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Anthony V. LaMonica

    Petty Officer 3rd Class United States Coast Guard


    Dedicated and optimistic Coast Guardsman motivated to serve. Reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, eager to learn, is open to opportunity and growth has a proven ability to overcome obstacles. Seeking a position with a company that fosters growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

    Work Experience

    October 2023Current

    VSC Fire & Security

    Sprinkler Helper
    • Assisted in the routine maintenance and inspection of fire sprinkler systems to ensure operational readiness.
    • Participated in the troubleshooting of systems, identifying issues and assisting in the implementation of solutions.
    • Assisted foreman in the repair and replacement of defective sprinkler components.
    • Conducted 5 year inspections with foreman  to make sure of system functionality.
    • Maintained tool organization and operated trucks for material transportation.
    • Developed technical knowledge of various sprinkler systems through hands-on experience and continuous learning.
    • Operated boom lifts to reach high areas in warehouses for repairs.
    October 2019Current

    United States Coast Guard

    Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class

       First unit in Boston on the Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba:

    • While at my first unit I assisted with painting projects, nonskid projects, helo operations, dry stores, mess cooking, helm & lookout, import security, SAR, and helped new non-rates get qualified.
    • Patrolled the Caribbean, South America on the Eastern and Western Coasts.
    • Had part in many deck evolutions launching the OTH and the CBL small boats.
    • Also participated in many drills including the Tailored Ship Training Assessment (TSTA).
    • Had part in many drug busts storing millions of dollars of cocaine, marijuana, and heroin on the ship.
    • Maned many billets and rotated billets overtime such as, Lee Helm, Master Helm, lookout, fire team, aft steering, line handler, Ensign, Jack, etc…
    • Maintained Pistol and Rifle qualifications. 
    • Helped Gunner’s Mates clean the MK 75 (76mm cannon) and the ship’s .50 Caliber Machine Guns.
    • Assisted with sinking a “go fast” boat outside of Costa Rica with the .50 caliber machine gun.
    • Helped bring drug runners on board the fantail and communicated with them in Spanish keeping them calm.

       Attended Boatswain’s Mate A school and graduated in July of 2021 reporting to my second unit:

    • Reported to my second unit as a BM3 at Coast Guard Station Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
    • Assisted with many 45 RBM overhauls by sanding, painting, fixing tares in bumper and installation of USCG stickers.
    • Conducted deck maintenance on the 29’ RBS and 45’ RBM boats to maintain mission readiness.
    • Received communications watch qualification, CPR certification, and Boat Crew qualification.
    • Assisted newly reported shipmates and cadets from the academy in getting qualified as Communications Watchstander, Boarding Team Member and Boat Crew member.
    • Go out with crew on many SAR, Recreation Boating Safety, VBST, and Law Enforcement missions.
    • Participated and continue to participate in helicopter and boat operations to maintain proficiency with crew.
    • Participated in many Basic Engineer Control Casualty Exercise drills to maintain crew proficiency.
    • Conduct  boat checks every morning.
    • Responded to many emergencies including a recent case of a tractor trailer falling off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel resulting in the death of a 35 year old male.
    • As a boarding team member responded with crew to a medivac call of a woman severely affected by sepsis and embarked a cruise ship while underway at night in Chesapeake Bay to retrieve the women by stretcher who was coming in and out of consciousness. With the help of a few boat crew members and medical staff we transported her from cruise ship to the survivors cabin in the Coast Guard 45’ RBM. We then returned to base to meet with EMS resulting in the woman’s life being saved in time that night.
    • As break in coxswain drive boat while conducting helicopter operations working together with helo and crew for training.
    • As break in coxswain responded to vessels in distress and towed inoperable vessels that were drifting to the nearest safe haven.
    • As break in coxswain while operating a 45’ Medium Response Boat I came along side many large cargo and tanker vessels to transport the Sector Boarding Team aboard the large vessels so they can conduct inspection for safe entry into port.

            Operation Vigilant Sentry Station Islamorada:

    • Was selected to do a tour in the keys for migrant operations under operation Vigilant Sentry for a month and help retrieve/intercept nearly 50 migrants with a boat crew in various weather conditions resulting in many lives saved at various hours of the night and day.
    • Retrieved evidence and weapons while conducting multiple frisks in operation Vigilant Sentry as a boarding team member with a boat crew.
    • Stood watch on deck with migrants providing help, comfort, and security often communicating in Spanish with them.
    • Acted as a mediator/translator while translating the Spanish language between migrants and crew.
    • Currently qualified as a Communications Watchstander, Boat Crew Member, and Boarding Team member.
    October 2017September 2019

    LaMonica’s Handyman Services

    Handyman Assistant
    • Assist with remodeling whole houses inside and out using a variety of tools.
    • Assist with mortar mixing, tile-cutting, fence installation, roofing repairs, painting, pressure washing, plumbing, light electrical, cement work, and dry wall installation.
    • Installed ceiling fans and electrical outlets.
    • Responsible for tools inventory.
    • Depended upon to follow through on projects and errands.
    • Load/transport materials to work sites as well as debris to local dump site.
    • Prime/paint the interior and exterior of houses.
    • Helped construct decks, patios, ramps, and stairs.
    • Make repairs using Copper, PVC, PEX, Galvanized, and Brass fittings/pipe.
    • Used Jackhammer to access drain pipes and water lines for repairs underneath cement foundations.


    High School Diploma

    Lake Gibson Senior High School

    I am a 2012 graduate who took courses in Army JROTC, Forensic science, Information Technology and weight training.