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Ariana Papousek

Aerialist - Acrobat - Fire Performer - Director - Instructor


A talented artist who brings powerful and creative energy to the stage. A captivating performer, Ariana is known for her ability to blend grace and strength with her unique style of acrobatics.



Aerial hoop, Invented Apparatus, partner acrobatics, fire performance


Trapeze, Aerial silks 


Ariana AriFairy is an internationally acclaimed performance artist whose unique and refined style is rooted in gymnastics, circus arts and theater. Inspired by creativity and self expression, Ariana has written and directed her own productions and created a repertoire of original stage acts to work with unique themes and spaces of any event. 

Ariana was born and raised in a small town in South Dakota. Inspired by her older sister, she began gymnastics at the early age of 5. Training with Dakota Tumbling, she started competing at the age of 7 and continued throughout high school progressing to a high level of competition. Ariana's passion for circus arts was sparked soon after graduating high school as she incorporated acrobatics from her gymnastics background into hula hoop dance creating a dynamic style. Since 2010, she has cultivated a rich background in performance arts by studying stage theater, circus performance, acrobatics and dance.

In 2011, fueled by her drive for progression and professionalism, Ariana moved to Kansas City, MO to begin her aerial training specializing in static trapeze and lyra at Quixotic Fusion School of Performing Arts. Since then she has captivated audiences in places such as South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Her performances have been enriched by each stop around the globe, providing new inspiration and creative progression to her diverse range of acts. 

In addition to performance, Ariana also offers a wealth of experience in teaching technical and performance classes, from private instruction to group workshops. Based in Boulder, Colorado Ariana is available for performances, entertainment and instruction both locally and internationally. 


Iluminar Aerial

  • 2015 - Present

Boulder Circus Center

  • 2014 - Present

Quixotic Fusion School of Performance Arts

  • 2011 - 2012

Performance Experience

Mar 2014Present

Aerialist - Fire Performer - Director

Fractal Tribe
  • Red Rocks Amphitheater [2016, 2017, 2018]
  • Snowmass Balloon Festival[2015]
  • McNicholas Event Center[2015]
  • Fringe Festival [2014, 2015]
  • Oriental Theater [2014]
Jun 2012Present

Aerialist - Fire Performer - Director

Lunar Fire
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre[2016]
  • Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival[2015]
  • Arise Festival [2013-2018] 
  • Sonic Bloom Festival [2014-2018 ] 
  • Harvest Festival [2012]
Aug 2011May 2012

Aerialist - Fire Performer

Moondrop Circus
  • Club 906 [2012]
  • 1st National Bank[2012]
  • Hotel Phillips[2012]
  • Beckan's Flowers[2011]
Aug 2011May 2012


Volar Aerial Arts
  • Starlite Theatre [2012]
  • Grinders Venue [2011]
Jul 2011Jan 2012

Fire Performer

Quixotic Fusion
  • Grinders Venue[2012] 
  • Water Fire[2012]

Fire Performer

Flow Tricks
  • Pirate Festival[2011, 2012]
  • Nomad Lounge[2010]

Instruction Experience


Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Circus Arts Director
  • Program director
  • Coaches gymnastics, trapeze, and aerial hoop to 5th-8th graders for a seasonal circus program
  • Teaches all kinds of circus arts at an after school circus club
    • Reference : Craig Rubens : (303) 444-7697 ext. 187

Apr 2014Present

Denver Waldorf School

Gymnastics Coach / Aerial Instructor
  • Teaches gymnastics and aerial to 10-15 yr olds for a seasonal circus program
  • Choreographed hula hoop, trapeze, aerial hammock, and gymnastics acts for program production
    • Reference : Tom Clark : (303) 777-0531
Mar 2014Present

Iluminar Aerial

Gymnastics Coach / Aerial Instructor
  • Coached gymnastics and taught aerial to children ages 3-10 yrs for an after school program at Denver International School
  • Teaches gymnastics/aerial dance to children ages 7-12 for summer camp programs.
  • Substitute aerial instructor for kids fabric classes
    • Reference : Emmy Moon (214) 334-6798
Aug 20152017

Live Beyond Limit

Aerial Instructor
  • Teaches weekly series of aerial hoop, aerial fabric, and aerial hammock to beginner-advanced adults.
  • Teaches a wide variety of dynamic and unique aerial workshops
    • Reference : Kate Wrightson : (757) 784-7327

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