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Work experience

Aug 2010Present


Mas Knowmadica Consulting

I founded my own consulting group specializing in the following:

    * CommUnity Organizing     * Grassroots/ Grasstops Educational Advocacy and Outreach coordination     * Political Campaign Strategy     * Congressional Educational Outreach     * Public Relations     * Governmental Affairs      * Coalition Building     * Social Media Campaigns/ New Communication Strategies/ Blogging     * Event Planning

Jan 2011May 2012

Communications & Special Projects Director

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes.


  • Drafted Press Releases and website announcements 
  • Drafted, designed, and emailed via Constant Contact the organizational quarterly e-newsletter, MEDICC Connects 
  • Coordinated internal staff communications on projects, such as website content updates and drafting/designing promotional materials, including MEDICC main brochure, conference banners, and specialized pieces for programs and events
  • Promoted MEDICC programs on social and traditional media outlets
  • Helped establish strategic relationships for the organization
  • Led planning, attendance, set up, and in some cases drafted/submitted abstracts for key medical/public health conferences 
  • Organized two local events for generating local donations, cultivation of the local donor bases, and to highlight MEDICC's work and programs
  • Managed MEDICC's social media outreach 
Aug 2010Dec 2010


Progreso Weekly

Progreso Weekly/ Progreso Semanal is a weekly, bilingual Internet Magazine. We peaked over 4 million readers in July alone. We bring a perspective of the world from a different angle, a progressive one. Our columnists are based in Miami, Cuba, and Washington D.C. I have a featured blog at Progreso Weekly, entitled Angelica's Eyes on Washington, which covers a number of issues from my perspective working in and understanding Washington. 

Nov 2008May 2010

Cuba Policy Outreach Coordinator

Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA)

WOLA is a nonprofit policy, research and advocacy organization working to advance democracy, human rights and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. WOLA's Cuba program supports a policy of engagement and diplomacy between the US and Cuba with the aim of normalized relations. For more on WOLA's Cuba program, visit


*Contracted Consultant*

  • As the grassroots/grasstops organizer I am responsible for building a national network of constituents from diverse backgrounds including those from academic, religious, Cuban-American communities, as well as agricultural, travel and business oriented industries, who support a change in U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba.
  • Expand an existing network of grassroots supporters of engagement between the U.S. and Cuba.
  • Mobilize both grasstops and grassroots supporters to engage in educational advocacy campaigns oriented towards both state-level officials and members of the U.S. Congress.
  • Provide information on how to organize and mobilize constituents nationally to set up in- district Congressional meetings and reach out to their respective members of Congress
  • Coordinated National CubaGO Call-in to Congress day by organizing over 40 national "call-in activities" generating hundreds of calls to Congress across the country, (September 30th 2009).
  • Led grasstops delegations in Congressional meetings on the Hill to discuss US-Cuba policy, including scheduling meetings and preparing briefing material tailored to constituents and targeted congressional district 
Jun 2007Aug 2007

Research Consultant



  • Researched micro-finance pathways, community-housing development projects that can be financed through remittances via informal and formal channels of sending, and how localized banking could support such micro-finance management for Senegalese immigrants in Europe and the United States. 
  • I also investigated comparative models such as Hometown Associations in Central America and Mexico, as examples for sustain community development. 

San Francisco, Bay Area Field Organizer for Latino Communities voter projects

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, (SVREP)

SVREP's mission is to empower members of the Latino community, as well as other peoples of color, by increasing their participation in the American democratic process through programs that train, organize, finance, develop, expand and mobilize Latino community members/leaders.



  • Coordinated over ten local community-based and led projects to register and mobilize new voters in Latino Communities.  Each local organization included the participants of local elected officials, community business owners, youth, educators, and other community activists/organizers.  In the city of Berkeley alone we registered over 1000 new voters and a series of GOTV (Get out the vote) services for those communities.  
  • Facilitated two-day Latino Academy training for Latino SVREP leaders from across country.

National Youth and People of Color Outreach Coordinator

Dennis Kucinich Presidential Campaign


  • Worked with a campaign team and traveled nationwide to organize educational speak-ins, registering voters, mobilize supporters, and educate the public about Kucinich's presidential platform.
  • General outreach coordination
  • Conducted briefing and coordinated candidate's scheduling.  
  • Coordinated the vision/production of a Kucinich campaign commercial that was aired on CNN during the 2004 Rock the Vote Presidential Debates in Boston.

Co-coordinator for the Ad Hoc Coalition of Travel Professionals and Clients for Freedom to Travel to Cuba (CTPC)

Fund for Reconciliation and Development


Worked to educate and mobilize the travel industry to be more involved in influencing members of Congress in order to lift the travel ban on Cuba. Website:


Aug 2004May 2006

B.A. Ethnic Studies

University of California, Berkeley

Language Skills: 

  • English Writing Skill Workshop, UC Berkeley Extension (March-May 2012)
  • 2-Months of Privately Instructed Tutoring in French Language, Dakar, Senegal (2007)
  • Semester abroad of an Intensive Language, History, and International Relations Program, La Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, (Aug.-Dec.,2005)
  • Summer abroad of Intensive Spanish course, La Universidad de La Habana, Cuba, (2001)
  • Generally a fast-learner of languages.  Acquired basic skills in Kiswahili, Wolof, Amarharic, and Arabic while traveling.


Multimedia/ Technology Skills
Computer literate: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Savvy and well-networked on online organizing (i.e. Sales force and Democracy in Action) and promoting, and public relations through social media mediums (1998-Present) Familiar with research databases. Well-networked with multi-media creators and have also assisted in developing video presentations, PSAs, audio pieces, and a documentary basics, (1999-Present) Video Blogger  
Communication Skills
      *  Organized a media outreach trip to New York City for Congressman Sam Farr (CA), who is the Chair of the Travel and Tourism Congressional Caucus, along with several leaders of Travel Industry, and the Program Director of Washington Office on Latin America.  I coordinated outreach to the participants, helped set up the press appointments, produced the press kits, pre-briefed the Congressman, and attended each appointment.  I also helped with the advance work for the Congressman.  Press coverage related to our September 21st  outreach coordination includes:  (hyperlinked below) ·        Travel Weekly: Trade group presidents denied Cuba entry, September 21, 2009 ·      Bloomberg News: Overturning Cuba Travel Ban May Pass House This Year, Farr Says, September 21, 2009 ·        Travel Agent Central: Congressman Voices Support for Lifting Cuba Travel Ban, September 23, 2009 ·        New York Times’  Travel In Transit: Congressional Bill to Lift Cuban Travel Ban Makes Progress, September 23, 2009 ·        Periodico 26.Cu/ Local Newspaper of Las Tunas, Cuba:  Legislation to End Travel Ban on Cuba May Pass U.S. House of Representatives, September 23, 2009 ·        El Diario NY:  End the Travel Ban to Cuba- Opinion Piece, September 24, 2009 ·        Travel Video News: NTA Press Release, September 24, 2009    ·        Performance Media Group/ Travel Pulse: Top Travel News, Travel Industry Leaders Push to Open Cuba to U.S. Visitors-NTA Press Release, September 25, 2009            *  Participate as a freelance journalist in several radio interviews in efforts to educate the U.S. public  on different historical events, and political and economic issues, including as a volunteer international co-correspondent for KPFA- Hard Knock Radio, assisting in conducting interviews in diverse journalistic environments varying from the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, Hip-Hop artists in Niger, Presidential candidates on “Radio Row”  during the New Hampshire primary election, and most recently coverage of President Obama's election day in Chicago and Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing. (all data links available). Selected listed below: ·        Interviewed by MIT Campus radio covering activities organized around National CubaGO Day and discussion on U.S.- Cuba policy and relations:  ·        Interviewed by Gregg Bridges of Hard Knock Radio, KPFA Pacifica Radio with coverage the election day of Barack Obama from Chicago:     *  Selected speaker on several panels to discuss to youth political activism and through life-experience I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate to diverse individuals/groups, from Congressional Hill meetings to “inner-city” youth, (1998-Present)     *  Youngest participant of a documentary team that researched and produced footage on the impact the U.S. embargo on Cuba has had on common a Cuban person, which was later presented to at the California Democratic Convention in 2000. This contributed to the CA state party passing a resolution into the California State Democratic Party Platform to end the travel and trade restriction on Cuba.     *  Developed Media/press relations and outreach tools within local, national, and international networks.  
Demonstration of Interpersonal Skills
Developed an extensive network ranging from D.C.-based policy think-tanks, Congressional offices, Embassies, to cultural activists/ and organizers in nationally and internationally (esp. throughout Latin American and in various countries in East and West Africa). I have engaged with my networks to further mobilize the public on numerous social and climate justice issues locally and internationally, (2003-Present) Currently, preparing messaging, organizing outreach coordination for the lead up and on the ground,Alternative Global Forum on Life, Social and Environmental Justice(the civil society gathering outside) the COP16 in Cancun from Nov. 29- Dec.10, 2010. I will participate in Cancun as a delegate on behalf of the Rural Coalitionand the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association, and traveling with La Via Campesinain caravans through environmentally fragile and impacted communities throughout Mexico prior to our arrival to COP16. I will be documenting (video blogging) the journey, case studies, and COP16 negotiations and outcomes forProgreso Weekly. In April 2010, I co-coordinated theEco-Hermanas/osdelegation (14 diverse members throughout the U.S.) to participate in the World People's Conference on Climate Change and right's of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We were of 34,000 participants from around the world that contributed to the drafting of thePeople's Accord on Climate Change and rights of Mother Earth. From October 2006- December 2007, solo, travel-journey through 15 countries in East and West Africa, where I daily interacted with the local people, cultures, languages, and humbly accepted numerous invites in local home stays in each country, where I encountered endless cultural exchanges and life-lessons. Developed extensive partners in the region (Oct. 2006-Dec. 2007) Interned for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, in her district office, where I worked directly with constitutes concerns, letter/speech drafting for staffers, and focused on immigration policy, while assisting in caseloads under the mentoring staffer, (2006) Interned for Global Exchange, a global Justice not-for-profit where I worked in the Cuba Program collecting and studying US/Cuba legislation and also co-coordinated with mentor the Cuba Reality Tour to send its GX members to Cuba under specific licensing regulations, (2004) Volunteered with the Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, "La Familia," a program that facilitates the donation and delivery of humanitarian aide to Cuba's disabled population, in which I visited several hospitals, cultural activities, and community programs designed for the disabled population in Cuba, (2004) Interned for the Ritter House, an organization that facilitates the needs of the low-income and homeless individuals and families. I assisted in the day-service center by working one-on-one in each case to help serve their needs urgently and compassionately, (2000)
Leadership Skills
Presently starting my 2-year training with La Trenza Leadership, a journey to realize the collective wisdom of power sharing, through tools that organize and cultivate an intergenerational network of transformative leaders to positively impact self, families, communities, the workforce, and the environment. Research trip to Cuba, where I conducted interviews with Cuban-based and led civil society organizations, (July-August 2009) Volunteered in the Barack Obama Presidential campaign canvassing, GOTV, and phone banking in Northern California and Central Florida, (November 2008) Attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi, Kenya, where I participated in international discourse on global issues as a representative of the U.S., (January 2007) Participated in the "African Development Forum: Youth and Leadership in the 21st Century" in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, (October 2006) Mentored community college student, who want to transfer to UC Berkeley, through the Starting Point Mentoring Program, (2005-2006) Awarded the UC Berkeley Alumni Leadership Scholarship, (2004-2006) Set up grassroots community-led voter registration projects in Latino communities throughout the Bay Area, (2004) Mobilized and organized young supporters nationally to participate in a Presidential campaign and electoral politics, (2003- 2004) Member of the College of Marin- Latino Student Association, where I helped to organize on campus educational events and address the needs of Latino students (2000-2002)


OBJECTIVE:  To exemplify my passion and commitment to progressive praxis in  human rights, mother earth rights, social and economic justice & development, and civil liberties.

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