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Curtis W. Smith, Network Design Engineer

Migration Analyst / Network Engineer


Network Engineer whose career is marked by the deployment of advanced technologies to advance the competitive edge of my employer. Able to rely on my extensive technical background to exceed in difficult situations from large cell site migration activities to establishing critical data links for disaster recovery efforts.

Work experience


Java Developer

UST Global
Autosys File Parsing

Created a java program to perform the following tasks:
• Search through a file containing a listing of file transfer jobs to extract all watch folders.
• Used the watch folder results to parse information from a 30,000 line document listing all Autosys jobs
• Created a new Excel file to report all results: search strings used, matching Autosys jobs including key information, related watch folders, and associated Autosys commands.

Secure Random Number Generator
• Created secure, thread safe java program to produce random variable length keys.
• Enhanced the software to use a second random number generator to reseet the original making the results more difficult to predict.

Benchmarking Project
• Developed java project to create a benchmark value from inputs originating from various sources with the following output variations:
a. Input: Excel spreadsheet Output: Excel spreadsheet with key values highlighted
b. Input: Excel spreadsheet Output: Oracle SQL database
c. Input: CSV file Output: Excel spreadsheet with key values highlighted.

Web Spider
• Created java web spider that accepted URL as command line input and crawled target site.

ATM Case Study Project
• Developed HTML code to function as ATM menu screen
• Created a menu structure utilizing Object Oriented Programming principles such as Objects, 
Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism.
• Connected to Oracle database via JDBC to store, modify, and retrieve data
• Provided results to the user via JSP (Java Server Page) output.
• Gave project presentation to a small group.

• Autosys Job Creation / Updates

IDEs: Eclipse, intelliJ
SQL: SQLPlus, SQL Developer, SQL Tools, TOAD
CVS: GitHub, Git, IBM Remote Clearcase/ClearQuest, eGit
Java Libraries/Frameworks Used: JSoup, Apache POI, Gson, Log4j 2, Junit

Other related Skills:
C++, Python, JavaScript


Migration Analyst

LCC, Overland Park, Kansas
  • Successfully upgraded Sprint’s network by leading cell site migration activities, providing field engineers router scripts, and coordinating with switch technicians.

  • Resolved issues on over 300 circuit orders by coordinating with internal groups as well as Sprint personnel increasing customer satisfaction and generating additional revenue.

  • Issued 600+ circuit orders to upgrade cell site backhaul bandwidth allowing deployment of new 2.5 cell site radio equipment


Facilities Engineer

Ericsson (JM Neil), Overland Park, Kansas
  • Quickly isolated problems with site environmental systems (HVAC, DC power, fire suppression) and worked with Sprint personnel and outside vendors to expedite repairs.

Engineer II

Sprint, New Century, Kansas
  • Worked with EMBARQ’s Planning and ASP (circuit) engineering departments to develop better forecast models and reports used to anticipate need for additional network capacity.
  • Provided guidance on the deployment of new equipment via the development and distribution of a detailed MOP that saved was provided to Engineering, Planning, and Installation.

  • Issued detailed project specifications via Microsoft Office, Visio, and other programs that included Scope of Work, Justification, and Engineering (instructions and drawings) sections for nearly 1000 projects.

  • Monitored network performance metrics and took corrective action to resolve bandwidth issues such as reconfiguring equipment, adding new equipment, or issuing circuit roll orders saving thousands in wasted bandwidth.

  • Participated in several successful first office applications of SONET/DWDM/ethernet equipment which entailed creating installation standards, functionality testing guidelines, and acceptance procedures.

  • Initiated a weekly call with Installation, Planning and vendors (if needed) to track progress on each of my 150+ active projects improving on-time completion by 25%.

  • Provided engineering services for the creation of (3) MOPs for new equipment saving an estimated $12,000 in lost time.

  • Increased bandwidth 300% by updating configurations on existing sites to move cell sites from TDM backhaul to fiber with no impact on existing traffic.

Technician II

Sprint, New Century, Kansas
  • Maintained EMBARQ’s wide area network hardware by running remote diagnostics tests and leading technicians through maintenance procedures to reestablish service minimizing downtime.
  • Saved Sprint $26,000 in overnight callout costs and improved customer satisfaction by performing remote troubleshooting and maintainence procedures eliminating need for costly callouts.
  • Consistently ranked at the top in a NOC staff of nearly 100 by resolving the most trouble tickets.

Electronic Technician

DASH Computers, Lenexa, Kansas
    • Saved Dash (small computer hardware/office telecom equipment manufacturer) nearly $25,000 by taking over all duties from a previous worker eliminating the need to hire a replacement

    Technical Control Specialist

    United States Air Force, Falcon AFB, Colorado
    • Expedited the switch to a new automated switching system and saved $90,000 in contract labor costs by replacing the contractors as a trainer



    Bachelor of Science - Electronics Engineering Technology

    DeVry Institute

    Kansas City, MO