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May 2016May 2016

Meta News Link Analysis

Lighthouse Labs

Single page application designed to let news readers get background info on the subject of their reading and help them tap into a unified conversation.

It takes a news article as input and gives back a single page of results that includes:
1. Relevant wiki article
2. Relevant short video clips.
3. Find tweets relevant to the event, and allow the user to participate in the conversations.

Technologies used: Node, React, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Cheerio, Twitter API, Youtube API, Wikipedia API, Jade, Bourbon, BootStrap, Sass, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, GIT

April 2016April 2016

Cats Vs Dogs - Cute Test

Lighthouse Labs

This website allows users to upload pictures of their pet to compete with other pets of the same species. At the end of the day of each day, the winners of both species will battle for cuteness.

Technologies used: Sinatra, Ajax, BootStrap, MySQLite, HTML5,  JQuery, Javascript, CSS, GIT

June 2014Sep 2014

Distributed Multi-Segment Continuum Robot using Infrared Sensor

Kings College of London

This project required the use of six infrared sensor to measure the displacement of each tendon of the robot. The robot was designed on 3D CAD Design Tool, SolidWorks, and inputted into a 3D Printer. In order to record the data from the sensors, an embedded device, Arduino Mega, was installed and programmed to convert the sensory data into logic, and projected onto the Graphical Interface built upon Matlab.

Technologies used: Matlab, Arduino, SolidWorks

Jan 2012 June 2012

Real Time Indoor Mapping using an Autonomous System

American University in Dubai

This project used a land based robot, iRobot Create, to map an unknown environment using two basic sensors: Bumper Sensor and Infrared Sensor. The readings from each sensor was read by an embedded device, Arm v7, which communicated with a Wireless module, Zigbee, to produce a 2D Graph using C#.

Technologies used: Embedded C, C#, Excel, Matlab 


Feb 2016Present

Online Coding Tutorials

Team Treehouse

Web Development, iOS Development & Python-Web Development

April 2016May 2016

Web Development Bootcamp 2016

Lighthouse Labs

Full-Time Web Development Immersive Bootcamp

Sep 2013Sep 2014

Master of Science in Robotics

King College of London

A one year multi-disciplinary programme that explores the integration of mechanical devices, sensors, electronics and intelligent computer-based controllers.

Sep 2007June 2012

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

American University in Dubai

A four year degree involving courses from two disciplinary program, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Work experience

Oct 2014Mar 2016

IT Executive

BMA International
  • IP Telephony system Administration: Create new extensions, phones and voice mail box using GUI/CLI, configure changes to the existing setup, apply templates, manage networks and troubleshoot problems.
  • Warehouse Management System: Implement and Install WMS Server and Network. Configure and Troubleshoot WMS Hardware and Software. Address design queries and mechanical difficulties with regards to the automated packaging system. Update user account profile with relation to WMS project.
  • Same Duties as IT Executive 2012-2013
Aug 2012Aug 2013

IT Executive

BMA International
  • Antivirus and Security Server Administration: Manage antivirus server solution, apply patches and updates, and configure existing system. Add new computers to the system and apply security patches according to the Job Add new records to the database security in terms of email, file sharing, and accessibility to new end-users.
  • Server & Desktop Administrator: Install and Deploy Servers. Update user account information, DHCP, Active Directory, Data Storage administration, Virtual Servers, Backup Software solution and tape library system management.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Install and Deploy CRM software to 100+ outlets. Training employees in CRM Software. Maintain, Analyze, Optimize, and Install CRM Server at outlets and headquarters.
  • Same Duties as Network Administrator from 2011-2012
June 2011June 2012

Network Administrator

BMA International
  • Network Administration: Install, configure, and maintain LAN, WAN, Intranet & Extranet. Ensure availability, security, and diagnose network connectivity and performance in regards to printer, servers, & scanners. Optimize and analyze the flow of communication by Internet.
  • General Helpdesk & Desktop Support: Provide general help-desk support to end-users. Maintain software and hardware in end-users computers such as installation of software, settings of personal computers with sub-network, printer, scanners, and shared files and folders. Upgrade RAM, HDD, and motherboard in end-user computer as per the management. Repair computers, laptops, printers and any other authorized peripheral equipmen



Git Version Control System, Microsoft Office, Matlab, AVR Studio, Sublime Text, Atom


MySql, Postgres, Sql Lite, MongoDB


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Rails, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, BootStrap


Android Studio, Xcode

Operating System

Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Windows XP/7/8/10


Node, React, Express, Mongoose, Cheerio, Angular, Redux, Django


C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Objective-C, Pyhton, Ruby, SASS , Swift, SQL


TDD/Rspec, RESTful, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha