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November 2019November 2019

Prince2 Foundation

The Knowledge Academy

Prince2 Foundation 2017

October 2019October 2019

Fire Extinguisher / Fire Warden

Fire Safety Australia

Statement of Attainment: PUAWER005B & PUAWER008B

June 2018June 2018

Training and Assessment

Box Hill Institute

Certificate IV - Training and Assessment - TAE40116

February 2017May 2017

Training and Assessment

Box Hill Institute

Certificate IV - Training and Assessment - TAE40110

January 2005December 2005



Diploma - Information Technology (Internetworking) - ICA50701

January 2003December 2004

Information Technology


Diploma - Information Technology - ICA50111

About me

Hi, I'm Andrew.

I was born in the 80s, a child of the 90s and a teenager of the naughties. Pop star posters, tape cassette (and CD) Walkman's and sneaking out after dark.

Accomplished ballroom dancer and continuing guitar hero* instrumentalist since 2011. I have an opening for a drummer. Everybody sings, and the only requirement is enthusiasm. 

I enjoy meditation and being in the company of one. I read as many books as I can. I take small parts from each one and share them with you.

I have two dogs that are total opposites of each other. Boy/girl, black/white, small/big. You get the picture. The only thing they have in common is their mutt ancestry. One of them doesn't know they're a dog.

I started my career in IT, but I'm no longer a technician. Sorry, I don't fix computers anymore, but I have plenty of 'back in my day' stories and how-to's. It's time to start sharing them. 

As a teacher, I love the lightbulb moment. If it could put food on the table, I'd share everything I could offer for free.

I get invested in long movies that take hold of my emotions. Isn't that what life is, after all? Don't be surprised if I recommend you watch a film or a TV episode for homework. 

Strive satisfied that you did your best, even if it wasn't as good as the previous day. Pay every good deed forward. No matter how small (or the cost).

Text section

*We have all the guitar hero games on Xbox 360, four guitars, a drum kit and a microphone. Everybody sings so that no one knows who can't. There's always room for backup singers/standby guitarists and drummers. Somebody needs to fetch the beer, as not all guitar heroes wear capes.