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My professional experience on the island of Ibiza has always been fully oriented towards customer service. This has been professionalized over recent years, looking for experiences that add an extra value to the customer’s holidays. Every day I make sure I catch up on leisure, catering, music, active tourism and travel trends and finally anything that differentiates each place.


I am enterprising, responsive, self-sufficient, professionally creative, and great at connecting with people personally and professionally. I love teamwork and squeeze the most out of my own skills and those of my colleagues. They say that I “contribute to a good working environment”, which I consider vital for the company’s performance.


I’m passionate about the world of sales and the leisure and hospitality sector, and it was in 2013 when I got a job that allowed me to unite these two sectors that I understand and have worked on the most.


professional experience

Customer Service

Concept hotel Group
apr 2015oct-2016

My job is to take care of each client from the moment that they check in until they check out. My functions are, amongst others, to help them during their stay and to advise them to improve the quality of their holiday on the island.

I also take care of the management of incidents with guests, tracking and resolving them. I monitor the online reputation of the hotel and answer each comment. And finally, I take care of special requests for hosted groups as well as the supervision and organization of external events such as weddings and other celebrations.


Marketing & sales director

B.for Ibiza restaurant and b.for amnesia
apr 2013feb 2015

Throughout my first year at B-for I worked as public relations and I was the external image and contact of the restaurant with intermediaries such as hotels, agritourism, concierges and boat and villa rental agencies. From October 2013, I was put in charge of the formation and management of the Marketing and Sales department where my functions have been amongst others: Comercial planning, communication plan preparation, impulsion of marketing plans, research and negotiation with sponsors, events, calendar scheduling, customer loyalty and finding new business models.


Marketing & sales director

Kyupiddo restaurant
apr 2014feb 2015

My job at Kyupiddo Restaurant, on top of Dalt Vila, was due to the result of the work done at B.for as public relations during my first few months in the company. In addition to the functions performed at B.for due to how special the venue Kyupiddo is, I spent most of the time budgeting and organizing events such as weddings, business incentives and private parties.

sales manager

Orange (Valencia)
feb 2010may 2012

I started in Orange in business sales. Soon I reached my goals due to my commitment, dedication and mainly to the effort I put into to the care of personal relationships/ customer care?: detecting customer needs, understanding them and finding solutions. My maximum involvement in the organization made me, in just one year, reach the position of Head of Sales, where my next challenge was also to achieve the objectives set by the company; train, manage and consolidate sales teams.

manager and owner

Pecata Minuta (Castellón)
mar 2005mar 2009

Although I oriented my studies towards the world of law (I always think that they make us choose too young...) in 2005 I decided to start my own clothing store with a partner: Pecata Minuta. We were really good at choosing brands and capturing trends. We were also good with people, we loved to help and advise.

In 2009 I decided to sell the project to my partner who today is a great friend, to improve and study English in London, where I spent 5 months.

Academic background


nov 2014feb 2015

Analysis renovation trends, preparation of marketing and communication plans, gastronomic tourism, how to reach customers and how to keep them, menu preparation, social networks applied to gastronomy... etc

degree in law

Universitat Jaume I de Castellón
sept 1998jun 2005

As I mentioned before, I started my studies in law, but I didn’t finish the degree (I had 7 subjects left)

other skills

Languages: English high level (spoken and written) and Catalan high level (spoken and written)

Skills: Negotiation, organization, management and supervision of events, public relations and customer service, marketing and sales; advertising; online marketing and social networks..

Driving license B1: own vehicle