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TOP Skills


Demonstrates strong cross-functional leadership skills, analytical expertise, and dedication to detail with the ability to plan and deliver from both strategic and operational perspectives. Develops Lean teams that continuously improve with creativity, ingenuity, and autonomy. Provides impactful, factual, persuasive, and innovative insights to influence and guide development teams and a product to success. 


Confidently efficacious and collaborative across functional teams, C-Level execs, industry SMEs, and end-users. Leads product development interaction with all levels of stakeholder.  Listens to what the market wants and needs. Easily distills technical complexity and product requirements into actionable development. Interacts with all leadership, colleagues, end-users, and contractors to foster a culture of dialogue-driven results - whether in-person or remote.  


Proven ability to deliver exceptional results, from concept generation to production, in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment. Maintains an even keel, a sense of humour, and a strong focus on internal and external service excellence. Unwaveringly dedicated to GETTING SH*T DONE. 

Technical Prowess

Maintains strong technical skillset with the natural ability to leverage technology to improve business processes and glean product insight. Deep experience with custom SaaS/WebApp/Mobile App design, development, testing, interfacing, and implementation. Dynamic experience with data visualization, technology training, and change management. Systems administration, configuration, and modification of both public and proprietary software solutions. Proficient with a vast array of hardware, software, and technology tools, spanning Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe products; GSuite; CMS tools such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!; PM/SDLC tools such as Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence, GitLab, Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Balsamiq, InVision; and analytics with Qualtrics, Tableau, and Info.gram. Will quickly grasp both front and back end workings of novel tools and systems. Extensive knowledge of inter/intranet usage and research with basic HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL coding and query ability.

Recent Experience

Principal Engineer - Project Management and resourcing


Confidently leads multiple, simultaneous remote product development teams to success for both New Product and Sustainment projects across the 8 diverse brands of a consumer electronics technology and manufacturing company. Effectively oversees Mechanical, Firmware, Hardware, Software, Manufacturing, and Marketing development from Concept Generation to Production Release. Consistently keeps C-Suite, Directors, and all employees informed of project status and KPIs. Creatively drives continuous improvement processes across all functional teams to bolster productivity and collaboration. Diligently reinforces Project Management, Agile, and Lean best practices for development. Constantly explores with end-users, beta testers, market experts, and industry leaders to glean new product ideas, feature enhancements, and novel applications for existing product. Stylishly wears whatever hat it takes to get something done - whether that means writing functional specifications, designing app UI/UX, negotiating with a component vendor, approving a packaging proof, texting info to a beta tester, or manning an expo booth.


  • Led all new product development projects in last 4 years, resulting in total sales of 7.3 million US dollars, besting new product total sales of the last 5 years
  • Reduced project delays by an average of 18 days by introducing Agile, Scrum, and empowered team methodologies
  • Championed seamless remote change management and on-boarding of 3 acquisitioned teams
  • Actively managing our amazing R&D teams to prevent product stock-outs and sustain entire product lines with whatever microprocessor we can get our hands on (e.g. BGA mods, wafer-scale development, entire family re-works)

PrOJECT Manager - Software Development

OCT 2017Jul 2018

Expertly managed multiple, simultaneous, complex projects while leveraging Agile/Scrum methodologies to develop custom software applications for Fortune 500 and emerging boutique life science specialists. Effectively consulted clients in technology best practice; fostering lasting relationships while ensuring exemplary client service from proposal to post-go-live sustainment; helping them bolster program effectiveness and end-user engagement. Successfully developed proposals, budgets, timelines, and phase-gates while consistently executing projects on time and under budget. Efficiently performed as project, technology, and applications specialist, consistently producing quality deliverables spanning from technical specifications and business requirements, to use case flows and system administration protocols, to QA tests and custom training content. Diligently enhanced department and organization reputation as product ambassador by accepting accountability, delivering exceptional quality in assigned projects, and providing outstanding client service. 


  • Exemplary project execution, exceeding target margins by a median 23% across all projects
  • Customized JIRA SDLC processes to reduce development team documentation by an average 2 hours per person per project
  • Developed a streamlined Confluence/Custom Module specification template resulting in a 60% reduction in time spent writing specs
  • Excellent client relationship development, with leaders from GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, ViiV Healthcare, and Daiichi Sankyo directly requesting my project leadership

IT MANAGER - Applications and information systems

university of pennsylvania
OCT 2016OCT 2017

Earnestly directed systems design and application administration, configuration, protocols, reports development, and business process improvement while thoroughly supporting interface systems integration and implementation. Carefully oversaw Agile technology project implementations, integrations, and provided hands-on multi-tier oversight as Systems specialist. Proficiently liaised between administrative leadership, vendor leadership, development leads, project team members, and subject matter experts to ensure quality end-user experience, adherence to timeline and budget, and community readiness. Remotely managed international partner development process. Accurately provided executive leadership with project updates and data insights by leading Change Committee, Project Sponsor, and Dean’s Council meetings. Congenially fostered both direct and indirect report employee productivity through effective communication, training, expert knowledge, and help ticket management. 


  • Implemented a hospital-wide platform change from paper records to a fully online EMR/CRM and Academic Grants Management system that was developed from the ground-up in partnership with an international technology development team
  • Trained over 400 students, faculty and staff how to follow best practices and properly utilise the EMR/CRM platform as the sole technology training development and delivery resource

Associate Project Manager / Business SYSTEMS aNALYST

University of Pennsylvania
oct 2013OCT 2016

Expertly provided PMAP and Agile project management, technical, and operational knowledge to identify, define, and document business requirements, training needs, operational procedures, and UX / wireframing design for an EMR/ERP application interfacing with LIMS, RIS, and research apps. Sharply identified opportunities for improving business processes through technology and developed training media, SOP, and operational change documentation in accordance with accreditation and best practices. Creatively designed and developed both online and instructor-led application training, managed all authoring on learning systems, and led comprehensive in-person training sessions for all levels of stakeholder. Diligently maintained issue and bug documentation and fix verification in both internal and vendor supplied systems. Warmly liaised between vendor development leads, project team members, and subject matter experts to ensure quality software and training design.


M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Pennsylvania

Coursework includes:  Neurobiology of Learning, Brain and Behavior, Judgement and Decision,  Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroscience and Society, Critical and Research Writing, 2016 Ezra Pound Prize Winner in Literary Translation

A.Sc. Business Management

Delaware County College

With Honours. Coursework includes:  Principles of Marketing,  Digital Marketing, Training and Development, Principles of Management, Legal Environment of Business, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, Macro and Micro Econ

Project Management at Penn

University of Pennsylvania

PMAP methodology certification encourages complete definition and planning, provides channels of communication to all involved parties, and builds stakeholder partnership 

B.Sc. Biology

University of maryland

Bellevance Honors Student - pre-med concentration