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With more than 35 years of experience, information technology professional Amita Vadlamudi operated as a Computer Systems Engineer for a major financial services company. In this role, she maintained responsibility for many tasks while supporting mainframe and distributed systems products, including Unix systems that ran Solaris and AIX OS. Amita Vadlamudi also installed and maintained peripheral products and drivers, including Java, Perl, CST, Veritas Cluster Software, and Teamquest. Additionally, she took responsibility for coding and maintaining PL/1 programs and other programs in the Assembler language. Furthermore, Vadlamudi has experience in installing and maintaining a number of operating systems.

Prior to finding employment as a Computer Systems Engineer, Amita Vadlamudi attended St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She continued to expand her knowledge by taking semester-length classes at a community college, where she learned more about JavaScript, Visual Basic, HTML, Perl, and Java. To continue improving her communications skills, Amita Vadlamudi also took speech and presentation courses, in addition to her membership with Toastmasters International, a nonprofit dedicated to helping members improve public speaking and leadership skills.

In her free time, Amita Vadlamudi enjoys a variety of hobbies and charitable pursuits. She volunteered for many years, serving as a grocery shopper for community members with limited mobility. She also regularly contributes to public television and public radio, as well as the American Red Cross and UNICEF. Amita Vadlamudi also enjoys reading, with a preference for nonfiction in the history category. When the weather is nice, she prefers to spend her time hiking and picnicking.

Work experience

Computer Systems Engineer

Major Financial Services Company

Amita Vadlamudi


St. Peter’s College

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