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Outgoing, professional with over 21 years of experience in a manufacturing environment. Over 7 years of experience in the purchasing/buying/materials planning department. Proven success in saving the company money and negotiating better pricing for purchasing and buying materials.  


Inventory Management

Oversee a large amount of inventory and manage it on a daily basis. Apply management skills and the MRP system to know when to reorder materials.  


Proven communication skills for negotiating better pricing for the company.  For example, saved the company over $60,000 by renegotiating and moving product to new vendors and getting current companies to give better pricing.

Lean Manufacturing

Completed Lean Manufacturing and ITW 80/20 training. Participated in several World Class initiatives where I was the lead person for two of the initiatives that are still  implemented today.


Organize workload and inventory using MRP to meet the demands of manufacturing. Properly managing RFQ'S so we are able to review and choose the best pricing.

Microsoft Office

Proficient using Microsoft Office programs such as excel, word and access. Write queries in excel so that we can handle inventory and pricing efficiently throughout the company.


The ability to prioritize projects and workload to meet the changing demands of Manufacturing as well as Assembly. 

Work experience

Dec 2011Present

Outsourcing/Purchasing Agent for Raw Materials

Hartness International(Manufacturing Division)

Monitor and purchase incoming raw and stock material. Monitor all existing materials to ensure supplies are sufficient to build machinery. Document all incoming materials and stock new materials as they are delivered. Negotiate pricing with vendors to ensure the best price is received when ordering new supplies. Order new materials through MRP and track their progress through the ordering process. Identify materials that are not stocked by manufacturing due to low EAUs and outsource them to other vendors. Send out RFQ's and award orders to the best fit and priced vendor to ensure manufacturing meets critical due dates.


  • Renegotiated pricing with plastic vendors and was able to save the company $30,000.

  • Renegotiated stainless steel pricing and maintained current pricing even though the market pricing was increasing.

  • Created a database linking Hartness International ordering software and Excel to allow the company to run queries and identify inventory needs earlier. This allowed the company to be proactive in ordering so there was lower down time and improved on time delivery of parts from the manufacturing shop to assembly. Also allowed outside vendors to improve their on time deliveries of raw materials.

Jun 2008Nov 2011

Parts Planner-Purchasing/Buyer Agent

Hartness International(Conveyor Division)

Handled all releases and specifications from engineering. Assigned dates to releases to meet the timeline demands for the project. Communicated the timeline dates with Manufacturing as well as  outside OEM suppliers so that they understood the timeline dates and scoop of the project. Used as/400 Mapics Browser to release the machinery specs to manufacturing and all outside sourcing company that were required to make or deliver parts on time to meet the project dates. As the Purchasing Agent, used MRP to order all OEM parts to meet the required dates of specific sections of the project. Also negotiated pricing for small to large quantity buys for projects. After all parts were ordered for project, used excel created shortage reports to expedite parts to meet created timelines for projects.

Aug 1999Jun 2008

Assembly Technician

Hartness International

Accurately followed specifications and drawings for assembly of machinery for projects to meet customers' requirements. The ability to accurately communicated with engineering and sales to  understand the design and scope of the project, as well as communicating when issues arise to expedite and resolve the problems to meet the customer expectations for the project. Tested and tweaked machinery to meet customers' needs upon completion of the project and for the preparation of shipment of machinery.

Sep 1993Aug 1999

Inventory Control Personnel/Data Entry

Hartness International

Received and maintained accurate inventory levels on a daily basis. Accurately pulled inventory for upcoming projects in manufacturing. Entered data accurately so that the inventory levels were maintained on a daily basis.


Sep 1988May 1992

Associates Degree

Piedmont Technical College

Associates Degree in Business Administration with Minor in Computer Operations

Aug 1983May 1987

High School Diploma

Newberry High School

College Prepartory


Nov 2003Nov 2003

Hartness World Class

Hartness International

This certificate shows that the person has learn the Lean Manufacturing processes and have shown the ability to put them in place and in use.

Apr 2010Apr 2010

The ITW 80/20 Philosophy


The user will learn the definition of “80/20” and how the concept has directly contributed to the success of ITW businesses. The module will also demonstrate how the 80/20 process can be applied to all functions of a business.

Apr 2010Apr 2010

Product Line Simplification (PLS)


Demonstrates how PLS data is gathered and organized, how cross-functional teams are created to analyze the data, and how PLS is implemented. Specific topics include segmentation, quadrant analysis and PLS implementation strategies for each quadrant.

Apr 2010Apr 2010

USa (Understand, Simplify, act)


USa provides a methodology for removing complexity from business processes. This methodology can be applied to any process in any department throughout ITW, and does not always involve installing or upgrading new computer systems.


The course explains the steps in each phase of USa: forming steering and user teams, creating “brown paper” process flows, brainstorming for new ideas, and implementing changes. The

steps for choosing a computer software supplier and implementing a computer system are also outlined in the module.

Apr 2010Apr 2010



In-Lining is a sequential arrangement of workflow to produce a process, product, or parts of a product from start to finish. This is done by physically grouping certain tasks and/or machines into one area.


You’ve seen how 80/20 helps business units identify key products and customers, PLS enables business units to simplify their product lines, and USa provides a framework to simplify business processes. In-Lining takes the simplification process a step further by improving workflow.


This course presents the benefits of In-Lining, symptoms of businesses that need it, steps for implementation, and myths that often prevent businesses from applying In-Lining. The course also illustrates the difference between traditional batch processes and In-Lined processes, and the advantages of applying In-Lining to manufacturing and administrative functions.

Learners will identify non-value added activities, identify the steps to implement In-lining and rearrange a factory through the use of interactive exercises. The exercises allow the learner to practice concepts, including evaluating an existing process and improving an existing in-line.


Apr 2010Apr 2010

MRD (Market Rate of Demand)


MRD is a replenishment scheduling system based upon producing or replenishing products at the rate of demand. “Demand” means actual consumption of products rather than forecasted consumption. If used correctly, MRD helps business units to achieve high levels of customer service while helping to prevent inventory build-up and inventory shortages.


The MRD approach to inventory replenishment and production scheduling is more effective than the traditional “push” systems. Market demand dictates how many parts should be produced; therefore, materials are “pulled” into production based on consumption.


The course also covers how MRD can be applied to both the sales and supply side of business units. Learners are taught how target inventory levels are set, how to calculate the MRD Replenishment quantity and the advantages of using MRD over MRP (Material Resource Planning).


References available upon request.