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Chamberlain College of Nursing
Jan.2021Oct. 2021

BSN, graduated from an NLN, accredited nursing program

ADN Registered Nursing Program

Weatherford College
Jun 2014May 2015

RN, graduated from an NLN, accredited nursing program

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Weatherford College Allied Health
Jun 2012Aug 2013

LVN, graduated from an NLN, accredited nursing program


Weatherford College
Jun 2010May 2012

Associates of Science with business and management electives


Weatherford College
Jun 2010May 2012

Associates of Arts with business and management electives

Diagnostic imaging technician

college of the air force
1999 2003

Field Medic and X-Ray Technician for the USAF


Seeking a position where I can prove myself through hard work and dedication, a position where I can build rapport with peers  by utilizing my strong oral and interpersonal skills. My desire is to become an integral part of a team that is always striving to improve the outcomes of the patients we serve by seeking ways to elevate safety of care and the total experience of the patient at the individual level. I look forward to continuing to develop my professional career as an RN, clinical consultant by utilizing the skills I have worked so diligently to achieve.



Led hospital wide education for all clinical areas related to Quality Assurance, Infection Control and Clinical Algorithm Management. Chosen on multiple occasions by other departments to aid and develop education for complicated procedures to help streamline effective communication in clinical and non-clinical matters.

Lean process improvement

Having an instinctual desire to cut through fluff and unnecessary task is a unique skill and one that I have found very natural. I take a detailed look at process and through the use of advanced technology skills and a people, oriented focus and provide valuable skills that can shave off time consuming task without losing the integrity of the work being done.

Professional member of a Team

I enjoy collaboration and input and am always eager to learn from seasoned staff members to build on my own experience. I highly respect a great working culture and strive to be an integral part of that culture


2 years of experience in a high acuity, acute care setting. Advance training with ports, central lines and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other modalities specific to oncology nursing. Close observation of the patient's mind, body and soul have become an integral part of who I am as a nurse. This skill set serves me well becoming valuable in my development as a nurse, helping me develop effective communication to educate, guide and ease the anxieties patients face during illness. 

Time Management

Prioritizing is vital. Managing my time by cutting out unnecessary task, being responsive and proactive. Working efficiently and effectively as a team player and an individual when it is needed.

Clinical Experience

 7 years of clinical experience in critical care, geriatrics, labor and delivery, pediatrics, community nursing, physician’s office, heart center, pharmacy, head start, women’s services, as well as trauma, telemetry, and medical-surgical. Primary time spent in oncology and cardiac critical care. 

Creative and Resourceful

I thrive in a dynamic environment where I can utilize my creative abilities and work toward the best patient outcomes, I desire to be a sounding board of knowledge and skill, I will always be willing to look for ways to learn and grow as a nurse.



American Heart Association through Weatherford College

Basic Life Support

Professional Accomplishments

  • Most recently promoted to Pandemic Coordinator for state and federal reporting and managed the education pertaining to COVID-19 for the hospital
  • Built hospital wide reports for multiple areas within QA to alleviate burdensome task.
  • Chosen to streamline process and lean reports for efficiency in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Created the Coding/ QA collaborative to increase Star Rating Scores 
  • Organized and drove initiatives across the Star Rating continuum to produce better scores
  • Rated significant performer for my annual evaluation in all previous positions
  • Acknowledged by multiple patients for my care given during their stay
  • Applause points added to my employee portfolio for exceeding department expectations on several different occasions
  • Successfully completed an accelerated Radiology program through the College of The Air Force
  • Selected to train new technicians after two years in this career field
  • Handpicked to represent my unit to help heighten security while at Offutt AFB after 9/11

Work experience

RN, IP/ Pandemic Coordinator

Wise Health System
Aug 2020May 2021

Facilitated COVID related responses, advised administration on Evidence Based Practice and process improvement to lean resources used on COVID-19, solely responsible for state and federal reporting

RN, Qa, Clinical consultant and outcome Reviewer

Wise Health System
Feb 2019Aug 2020

Mortality review, PSI and HAC review, coding and QA collaborative, Cardiac abstracting and assisted with streamlining processes for multiple areas in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and education from physician level to hospital wide.

Cardiac Critical Care nURSE



RN/ Oncology

Texas health resources/ Harris downtown

38 Bed Oncology Floor/ with Telemetry and Med-Surg.

Full Time Student/Mom

Weatherford College
Jun 2010Jan 2015

Full time student 


Wise Regional Health Systems
Oct 2013Jan 2014

Pharmacy/ Sterile procedure, Medication compounding

Sales Specialist

Floors and More
Oct 2006Jan 2007

Interior Design, Flooring and Building Sales and Consultations. Decatur, Texas 

Professional Application Manager

Aminex Resources, Affiliate of Affordaphone
Jun 2004Jan 2006

Planning and preparing business meetings, conferences, PowerPoint's, portfolios and helping to develop business plans and strategies

Diagnostic Imaging Technician/ FM

United States Air Force
Oct 1999Oct 2003

Radiology Technician responsible for taking, processing and developing quality x-rays as well as new intake training, departmental supplies management and quality improvement implementation