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Personal & Aministration Manager

Art Of Busnisse Application
Sep 2009Present

1. Recruitment

2. Training and Development

3. Professional Development

4. Benefits and Compensation
5. Ensuring Legal Compliance

Personnel & Administration Manager

Ba'amer Trading
May 2008Aug 2009

1. Recruitment
A great deal of attention and resources is required to attract, hire and retain an experienced, committed and well-motivated workforce. This is perhaps one of the most basic HR functions. There are several elements to this task such as developing a job description, advertising the job postings, screening applicants, conducting interviews, making offers and negotiating salaries and benefits. Companies that value their people put a serious amount of investment in recruiting and staffing services. As the right set of talented employees can not only raise the companies profile but also help it achieve profitability and keep it running effectively and successfully.

2. Training and Development
The HR department is responsible for providing on-the-job as well as refresher training for all employees (newly hired and existing) alike. This is the second most important function and lack of training opportunities only increases frustration levels among employees. So, training systems must be streamlined across all locations in order to make communication and sharing of resources a convenient task. Measurement and monitoring is another vital aspect of training in order to foster adoption of their new skills.

3. Professional Development
Effective HR departments allow and encourage the employees with opportunities for growth, leadership training and education, which in turn contribute to the success of the company. Sponsoring for career advancement seminars, training, corporate social responsibilities and trade shows will make employees feel important and cared for by the team and organization.

4. Benefits and Compensation
A company is more likely to be successful, if it adapts new ways of providing benefits to employees. Some non-traditional benefits that can attract and retain new skilled employees are:

Flexible working hours or workdays,
Extended vacation time,
Paternity leave or childcare
Medical/dental insurance,
Corporate gym membership discounts
Continuing education/skills development
Award & recognition programs
5. Ensuring Legal Compliance
Compliance with labor, tax and employment laws is a vital part of safeguarding the organization’s continued existence. HR has to be aware of all the mandate laws and policies regarding employment practices, working conditions, tax allowances, required working hours, overtime, break times, minimum wage, and discrimination policies as noncompliance can affect productivity and ultimately, profitability of the company.

Public Relation Officer

Najem aba hussain group
Jan 2004Feb 2006

Community Relations
A public relations function consisting of an organization’s planned, active and continuing participation with and within a community to maintain and enhance its environment to the benefit of both the organization and the community. This can involve partnerships, volunteer activities, philanthropic contributions and public participation.
Employee Relations
Employee Relations Dealing and communicating with the employees of an organization. This can include team building and employee empowerment.
Government Relations
Dealing and communicating with legislatures and government agencies on behalf of an organization.
Financial Relations
Dealing and communicating with firms and interest groups within the organization’s industry.
Media Relations
Dealing and communicating with the news media when seeking publicity or responding to reporters’ questions. It also involves setting up and maintaining a professional and mutually beneficial working relationship with news gatherers and gatekeepers, in part by becoming known as a credible source and as a provider of factual, expert information whether or not that information results in media coverage.
Public Affairs
Dealing and communicating with government and groups with regard to societal (public) policies, action and legislation. Unlike government relations, where the practitioner works strictly on behalf of an organization, public affairs also is concerned with the effect of public policies, actions and legislation on its publics.

Personnel & Administration Coordinator

Arabian Food Supplies
Nov 2001Oct 2003

Provides confidential secretarial and administrative support for the principal executive or executives, to include managing the schedule/calendar, making travel arrangements, screening and handling telephone communications, greeting and directing visitors, and dealing wih administrative problems and inquiries as appropriate.
Serves as a primary point of direct administrative contact and liaison with other offices, individuals, and external institutions and agencies on a range of specified issues; organizes and facilitates meetings, conferences, and other special events, as required.
Gathers, enters, and/or updates data to maintain departmental records and databases, as appropriate; establishes and maintains files and records for the office.
Monitors and coordinates accounting activities as appropriate, and prepares internal reports for management; participates in budget planning and management, as required.
Assists with project development and planning to ensure more efficient service and organization of the office.
Composes and prepares written documentation and correspondence for the office; screens and evaluates incoming and outgoing correspondence and prepares responses as appropriate.
Assists in the coordination, supervision, and completion of special projects as appropriate.
Coordinates and oversees the day-to-day management of supplies, equipment, and facilities for the organization, as appropriate, to include maintenance, inventory management, logistics, security, and related activities.
May supervise personnel which may include recommendations for hiring, performance evaluation, training, work allocation, and problem resolution.
Enhances professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings, and workshops.
Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


Bachelor In Business Administration

Ambassador University
Mar 2003May 2008


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ID NO :1021493844

lisons No :8516536

Marital Status : Married

Date Of Birth : 8 FEP 1981

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English (ILS) Oxford english academy .

Computer (Advance) Al Emdad institute .

Compliace (Offcer ) Saudi law center .

summer works

Banking (customer service) HSBC .

Insurance (customer service) Union commercial company .

Hajj works ( office manager in king Abdullazez international airport) Muslim world league .

Markiting (salesman) Saudi ted company .


Jeddah festival 2008 .

Yanbu festival 2009 .



knowledge of saudi genral organization for social insurance

Knowledge of saudi labor office systems

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