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Luis Felipe Osses Lopez

Cloud Infrastructure Architect



Passionate about delivering innovative products & solutions in dynamic environments with constant challenges on a daily basis.


Increment the knowledge is base for personal growth.

Keys to be successful:

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Team work
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Continuous Improvement and learning


System administration and deployment (Unix/Linux/MS). Telecommunications. Web applications, Portals and Websites development. Systems automation. High availability/traffic web systems and/or infrastructure. 



  • Advanced knowledge and experience installing Linux servers (Web, Firewall, Proxy, SMTP, POP3, POP3s, IMAP, IMAPs, PDC, File Server, Content balancing server).
  • Network and System security under UNIX/Linux.
  • Text editors: vi, Emacs, IDE Eclipse.
  • CVS: Concurrent Version System
  • Subversion.
  • Macromedia FLASH (Advanced ActionScript 2.0/3.0)
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Corel Draw.
  • Advanced knowledge in networking.
  • OpenOffice (Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio)

Programming Languages:

  • Shell UNIX/Linux (SH, BASH, TCSH, CSH, KSH).
  • PERL
  • PHP(3,4,5)
  • Ruby
  • ANSI C
  • C++
  • ANSI SQL - PL/SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, MS SQL Server)
  • XML
  • XSL (XSLT, Xpath)
  • HTML
  • WSDL (Web Services)
  • JAVA
  • Objective C

Operating systems:

  • UNIX (Solaris, SCO, AIX, FreeBSD)
  • Linux (Debian, Slackware, RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, SuSE, Ubuntu,z/Linux)
  • Windows (3.1/95/98/2000/XP/NT/2003/2008 Server)
  • MacOS (9.1, X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard)


  • HSM (Hardware Security Module from different vendors like: nCipher (netHSM300/500/1200), SafeNet (LunaPCI, LunaSA), Spyrus, Aladdin Token, RealSec (CryptosecPCI, CryptosecLAN)

Protocols / Algorithms:

  • Cryptography (RSA, Elliptic Curves, DSA, AES, SHA, etc)
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure): X.509 Standard with V3 Extensions
  • Electronic Signature / Digital signature (XAdES - ETSI TS 101 903/904, CAdES - ETSI TS 101 733/734, ASN.1 Structures, S/MIME)
  • PKCS#11 - Cryptographic Token Interface
  • TCP/IP

Work experience

Oct 2021Present

Sr. Global Architect - Edge Services - AWS Professional Services

Amazon Web Services
Oct 2020Oct 2021

Sr. Solutions Architect - Specialist EdgeServices

Amazon Web Services
Sept 2017Oct 2020

Sr. Technical Account Manager

Amazon Web Services
  • Assigned to Enterprise Accounts and acts as a single point of contact
  • Address all cases from Enterprise customers during business hours
  • Complete analysis and present periodic reviews of operational performance to customer
  • Provide detailed reviews of service disruptions, metrics, detailed pre-launch planning
  • Make recommendations on how new AWS offerings fit in the company architecture
  • Champion and advocate for customer requirements within AWS (e.g. feature request)
  • Participate in customer requested meetings (onsite or via phone)
  • Know and use all key customer resolution tools across all service groups to facilitate rapid resolution of customer concerns
  • Work directly with Amazon Web Service engineers to ensure that customer issues are resolved as expediently as possible
Nov 2015Aug 2017

Operations Engineer


Support, monitorization, development and maintenance of cloud based platform for the customers that decided to use the company's SaaS deployment of the product.

  • Managing of on-call events
  • Incident prevention
  • Development of the platform
  • Automated deployment/configuration at large scale.

Technologies used: Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Sensu, SAR, Ansible, AWS (Including S3, RDS, EC2, Route53, Elasticache, ELB, etc), HAProxy, NGINX, Percona, Sumologic.

Jul 2015Nov 2015

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Akamai Technologies GmbH

Resolution of highly technical issues for the company customers. Worked with a peace of mind of cross-department involvement for the resolution of such issues.

  • Technical account management for certain dedicated key accounts.
  • Handled problem resolution around technologies such as High/Global scale Networking, Global website distribution, Geo-focused events prioritization, Global scale DNS and CDN. 
Nov 2014Jul 2015

Software Tools & Automation Engineer


In charge of building the platform for automated performance and benchmarking tests for SugarCRM, which results on improvement of the application.

  • Planning for the requirements of the testing platform
  • Automated deployment/configuration of different stacks that are supported by SugarCRM
  • System tuning to improve reliability of the application
  • Platform documentation
  • Technical writing of best practices to be distributed to customers

Technologies used: Git, Jenkins, Vagrant, Puppet, Docker, SAR, ELK Stack (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana).

Stack for testing: Linux/Windows, Apache/IIS, MySQL/MSSQL/DB2,  PHP.

Oct 2012Nov 2014

Technical Support Manager


Management of the team of Technical Support Engineers and Support Specialists that handle the requests and issues presented by customers from the EMEA region.

  • Work with different teams from the company in order to accomplish satisfaction to our customers based on their requests or when presenting issues.
  • Presentation and accomplishment of goals for improvement of the team.
  • Provide premium support to SugarCRM Enterprise customers.  
  • Planing of activities and actions to optimize resources.
  • Provide Support to 3rd level Advanced Support Engineers

As part of the position, the technologies used including the range of stacks that the product support are the following:

  • DB: MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 (low usage)
  • Webservice: Apache, IIS.
  • Scripting language: PHP, OOP JavaScript
  • Search engine: elasticsearch
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Unix and Windows.
Oct 2012Oct 2013

Advanced Support Engineer


Provide 3rd. Level of technical support regarding possible issues with the CRM Software by guiding members of the team and customers in order to accomplish certain functionalities required. 

The main skills applied were: PHP Coding/Debugging, Database Debugging and System Administration Skills in order to find possible root causes of issues.

Oct 2011Oct 2012

Technical Support Engineer


Provide 2nd. Level of technical support regarding possible issues with the CRM Software or guiding the customers in order to accomplish certain functionalities required. 

The main skills applied were: PHP Coding/Debugging, Database Debugging and System Administration Skills in order to find possible root causes of issues.

Dec 2009Oct 2011

Creative Technology Manager

FullSix Spain

Research + Development of new solutions based in Communities and Social Applications like Facebook Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), SEO for different websites, Twitter API Connection, FourSquare API Connection for geolocation/social experiences. Hardware development using Arduino microcontroller for Interactive Media applications. The languages I've used for this projects are PHP, Wiring, C#, MySQL, MS SQL Server, ActionScript 3, Processing, C++, Objective C.

Brands in charge and direct contact:

  • Pull&Bear (Inditex Group):
    • PullYourLook (Offline to Online Action to share looks in Facebook)
    • Interactive totems (Interactive touchscreens with realtime information about the stock, collections and campaigns, were users can share this content in Facebook)
    • Interactive Store Window (The persons in the street can interact with the Led Screen controlling the video that is showed on using video tracking software and content filmed in slow motion)
    • Tanqueray Gin ( - Bronze at Premios BestPack 2010 / Facebook Applications / Migration for NEO platform by Infosys / Mobile website for cocktails recipes)
    • FourRoses Bourbon ( / Texas hold'em Facebook Application (Phase I and II) / Migration for NEO platform by Infosys / Birthday Facebook application for customers of the brand)
    • Tequila Jose Cuervo ( / Taste of Margarita Facebook Application / Migration for NEO platform by Infosys)
  • Diesel clothes:
    • Diesel CAM (offline to online experience as a Social clothes Tester with Facebook / Hardware modification for a touch screen in a custom appliance)
      • Awards:
        • Two(2) Cristal Festival 2010 Awards (Best animation in Point of Sale / Press Special Award)
        • Silver Award at Premios IAB Spain
        • ShortList Finalist at SOL Awards San Sebastian
    • Funny Bunny (Facebook application)
    • The Bad Snake (Facebook Application)
    • I Like Diesel (In Store action to "like" garments from QR Codes)
  • Electronic Arts:
    • Need for Speed Shift Pilot Experience (Facebook Application)
    • Dante's Inferno Stairway to Hell (Facebook Application / Flash Site
  • Vodafone Spain:
    • Friends and Family 360 (Facebook Application)
    • TIC son +(Facebook application for the Vodafone Foundation)
    • Involved in various microsites for Tienda Online and
    • 10 Canciones gratis (microsite with avatar configuration and posting to facebook using facebook connect)
  • Alfa Romeo:
    • Registry Form for users
  • Coca Cola Light Spain:
    • (Microsite with online/offline experience and Facebook conectivity)
  • Samsung:
    • Microsite for the PL-150 / Microsite for LED TV
  • Fundación Jose Manuel Entrecanales:
    • Blog/CMS of the site (Developed with C#/.Net)
  • FullSIX Portugal:
    • TMN: Facebook application Forasteiros do SW
    • SuperBock: Facebook application SuperBock Summer Stories
      • Awards:
        • No 13º Festival do Clube De Criativos De Portugal: Bronze for SuperBock Summer Stories
Jul 2008Dec 2009

Chief Technical Officer

Albalia Interactiva, S.L.
  • Strategic planning in implementation of infrastructures related to Electronic Signature, Electronic ID, PKI, HSM (Hardware Security Modules) and Electronic invoicing.
  • System Administration.
  • Research for new solutions and technologies based in security.
  • High availability infrastructure for cryptographic calculations and digital signature.
  • Consultancy in Business Process Reengineering and Infrastructure for Biometric company.
  • Internal platform structuration and design.
  • Team management  of  System Administrators and Developers.
  • ISO 27001/9001/14001 Certificate Accomplished
Mar 2007Jul 2008

Chief Technical Officer

Models of the World Corporation
  • Strategic planning for the development and implementation of the Web application worldwide.
  • Use of SEO techniques for positioning the portal.
  • Stablish the development methodologies for the web application to support 140 Domains in 5 Languages with another web application used as Content Management System developed with the team i lead.
  • Planning growth strategies in infraestructure to support the massive visits to the portal.Server administration and implementation for use in the Intranet, Extranet and Application.
Oct 2005Jul 2008

Linux Instructor

Hacer Sistemas C.A.

Prepare the content, structure and dictating of Linux Administration course for the Academy Muelles de Alejandría.

Jun 2006Mar 2007

Senior Developer

Mobile Entertainment C.A.
  • Development of a system to administer the description and technical details of mobiles to check the compatibility against the multimedia content that the company delivered to various operators.
  • Configure and implement development methodologies based in concurrent version system (CVS).
  • Programming PHP5 OOP, MySQL 5, XML, HTML/CSS Web 2.0 for a variety of internal applications.
  • Development of a Social networking application.
  • Administer some Linux Gentoo and UNIX BSD Systems.
Jul 2003Jun 2006

Chief Support Officer

Consultores Micorp C.A.


  1. In charge of the Support department and consultant of new technologies.
  2. Administration of Systems for Internet Services under Linux (Debian, Slackware, RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu) and Windows (2000, 2003 Server).
  3. Implement the first PHP.Net Mirror in Venezuela (
  4. Development of CMS.
  5. Programming PHP, XML, XSL, XSLT, Perl, C, WSDL.
  6. DB Administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server).
  7. Consultant services and support of a variety of OpenSource software developed for different clients.
  8. Instalation, configuration and Administration of Servers: Firewall, Proxy, EMail (IMAP, POP, SMTP), Web (Apache, IIS), Directory (OpenLDAP, Active Directory), Audio and Video Streamming (Icecast), DHCP, DNS, Anti-Spam (Spamassassin), Anti-virus (ClamAV).


  1. M.P.D: Application development for Census of Pensioned and Retired Personnel.Application development of System of Social Indicator of Venezuela V1, V2, V3.
  2. P.D.V.S.A: PDV-Exchange (System for auctioning the excedent of Oil and it's derivates of Venezuela). PDVSA-Clinicas (Administrative system of Ambulatory Clinics). Nueva Etapa – Application re-Design using OpenSource Software.
  3. CINECACI: Web Portal with in-house developed CMS
  4. C.N.T.I: Medidas de Dispersion (E-Learning Web Portal).
  5. Conatel: ERC - Web portal of communitary radios with in-house developed CMS.
  6. COOPING: Web-Portal with CMS (
  7. Corpozulia: Web-Portal with CMS.
  8. DHL: System for calculate the commissions for Salesmen.
  9. INAC: Web portal with CMS for Instituto Nacional de Aeronautica Civil( of Servers using OpenSource Technologies ( Firewall, Proxy, EMail, Web, PDC, File Server, DHCP and DNS).
  10. UCV: Web portal with CMS of Dirección de Tecnologías de Información (DTIC).Development of Application for the Webmail ( installation for the Webmail application.Custom system developed to calculate the phone bills of the University for the Phone Central ALCATEL 4300S with OpenSource technologies.
  11. Prosatcomm: Anti-SPAM server installation. Web portal Development.
Jan 2004Jul 2004

IT Manager

  • Implementation of the new paltform of network services in Windows.
  • Consulting for the adquisition of internet services and new technologies.
  • UNIX SCO Svr. 5 Administration.
  • Server Installation under Linux (Proxy, Firewall, File Server)
  • PDC Server installation under Windows 2000 Server.
  • Proyect leader of the creation of the Web Portal Caunaweb ( ).
Mar 2003Jul 2003

Web Developer

Banco Nacional de Ahorro y Préstamo
  • Development of CMS.
  • PHP, XML, XSL, XSLT programming for this project.
Jun 2001Mar 2003

Web Development Manager

GraphiX Studios, Grupo Creativo 2047 C.A.
  • Evaluate the customer needs and offer web developments to them.
  • PHP-Mysql, HTML and CSS programming.

Puntual Projects:

  • Daycohost: Consulting in system Security for the hosting company
Sep 2000Jun 2001

IT Web Developer Inc.
  • PHP-MySQL-SQL Server, Perl-CGI, XML, HTML programming.


  • External:Deal SAMBA for the Basketball 2001seasonDeal Microsoft Encarta
Aug 1999Sep 2000

System Administrator

  • Administration of Unix SCO Svr 5.
  • DB administration for the SIMPADSA system.
  • BASIC programming under Unix (bbx3) programming. Data migration from SIMPADSA system to PACAH system.
Jun 1997Aug 1999

System Administrator, Technical Support

H.D.R 46 S.A.
  • Instalation and Administration of Local Linux network.
  • Installation of the Administrative System SAINT (DOS) under RedHat Linux 5.2
  • Technical service for networks and computers.


SafeNet Advanced HSM Administrator

SafeNet Inc.

Debian Developer

Debian GNU Linux
Mar 2007Present

LPI 101

Linux Professional Institute
Jun 2007Present

SEO Conference

Search Engine Strategies


Oct 1992Jul 1997

High School

U.E Colegio Santa Gema
  • President of Students Center
Oct 1985Jul 1992

Basic School

U.E Colegio Santa Gema