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Strategic leader with proven track record of increasing revenue for companies through financial analysis, sales, and customer service. Talented with excellent communication skills which aid in developing team members, delegating responsibilities and following up on tasks. Motivated to bolster knowledge of financial management through intensive study and training. 

Work experience



Traditional Karate America

Promoted to position to manage both instructors and office administrators to ensure growth in both karate and kickboxing programs. In charge of financial analysis to keep track of tuition financed outside of the school, "in house" revenue, and past due payments. Duties also lie in sales- gaining students, renewing members to longer programs, and building relationships with customers to decrease amount of cancellations. Maintained effective communication between instructors and office administration through meetings, email, and presentations.


  • Increased retention by 33% in 2014 by creating a renewal system that reduced the length of the advanced program contract, and didn't require a registration fee. 
  • Decreased amount of cancellations by 18% in 2015 by improving relationships with customers through bi-weekly progress and growth chats, "TLC" calls, private lessons, creating new lesson plans tailored towards students' needs. 
  • Increased new members gained (extensions) by 24% in 2015 by balancing marketing pillars(social media, rack cards, email), and creating more incentive for first day enrollment. 


Head Instructor

Traditional Karate America

Promoted to position to direct course of Kickboxing and Karate programs. Responsible for creating curriculum for both programs, and training assistant instructors how to teach it effectively. In charge of testing karate students for rank, and directing the Graduation in which they'd receive their next belt. Directed themed parties  (Birthdays, Holiday Parties, etc) to increase retention. Duties in sales include giving prospects personal analysis, tour of the facility, one on one lesson, and "soft" sale of the program. Responsible for maintaining all social media platforms- posting videos and pictures, following up with inquiries through calls and email. 


  • Increased overall quality of karate program by making an organized and detailed curriculum based on the needs of the student.
  • Increased student satisfaction by decreasing the amount of time younger students were required to be in Dragon BBC (3-6 year old Advanced Class), and transferring them to over to the Junior BBC program (7-12 year old Advanced Class).
  • Made classes more time effective by starting them five minutes early, giving instructors more than enough time to award students with stripes and patches for merit.


Assistant Instructor

Traditional Karate America

Started at this position to learn how to teach classes of all ages, both karate and kickboxing. Learned how to speak and demonstrate in front of large groups and how to gear classes towards kinesthetic, visual, and audio learners. Learned how to interact with members, understand their needs,  and provide them with top of line service. Responsible for cleanliness and organization of the school, inventory, and "TLC" calls.



Bachelor of Arts- English

Binghamton University

Developed creativity in communication skills, verbal and written. Learned how to convey ideas a multitude of different ways in writing, and strengthened public speaking skills through detailed presentations. Upgraded multitasking skills by handling multiple courses at once, setting and meeting deadlines.


Regents Diploma

Plainedge High School

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