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Work Experience

Aug 2020Feb 2022

Software Engineer

CoVar Applied Technologies
  • Contributed 13k lines of code to Strider, a graph solving agent within the NCATS Biomedical Data Translator project.
    • Profiled and optimized Strider query processing, reducing query times by up to 95x.
    • Helped with rolling out Docker containers and continuous integration for three services in the Strider architecture.
  • Contributed another 13k lines of code to QGraph, a prototype user interface for Translator.
  • Technologies/Frameworks: React, Python, FastAPI, Docker, GitHub Actions.
Nov 2019June 2020

Web Developer

Crocodile Creek
  • Designed and built a web based tool to facilitate automatic processing of non-standard order spreadsheets into the Netsuite CRM–replacing 500 hours per year of manual data entry.
    • The tool supports both automated parsing and a UI for manual corrections, and has processed over 1,000 orders in the past three years.
  • Technologies/Frameworks: Vue.js, Flask, Python, Netsuite, DigitalOcean, Redis.
June 2020Aug 2020

Web Development Internship

Research Triangle International
  • Built a web based tool for substance abuse treatment clinics to estimate their per-patient cost.
    • This site replaced a paper questionnaire, saving 16 hours of data entry and calculation for each treatment clinic.
  • Technologies/Frameworks: Vue.js, Flask, Python, AWS, Tailwind
May 2018Aug 2018

Web Development Internship

  • Built the GrepBeat directory–transforming a site prototype into a fully functional, modern, Python based web architecture running on AWS.
    • The final product included an interface for administration, automated data scraping and entry, and a responsive public site.
  • Technologies/Frameworks: AWS, Python, Flask, Jinja.
  • More information at
June 2017Aug 2017

Software Development Internship


Worked as a software developer for tech startup PeopleLove. Projects included setting up integrations with external systems such as Salesforce and Slack, deploying code to a web server, and writing a Chrome Extension. Gained experience in Continuous Integration, Flask Web Servers, ReactJS, and Go. PeopleLove develops engagement and recognition software to build culture, retain talent, and drive revenue. More information at

Dec 2016Apr 2017

Software Development Internship


Worked as an intern in software development. Responsibilities include system administration and work with SLURM, a resource management application. Mimetics works to find hidden patterns in complex time-series biological data, providing powerful analytics for a wide range of companies and industries. Developed by Duke researchers, Mimetics’ computational platform enables increased reproducibility, efficiency, and predictability of biological processes. More information at

July 2015

Data Analysis Internship

Egencia: An Expedia Company

Analyzed multiple prospective algorithms for search and decided which would be the most cost effective using data visualization tools. Project involved using programs such as Hadoop, Tableau, Excel, and HiveQL. More information at


Aug 2017May 2022

Computer Science & English

North Carolina State University

Currently enrolled at NC State University with majors in Computer Science and English with a Rhetoric Concentration. Also part of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program for dual degree students.

GPA: 3.87

Aug 2013Jun 2017

Riverside High School

Participated in Project Lead The Way Engineering Program. This program is a nationwide effort to introduce a revolutionary new curriculum for engineers in high school. 

Inducted into National Tech Honor Society (2015) and National Honor Society (2016).

GPA: 5.333 Weighted, 3.95 Unweighted



Proficiency in a wide variety of applications for the Python programming language. Over 1000 paid hours spent developing Flask web applications. In addition to web development, experience in machine learning with Keras, website parsing with BeautifulSoup, and speech analysis.

Frontend Web Development

Proficient at developing single page web applications with React and Vue.js. Experience using modern Javascript features together with design frameworks such as Bulma and Tailwind CSS.


Experience with Docker containers to deploy, test, and manage web applications. Proficient at using docker-compose to deploy and test. Also experienced with setting up CI/CD pipelines using containers.


Experience with general programming, as well as extensive experience with OpenCV vision processing libraries used in robotics applications. This includes an understanding of the CMake build system, Git, and unit testing.


Self studied the Go programming language for use in personal projects. Experience setting up the Gorilla web toolkit for REST APIs and using language concurrency features for highly efficient applications.

Machine Learning

Self studied machine learning with a focus on Natural Language Processing. Completed Andrew Ng's ML Course online. Started practicing by participating in ML competitions through Kaggle. Submission was in the leaderboard for a NLP competition. Source code for that submission can be found here.

Microsoft Excel

Experience with data manipulation in Microsoft Excel, including advanced features such as macros, data validation, and analytics. Helped companies set up automation workflows and data analytics to help increase efficiency of their business.


Mentor for FRC Robotics (August 2017 - August 2019)

  • Volunteered as a mentor for a high school robotics team for two years
  • Mentoring is a teaching role. Robotics mentors work to share their experience and guide students to success
  • Mentors attend meetings every week and work one on one with students to teach them the skills they need to be on a robotics team
  • Logged over 120 volunteer hours during the 2018-2019 school year

FRC Robotics Student (June 2013 - June 2017)

  • Member of Team 900 Robotics at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
    • Lead Programmer, August 2014 - September 2015
    • Project Manager, September 2015 - May 2017
  • Team participated in 2014 FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Received award for creativity in robot design.
  • Placed 12th out of 2,900 teams at 2015 World Championships
  • FIRST Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, teams of 25 students or more are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors.


    Co-authored three papers in high school relating to vision processing on a robotics team. Zebravision 3.0 focuses on using OpenCV and Cascade Classification to perform real time object detection on an FRC Robot. Zebravision 3.5 focuses on integrating the StereoLabs ZED, a stereoscopic camera into the robot's vision system. Zebravision 4.0 focuses on getting persistent useful information across frames using a specialized 3D tracking system. Click icons below for the original papers.