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Relevant Work

Nov 2014Present

Research Consultant

Department of Environmental Health, City and County of Denver
  • Conducted policy research and best practices review to identify 5 tools to reduce multiple industrial odor emissions in time-honored immigrant communities along I-70 corridor. Included analysis of all odor complaints in the metro Denver Area from 2004-2015.
  • Evaluated 86+ municipal and 48 state odor ordinances, extracting 16 major variables that influence the roles and responsibilities of municipal and state odor regulations.
  • Coordinated planning public participation, analysis, and review to meet the purposes and requirements of local odor statutes and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regulations.
  • Assisted environmental investigators in developing an annual prioritized list of risk statements and corresponding response strategies.
  • Collaboration with the Mayor's office to identify, analyze and document, through policy research and best practices review, available tools for reducing odors in impacted communities.
  • Developed and surveyed over 250 odor local municipalities, state and national odor regulations to report on emerging technologies and mitigation measures. 
  • Composed analysis of Odor complaints in the metro Denver Area from 2004-2015.
  • Analyzed with SPSS loglinear and two-way analysis of variance of 16 variables that influence odors for 86 municipalities.
  • Recommended 4 tactics and deliverables to implement into the revision.  
Aug 2014Present

Graduate Assistant for Marketing, Recruitment and Development

School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado.
  • Transform 268 unstructured alumni survey transcripts into quantitative data using SPSS sentiment analysis. Presented findings of survey interviews to school leadership on student recruiting efforts across 24 states and 5 countries over the past 4 years.
  • Prepared and edited 15 editions of the School of Public Affairs Newsletter.
  • Developed and launched online job portal using interaction designs in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in conjunction with the Director of Student Services for current students and alumni.
  • Maintains daily outreach efforts with perspective Criminal Justice and Public Affairs applicants.
Aug 2009Jun 2014

Visual Art Teacher and After-school Coordinator

Annunciation Catholic School.
  • Devised a major redrafting school's mission statement to coordinate with grade-level target goals, sustaining the development with 39 weekly educational expeditions over that year. Coordinated with teachers and staff on learning targets applicable to curriculum by grade level.
  • Assembled 7 grade level expeditionary program standards necessary for substantiating renewal of the school's national accreditation.
  • Presented interview and research findings on the changing demographics of the Cole and Five Points neighborhoods for faculty and school board members using U.S. Census Bureau data.
  • In 2010, 2014 and 2015 students were awarded “Best in Show” for the annual district visual and performance arts event.
  • Awarded 3 separate grants by Redline Art Gallery to sponsor a resident artist for a experiential semester-long collaboration with teachers and a students in creating a body of artwork through a lens of contemporary social Justice.
  • For 5 years,  I coordinated, implemented and oversaw visual arts program for 320+ students, monitoring and supporting  progress towards curriculum outcomes.
  • During the same 5 years in our after school program, I provide direct services to 18 youth and supervised 2 paraprofessionals who managed an additional group of 18 youth.Programmed redrafting of school's mission statement to coordinate with grade-level target goals, supporting the relaunch with 39 weekly educational expeditions over that year.  
  •  Compiled and evaluated 63% of the standards necessary for substantiating renewal of the school's national accreditation. 
  • Presented research proposal on the changing demographics of the Cole and Five Points neighborhoods for school evaluation using U.S. Census Bureau data. 
  • Scored in top tier on Praxis National Board Exams for Elementary Education.
  • 250 hours of out-of-classroom instruction for the school year of 2010-2011.
Feb 2008Jun 2009

Cognitive Development Facilitator

Summer Scholars
  • Directed unit plans using 23+ concrete experiences for initial learning (graphing, using objects to learn, adjectives, etc.) with 3 Denver Public Schools in 7 classrooms.
  • Created learning experiences for classes of 9-15 students that lead to success through work and effort.
  • Arranged 47+ student, teacher and parent activities that allow conversations about abstract concepts and operations
  • Used 3 interactive and technology platforms to engage students in practicing charts, illustrations, graphs, and diagrams and higher order thinking.
  • Provided an accelerated program to increased students reading comprehension a minimum of two grade levels.
May 2005Jan 2008

Logistics Coordinator, International Programs.


Chronicled  12+ diplomatic reports for higher education sector and potential for collaboration with the university.

Feb 2002Apr 2005

Architectural designer

Urban Design Group
  • Curated, edited and streamline photo database of the 52 architectural projects of 15+ years for partners and clients. Later featured in Urban Design Group/Inc: Selected and Current Works by Steve Womersley. 
  • Surveyed, consulted and collaborated on 4 health care and hospitality projects. Tasks included materials library collaboration and CAD clerical work.


Aug 2009Jun 2010

Teacher License

Regis University, Denver, Colorado

Developed the capabilities to become a committed and qualified educator while studying collaborative, reflective, and measurable learning experiences for teaching. 250+ hours of classroom work and 12 semester units.

Aug 1996Dec 2001

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

University of Pennsylvania

Program combined required courses in environmental design and architecture to prepare for specialization in the field in the areas of architectural design and representation, architectural technologies and building performance, architectural history, and society and culture. 36 semester units.


Grant Proposal and Presentation


Budget Excel Analysis and Memorandum


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