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Proven track record in developing and delivering software for over a decade. Seeking to create and join new opportunities in the iOS/Mobile space.

Work experience


Software Developer

The Peer Group

Designed and developed systems used in electronics, automotive, and Software Design semiconductor manufacturing. Primarily developed in C#,. NET Framework and Visual Studio with some use of C/C++ and SQL.

Wrote controllers for robots and specialized machinery, and developed interfaces for communicating with existing factory software to automate Linux production.

Worked with and led independent teams on a project basis. Responsible for end-to-end project lifetime from specification and development to testing and delivery.

Coordinated multiple teams to diagnose and resolve unexpected issues as they arose. Made critical decisions to keep production schedules on track at client sites.

Generated new business through technical presentations to potential XML customers.

Built a strong company reputation amongst customers for on-time delivery of quality systems and excellent work partnerships.



Autodesk, Ltd
​,​ Camberley, UK and Montreal, Canada Developer/Consultant Testing Automation User Acceptance Testing Created data browsing and search interfaces for geographic databases using proprietary technology and tools. Primarily developed in Visual Basic 6, SQL and in-house database languages.

Systems Analyst/consultant

Construtel Projetos e Construções, Ltda
​, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte,​ Brazil Systems Analyst/Consultant Taught and presented new geographic database technology to teams in four companies to enable them to develop and modernize existing systems. Designed and developed applications for electric and utility companies. Primarily developed in SQL and proprietary languages. Delivered applications for graphical asset management, public transit routing, electric network analysis, etc. Consulted on solving problems in installation issues, data modelling, data translation and import, GUI design, and third-party tools integration. Demonstrated communication skills in training end-users and writing developer and user documentation. Able to learn new languages and adapt to different cultures.




University of Waterloo