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Work History Professional & Volunteer

Apr 2015Present

Engineer of Renewable Energy Department

PHU OPTIMA Paweł Wyszyński

I’m a part of a leading team for the local inspections before mounting solar thermal / PV systems. Monitoring and learning about Mounting PV systems. Prepare documentation of installations and analysis. As well as took a role of an international representative & relations. Focused on the company growth. Moreover, as a side achievement was changing the webpage Graphical UI into intuitive based, with cooperation with a graphical designer.

Jun 2013Sep 2013



PGK is a water utility processing, distribution, wholesale and retail company that serves regions in central and southern Poland. I was an engineering intern in the water treatment department. My tasks included collecting and reporting readings of various parameters and working with my superiors on ensuring stable, efficient and uninterrupted water treatment process.

Mar 2014Dec 2014


AIESEC Białystok

I was responsible for most aspects of public relations for almost a year, including sourcing and closing deals with various partner organizations. I served as an advocate for AIESEC’s mission and objectives externally, and coordinated members of various internal teams. Played a key role in the success of the highly visible AIESEC Global Talents 2014 project.

Jan 2013Dec 2014


Częstochowa University of Technology

I lead the efforts that lead to founding a local branch of ESN at my university and including it in the European students exchange community. I have recruited, managed and grew a great team of talented individuals. I oversaw and coordinated various outreach events, partnered with external organizations and closed funding deals that lead to establishing numerous student support programs, such as language and communication courses, cultural tourism travels.


Oct 2011Feb 2015

Environmental Engineering, speciality Intelligent Energy

Czestochowa University of Technology

Czestochowa, Slaskie, Poland

Graduated with an overall GPA 4.5/5, with tons of good memories and earned skills throughout of my studies.

Apart from that I took a part in Erasmus program, which was a life changing experience. Spent half a year in Hungary.


POLISH - Native

ARABIC - Native 

ENGLISH - Advanced proficiency C1, with toefl and ielts.

SPANISH - Learning basics, A1.

FRENCH -  Used to learn at school, and planning to perfect it. Level A1/A2.

My life ...

I'm an easy going, enthusiastic, happy, with a good sense of humor person. I love people, going out meeting strangers, laughing about anything. Enjoy every second of my life with a welcoming smile. :-)

I love sports, bikes is my hobby and passion from my earliest ages, running, diving, all kinds of extreme sports (yes you can say I'm addicted to adrenaline) and of course football as every other man. 

Additionally, once I tried the taste of travelling, meeting people from different background, no matter what is it, religious, cultural, etc... I just simply couldn't stop broaden my horizons. So far I'm 22 years old and I have visited 13 countries around the world, mainly Europe and Asia. Not going to stop until i scratch it all from my scratch map!

I do enjoy spending some days reading, exploring the creativity Island down within me, I do love psychology and learning about people. 

Playing my guitar whenever I have the chance to, involving singing along with the play, which makes me sometimes feel sorry for my neighbors.

My philosophy

I learn from the wise, reading biographies and taking a lesson from everything I do or learn. Two great and wise people (My Parents, yes I did capitalize to show the respect I have towards them, for the values and all the lessons they have taught me) once taught me, always follow the path of a small child. Meaning by which whenever you fall down, never stop going ahead, after any failure in my life. Just learn the lesson that has to be learnt and proceed. 

Another important thing in my life, which I consider as a great step out of the crowd, is that I always try to be the better version of myself. Always pushing forward. I have never enough of knowledge, never enough certificates, or life lessons. There is so much yet to be learnt, the world might be big, but the lessons that I can learn are Huge.