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Andrew Stephens, MBA

Digital Marketing Innovator


Results-producing, digital marketer with 15+ years of experience creating scalable go-to-market digital marketing approaches.. Andy has a natural gift for taking complex and political projects, surfacing the key success markers, determining a path forward, and building an alliance of key opinion leaders from within the organization to surface novel solutions that fall within applicable regulatory, legal, and privacy guardrails. As an early adopter of and advocate for the use of social media channels for professional purposes, Andy has led strategy, produced content, created platform launch approachs and/or process improvement opportunities in the digital marketing space for his employers since 2012. His first social media campaign experience was in 2010 as social-media coordinator for a U.S. House Candidate.

Core Competencies

Strategic Thinker


Industrious & Determined

Analytical Problem Solver

Innovative Process Engineer

Ability to  assimilate loosely related
ideas into novel solutions

Selected Highlights

  • Unafraid to leverage new digital marketing products, techniques and opportunities to gain market advantage and lead efforts to scale for broad use including growing a Pharma company's product branded social media portfolio from a single account on a single platform to move than 15 accounts across four platforms.
  • Works well with internal approval processes to create new and refine existing processes and procedures.
  • Lilly's first Social Media SME Content "O" Reviewer to ensure proposed tactics are appropriate and meet internal quality guidelines for use.
  • Works across many complex silos to gain alignment in order to implement novel approaches to marketing.
  • Managed a first in class HCP targeted corporate branded LinkedIn page.
  • Led collaborative effort to bring first-in-class claim-based pharmaceutical advertising to Instagram.
  • Developed a process and plan to leverage social media channels for use communicating with US health care providers.
  • In Previous Roles: led a team to analyze, develop, and execute a best-in-class operational approach for daily "free" meal service to over 100 inner city locations. In 2015, this free meal service provided 500,000 meals to youth, a organizational record. 
  • First employee of the City of Indianapolis to complete the internal Six-Sigma Black Belt training.
  • Overall: Strategic thinker able to turn ideas into policies that result in significant savings for corporations.
  • Experienced at analyzing existing systems and implementing notable enhancements.
  • Ability to collaborate with all levels of an organization to drive objective.



Master of Business Administration

University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Graduate Certificates: Technology Management, Marketing


Bachelor of Liberal Studies

University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis

Work experience


Consultant - Social Media Capabilities

Lilly USA, LLC
  • Partnered to develop Lilly's on-social platform lead generation API and process.
  • Scaled the Social Media Capability from a single brand to many. Implanted social as a key part of a successful brand launch.
  • Created and facilitated approval for detailed instructions for use of social media platforms for pharmaceutical use - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Created approach to pharmaceutical product branded Instagram that was highlighted by Gartner as first and best in class.
  • Prepared a campaign launch strategy for product branded YouTube including creation of Instructions for Use and change management templates.
  • Owned the conversion of a website between CMS including a review of need and eventual deprecation.
  • Functions as a technical reviewer in the MLR+O Review Process as the social media SME.

Digital Capabilities Consultant - Consumer Media

Eli Lilly and Company, Lilly USA
  • Co-Authored internal white paper on using social media to reach health care providers.
  • Created a guideline that outlines the overall approach that the Consumer Social Media Team used to leverage social media.
  • Owned and managed content on a website for the purpose of ensuring fair-balance on social media tactics.
  • Worked with associates to launch pharmaceutical product branded social platforms.
  • Recognized by Facebook for speed and quality of a branded pharmaceutical page post PUDFA.
  • Created a process to on-board agencies onto our internal social media strategy process.

Associate Brand Manager - Digital Marketing

Eli Lilly and Company, Oncology Business Unit
  • Created non-product branded HCP targeted social media content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for a number of global congresses / conferences.
  • Worked to create company's first "Twitter Ads Without Profiles" campaign.
  • Partnered with Lilly Medical to create a campaign focused on informing HCPs of ways they can contact Lilly for information on our products.

Senior Manager of Marketing

City of Indianapolis
  • Developed and launched a social media plan which was recognized by a prominent recreation consulting firm as best in class.
  • Served on product specifications and launch team for new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Responsible for grass roots marketing implementation through the indirect supervision and management of 200+ employees in a very busy, fast paced setting.
  • Drafted media releases, as well as develop content and publish e-newsletters using Delivra, a HTML email marketing tool.
  • Provided executive staff talking points and back information for media interviews to ensure the most appropriate and ethical message is conveyed.

Program and Operations Analyst

City of Indianapolis
  • Presented quarterly reports to the City’s Executive Board including Mayor, Chief of Staff, Deputy, other department directors.
  • Spearheaded and implemented the sale of Indy Parks Fun (Gift) Cards as promotional items.
  • Served as consultant in what was described as the “most aggressive” re-organization of the department from a task-based hierarchy to a hybrid matrix of task and geographic region.
  • Reduced personnel budget by 10% and refocused staff toward key functions in “right-sizing” effort.