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For over 10 years, I have been developing Web sites and Web applications of all shapes and sizes. More recently, I have started developing native iOS apps as well. During this time I have worked both independently and on small teams of developers. I have worked equally in both Front End and Back End technologies and am proficient in both aspects of Web Development.

In addition to my technical experience and knowledge, I pride myself on being an excellent communicator in both written and verbal formats. I believe this ability to work well with others, and to convey my ideas and concerns in a clear way, combined with my technical knowledge, makes me an excellent developer.

I am eternally interested in learning new techniques and technologies, and staying on top of the ever-changing technologies I already know. Creating compelling, useful software that gets people excited is what drives me.

Work experience

May 2013Present



For v1 of Peggsite, I was the primary developer for both front end and back end code on PeggSite. On the back end, we use MySQL and PHP. On the front end, we use Backbone.js and Require.js. The idea, and all of the design is done by my co-founder, Kirk Love. The code is all pretty much all mine (Kirk is helping with some HTML/CSS). I designed the database, API, the entire front end, and managed all of the back end AWS infrastructure. This is a very front end heavy application.

For v2, we decided to concentrate all of our efforts on the iPhone app. We scaled the presence of the web site back significantly, and doubled down on mobile. This entailed me quickly getting up to speed with Objective-C, and then spending the bulk of my days in XCode. During this process I learned a ton about all aspects of native iPhone development.

Pegg iPhone App

Jan 2000Present

Web/Mobile Applications Developer

Independant Contractor
I've been enhancing existing websites and building them from scratch for several years. I specialize in database driven websites and am very experienced in PHP, MySQL/MS SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More recently I have started mobile App development (iPhone/Android) using Appcelerator Titanium.
Jun 2003Sep 2014

Full Stack Web Developer

Dynamics Research Corporation (Acquired by Engility Corp.)

DRC provides a range of technical services to the Department of Defense and several other Government branches. My role with DRC entails being a lead software architect for several different web based applications. Most of these applications revolve around training and E-Learning. I built several web application tools and products while working at DRC. Many of these web applications were internal tools to improve efficiencies in our team. Other example of things I helped build are: several web-based training (WBT) for State Government; a Leaning Management System (LMS) for California Department of Corrections.

Sep 2002Jun 2003

Senior Software Developer

Little Planet Learning

Designed, deployed, and maintained an in depth web application tool that allows our company with only two programmers to produce dozens of online interactive courses per year. Also used native DHTML/ASP technologies to create a client review system that allows us to streamline the client/developer interactions during courseware development.  In 2001 we produced 120 WBTs for clients such as Adobe, CNA Insurance, American Express, Chevron, and Anheuser-Busch.

Jan 2000Sep 2002

Senior Programmer

The Frontline Group

See description of position at "Little Planet Learning". The Frontline Group sold my division to Little Planet Learning. Job functions were identical.

Jul 1999Dec 1999

Software Developer

Responsible for high level Authorware programming, model development, Knowledge Object development, and mentoring of junior Authorware developers. Reason for leaving: Authorware department laid off.

Jan 1999May 1999

Authorware Developer

Technical Support Services

Responsible for graphical interface design, graphics creation, and mid-level Authorware programming. Reason for leaving: Company folded.

Feb 1997Dec 1998

CBT Designer

National Test Pilot School

Responsible for the creation and design of an interactive CBT (Computer Based Training) CD-ROM for NASA's Educational Department. Involved graphics creation and preparation, interface design, authoring, video/audio capture and editing, scripting and storyboarding, page layout, photo scanning and composition, content research, beta testing, and CD-ROM mastering. Reason for leaving: Wanting to transition from a solo project to a team environment.