEOlogy is a well-respected SEO firm.

SEOlogy offers Social Media marketing services to B2B companies,based in Israel and targeting the global market. Chances are you know Seology's clients...

My current projects include: * Social media marketing for an Enterprise software company, focusing on lead generation and branding - using primarily LinkedIn and Twitter.  * Consulting for a large public company [monitoring,analyzing, social media marketing strategy], focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


VP Sales
  • Increased Udizine's annual sales 243%.
  • Successfully added new distributors in AZ,CA,CO,FL,MD & HI (check out full map here) ►Increased revenues from existing accounts in CA,NY,OH & PA. ► Initiated and nurtured contacts with firms that became Udizine's first international Representatives [in the UK and the Philippines] and added new distributors in the Netherlands and the Far East.
  • Initiated a presence in new websites and negotiated the firm's first stock orders.
  • Selected strategic partner, contributing to a successful US GlobalShop trade show.

Business Development

Atmosphere Manufacturers (disruptive electronics consumer goods start-up)
  • Led marketing activities and listing with a strategic French retailer (BHV, €700m turnover).
  • Significantly shortened listing time to market with French retailers like Castorama.
  • Delivered French collateral, website design, and several other projects. Co-led a successful recruitment of a top local Agent and managed his training.
  • Achieved a significant differentiation - in a commodities market:► Turned products into an end-to-end solution thanks to a thorough analysis of clients' needs.► Initiated high-margin,low-cost product customizations during long sales cycles.
  • Thoroughly prepared key exhibitions (Koln's Practical World and Frankfurt's Light & Building), resulting in identifications of major business opportunities: ► Built long-term partnerships with key retailers in France & Germany, resulting in accelerated, low-budget listing setup and distribution planning. ► Revamped the go to market plan and value proposition and increased margins & future revenues manifold by modifying the business model.

      ► All this was done before the company manufactured a single product


Wireless Business Intelligence consultant

Shenhav [Vimatix, Netprox]
  • Vimatix (MMSC) - Analyzed potential clients under extreme time pressure.
  • Netprox (application platform) - Led mobile internet market analysis.
Jan 1996Oct 2000


Telrad Networks

Training professional responsible for the in-house Language training of over 2200 employees. ► Selected & managed a team of a dozen subcontractors,building a team out of partners that continued to work for fiercely competing companies ► Improved client satisfaction & loyalty by halving time-to-market of training products while doubling product line every 18 months ► Turned the company into a beta site of cutting-edge technologies enabling product delivery anywhere,anyhow,anytime





Internet & Language Skills,IDF

Web-savvy, full computer literacy. Masters Google Docs,Wikis,Social Media (Twitter,LinkedIn,Quora,tumblr,SlideShrae,YouTube and others)... 

Languages: English, French, Hebrew - mother tongue

IDF military service: Paramedic 

Networking presentations

Archive: [Hebrew] article

Neighborhoodr Tel Aviv


French Section

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Keynote 14/2/13

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Trilingual (English/French/Hebrew) relationship builder,I am a freak of people and innovative technology (in that order) and bridging gaps between them.How do I contribute to a business? ► What I do for a living is identify business opportunities, often creating value in commoditized environments. Incidentally,I build relationships...or was it the other way round?

► As a heavy user of community-based websites,I have created webinars,videos,online groups,online CVs and portfolios,wikis,and tutorials. Understanding long-term social media success factors enables me to help brands -and people.

► I help businesses engage with customers online - and convert prospects into long-term loyal customers.

►The world of retail interests me, brushing up my French is fun, and firms I have contributed most to tend to be high-tech, innovative and global.

►I was lucky enough to work both in global/public companies and in start-ups across several industries ►►Result? my experience ranges from business development to account management, and from competitive intelligence to inside sales.


An in-house/long-term B2B LinkedIn/social media marketing position

  • Leveraging my on- and offline experience in international B2B marketing (online marketing,Enterprise software,web apps, retail and consumer goods).
  • Leading web-based collaboration with customers and/or partners /account management/social media marketing [LinkedIn,Quora,YouTube,Twitter, Google+,tumblr,SlideShare,Web Applications,Mobile Apps and more].
  • Planning, creating,curating and revamping a variety of online and social media tools and content.

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