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Motivated and skilled Senior Java Developer focusing on High-Performance, High-Availability and High-Throughput systems. Strong problem solving skills and in need of a challenge.

Have 10 years solid development experience and of the 10 years about 2 years worth of System Architect experience.

I am a very good database designer, and for me that is the building block for any application and service.

Work experience

Dec 2011Present

Senior Java Developer/Architect and Senior MS .Net Developer at Standard Bank

Standard Bank

Architecture, Development, Maintenance and Support of the Standard Bank VAS Platform responsible for prepaid Airtime, Electricity, Lotto, Funeral Plans, Bills etc.

Primary MIS Developer for Standard Bank Instant Money, AlwaysOn Banking and SnapScan

Also investigate new technologies and frameworks that might make our lives a bit easier. Recently added GrayLog and Hashicorp Vault.

I run a team of three developers and I guide them through requirements and how a system/component must be effectively developed, and sometimes they guide me, and it works well in the end.

Working at a Standard Bank has given me a love for working with data, and how important it is to structure, present and protect your data.

Jul 2008Nov 2011

Senior Java / .Net Developer


Design, develop and maintain enterprise systems. Working with J2EE, .Net and IOS on a daily basis.

Dec 2007Jun 2008

Software Engineer

UCS Software

Senior Software Engineer
System Analyst

Primary .Net Environment

Sep 2006Nov 2007

Software Developer

Tmacc Systems

Software Developer with primary focus on Tracker Backend System.



Mechanical Engineering

University of Pretoria

(not completed)


BCom Informatics

University of Pretoria

(not completed)

What I carry around in my toolbox

1. J2EE Developer - Full Stack

2. Struts and Spring

3. Hibernate


5. Drools Rules Engine

6. JBoss 4, JBoss 5, WildFly 8, GlassFish 2, Glassfish 3, IIS, Apache and Tomcat

7. C#, ASP.Net, NT Services

8. Queues

9. MSSQL Server 2012/2014/2016 and MySQL 5.x

10. Infinispan - Distributed scaleable cache - takes the workload off the databases


I am a hard working person who takes responsibility. It is important to me that everyone I deal with can take ownership of what they are doing, because I sure will.

I live by the fact that it is OK to make a mistake, but you can only make that mistake once, and never again.

I also like to play a bit of Ice Hokey now and again, but I do skate quite a bit. I am healthy and happy, and in the market for a sail-boat.


I have a fully equipped electronics lab with all the latest consumer oscilloscopes and programmable power suppliers, function generators and soldering machines etc, and this is my space where I play and innovate....and drink my beer...