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🌱Entrepreneur | 🎙️Voice Actor | 👨‍💼 Consultant | 🎷Jazz Singer | 🧔Father | 🔍Truth Seeker

Born and raised in 🗽NY/NJ, by Albanian parents, then moved to 🤠 TX in my tweens. Married a Swede and moved to Sweden in 2001, have 2 💕 wonderful children, amicably divorced and still residing in📍Stockholm.

Here to serve, grow, and connect with a like-minded tribe. 💗🙂

Patience, Honesty, Humility, Empathy, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, Stoicism

💡 Idea-rich multipotentialite
⭐ Ambivert (Introvert with Extrovert tendencies) 
📑 Structured pragmatist
🤸 Agile Team-Player
👾 Digital Generalist
🤯 Creative Thinker
🕹️ Problem-Lover / Challenge Seeker
🖼️ Framer of Solutions
💪🏼 Student at UML (University of Mistakes and Life)
🦄 Fond of disruptive Unicorns, the Startup culture
🚶🏼‍♂️Try to Approach things with an open mindset
🤡 Dealing with imposter syndrome
😔 Feel Alone at times

Love family, friends, meeting new people, cooking, jokes, singing, gaming, walking/hiking, and exploring new concepts/ideas.

Top of ❤️ & 🧠 for me:
👨‍👧‍👦 Children
🌎 Environment
⚖️ Civil Rights
👩‍🏫 Education
🧘 Mental/Physical Health
🆘 Humanitarian Relief
💸 Poverty Alleviation

My Network 🌳
Grateful to have accrued a network within:
Business Development, Software Development, Marketing, Cloud, IoT, VC's, Angels, and all things Digital

My Experience
🌱 As an Entrepreneur within Start-Up’s/SMB’s:
🚀 Founder - esali Digital Biz Dev
🚀 CEO - Plank Digital (Microsoft Partner, providing Minecraft Marketplace content)
🚀 Dir. Biz Dev - Adcredo (SaaS AdTech / MarTech)
🚀 Co-founder - Artha (Website to assist with green energy adoption in Sweden)
🚀 Ex CEO - AutomationsNordics (IoT’s, Home/Building Automation, & SaaS co.)
🚀 VO Talent - Beni Biba

👨‍💼 As a Consultant/Freelancer for SME’s and Large Enterprise
®️ Brands: McKinsey, Bwin, BEA, Oracle, Meda, H&M, Bonnier, TeliaSonera, Gravity4, Fujitsu, TeamTailor
🦾 Roles: IT Consultant | IT/CS Liason | IT Coordinator | Tech Solutions Owner | Tech Sales Specialist | Strategic Sales | Project Management

I want to grow more within:
🎯 Social Responsibility / Sustainable Business
🎯 Alt. Energy / Sustainability / Permaculture
🎯 Automation, Ai/Machine Learning/Big Data
🎯 Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Meta-verse 
🎯 Immersive Content, VR/AR, Gamification
🎯 Storytelling / Public speaking
🎯 Podcasting / Self Branding
🎯 Strategic Partnerships


TeliaSonera - Data Center Migration

Arben assisted TeliaSonera in one of Europe's largest projects of consolidating 44 data centers around the Nordics to 2 locations (for redundancy) in Stockholm. His responsibilities were P2V and V2V migration, documentation, conversion, relocation, of all machines to the new location. At the time it was one of the 3 biggest projects in Europe.

H&M - Global Operations Center

Arben was part of a team to establish H&M’s Global Operations Monitoring Center. His contributions were in the form of assistance where he had direct involvement in the handling of incidents and problems encountered. He was a key contributor for more efficient operations, through monitoring and troubleshooting network, server, and storage systems that streamlined the operational implementations.

Oracle - IP Integration Project

Arben took part in “project IP integration” where the team was tasked with creating a plan to integrate BEA’s IP network with that of Oracles. Also, documented processes and procedures that would later be adapted to Oracle's internal Procedures.

Electrolux - ToS mobile website

During his time at esali, Arben lead a team to deliver a complete mobile website to represent Electrolux and the Taste of Stockholm event which they sponsored. The implementation was a success.

McKinsey & Co. - Client Migration

Arben migrated and imaged client and server computers and actively monitored the data communication network. Installed, modified, built, and made repairs to computer hardware and software systems. Managed service with 3rd party vendors for repairs, hardware troubleshooting help-desk, software, LAN/WAN solutions, upgrades/personalization and support for mobile devices.

Meda Pharma - Technical Project Consulting

During the Antula / Meda acquisitional integration, Arben revised VPN and remote access requirements for access to internal applications and was assigned to investigating the possibilities for a seamless and secure remote access solution and implementation.

Work History

Plank Digital

May 2020 Present

Chief Executive Officer

Plank Digital provides Immersive Digital Creations for Popular Gaming Platforms and other applications.

General operational responsibility.

Cultivate and foster partner relations.

Automations Nordics AB

November 2019May 2020

Head Of Business Development and then CEO

Business developer for a new and exciting company working with Home, Work and Life automation (IoT, smart homes/areas) in Stockholm Sweden.
In charge of developing the company to help us obtain our vision of providing "Smart Automated Strategies and Solutions to Both B2C and B2B.

As CEO, and together with the board, set the tone, vision, and culture of Automations Nordics. Hands-on approach and involved with day-to-day functions. Primary responsibilities include business development and corporate decisions, acting as the main point of communication between the board and corporate operations. Essentially the Evangelist.

Founder and COB

Partnered with companies that offer Agency and SaaS services/solutions within:
IT, Marketing and Advertising

Acting as a reseller or a sales agent for Partners and Clients.

Partnered Companies:

Jajja Media, Gravity 4, Bob Reklambyrå, Finch, GrandRiver, eBoost

My roles:
- Sales
- Business Development
- Management
- Solutions Architect
- Product/Platform owner
- Operations

The areas that I feel comfortable with and where my knowledge could be of benefit within a Sales or Management Role are:
- IT Consulting - Selling of Consultant hours and Management of Consultants
- IT Infrastructure - ITIL, Compliance, Virtualization, Container Tech, Cloud computing Platforms
- Marketing/Advertising automation and machine learning platforms


February 2019May 2019

Technical Sales Specialist

Stockholm, Sweden

Was tasked with creating IT Enterprise compliance documentation.

Parental Leave

November 2017January 2019

Parental Leave

Time with family.


April 2017 October 2017

Technical Solutions Owner

Role Description:

Proactively coordinate in collaboration with Customers, 3rd Party vendors, 2nd line (Offshore) and 3rd line (local divisions) to ensure service availability and meet contractual commitments.


Maintain integrity of Life Cycle maintenance plans and continually developing them to incorporate new services. Update Technical and Operational Documentation Follow up of incidents, problems, and changes Establish good relations and maintain continuous open communication with suppliers and stakeholders

SM tools:

Sharepoint, HP K9, Service Now, Kimppa


Communicating and collaborating with different  technical and non-technical divisions Structure, planning and follow up, participating in projects to ensure delivery

General competence: ITIL. IT Infrastructure and Business Operations  

Telia Company

July 2012February 2013


For more info please refer back to the"Projects" section, above

Bonnier Corporation

Mar 2012Jun 2012

CTO Support

Provided consultant services to relieve the CTO of some of his daily responsibilities. Conducted various missions in client and server environments, such as documentation of the IT environment, backup management, coordination of operations in Malta, remote desktop, VPN, security, and more.

Tasks included:

  • Creating a procedure giving remote access to the Malta Office enabling IT administrators to conduct routine tasks
  • Evaluating different types of Antivirus programs that needed to fit certain criteria to meet security requirements enforced by the Gaming commission in the UK and once selected was tasked with implementation
  • Evaluating different types of NAS devices to determine which would be best one to
    purchase for the needs of the Malta Office
  • Documentation of IT procedures and User Access Control Lists
  • Administered RSA VPN Token System

Methods/Tools/Technical Environment:

Microsoft, NAS, Cloud Storage, Hyper-V, Windows7, MacOS, Windows Server 2008, MS SQLServer, HP, Comodo, RSA, VPN, RDP, VNC, Remote, LAN/WAN

H&M Group

Oct 2011Feb 2012


For more info please refer back to the"Projects" section, above

Methods/Tools/Technical Environment:

HP, HP Service Manager, Network Technician, ITIL, Windows Server, LAN/WAN, VMWare, Citrix

Meda Pharma

Sep 2011Oct 2011

Tech Project Consultant

For more info please refer back to the"Projects" section, above

Methods/Tools/Technical Environment:

LAN, VPN, IIS, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2008, ArcPlan, Windows

Ants IT Support

Apr 2010Jun 2011

IT Consultant / Presales

Arben worked as a Network Consultant/Technician autonomously, providing a range of IT solutions for SMB constituting between 15-20 different separate clients.

His technical responsibilities and duties were:

  • Technical Planning/Architecture, Installations, Maintenance, Diagnostics and troubleshooting these various infrastructures consisting of a diverse range of servers, switches, routers, firewalls, SAN/NAS, servers, backups, etc....
  • Working both with Virtualiaxton such as HyperV and VMware paltforms
  • Documentation, Consulting, Selling, and Ordering are also part of the job he did for their customers whom all have different types of Networks that best suit their line of business.

Further, he has managed a number of projects for his clients, with the following examples:

  • WDS (2008) to capture and deploy the new images using lite touch in combination with PXE
  • Updated internal infrastructure
  • Relocation of web services
  • Development of knowledge base
  • Implementation of web based Single Sign-On platform
  • Migration of client based systems to Windows 7. They also provided online backup solutions, hosting, hosted Exchange with 3rd party Spam filtering and other Cloud based solutions


August 2007January 2009


For more info please refer back to the"Projects" section, above

BEA Systems

August 2007July 2008

IT Coordinator

Arben functioned as Coordinator for the local IT environment at BEA before the company was acquired by Oracle.

His responsibilities included client support, network administration, troubleshooting, maintenance, and Cisco telephony. He was furthermore responsible for purchasing, configuration, and maintenance of server hardware between two physical locations in Stockholm.

Arben was involved in the migration project that was to take place after the merger. His tasks were mainly within IP Address Management.

Methods/Tools/Technical Environment: ITIL, BigFix, Windows, Linux, VMware, Remedy, Cloud/Hosted, Cisco, HP, Dell, SuperMicro

CS/IT Liason

Arben worked both as a support technician and technical liaison between customer support and the IT organization.

In this role, he contributed to the development of the operation by managing projects with the goal of implementing a web based portal for the customer support organization.

Methods/Tools/Technical Environment: Cerberus, Windows, Mac, VirtualBox


Digital Marketing and Content
Business Development and Strategy
Project Management
Google Adwords and Analytics
IoTs and Automation
Cloud Computing
IT and Digital Strategy


English - Native

Swedish - Fluent