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With my innovative skill set, I'm the person you look for when you need things organized, streamlined and updated.  Do you have an out of date contact list that still sits on a Rolodex or is printed out?  I can take it and make it a rich, easy to use database that has all your customers data and can be accessed from any internet connected device.

I thrive in an atmosphere where my creativity is unleashed and encouraged. I welcome a challenge and approach it with a fresh perspective that comes naturally and has been sharpened by my past experience.  I am energized by all things that make life easier for both individuals and companies and enjoy meeting like-minded people. 

I possess excellent analytical and problem solving skills and am able to handle multiple projects while producing high quality work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment. I have extensive experience in the credit, customer service, energy and logistics fields.

Work experience

May 2015Jan 2016

Gas Scheduling Analyst

Tenaska Marketing Ventures

I was responsible for the daily scheduling of Tenaska Marketing Ventures (TMV) natural gas business (i.e. purchases, sales, storage, agency, gathering and transportation deals).

This included collecting and coordinating information both externally with customers and pipeline representatives and internally with marketers and accounting.

I prepared accurate and timely nominations to transportation and storage providers and tracked pipeline websites for pipeline operating conditions and communicated that information to marketers and other necessary parties.

I kept all balances within pipeline and TMV parameters and used my problem solving skills and knowledge of pipeline systems to resolve any gas flow problems.

Mar 2013May 2015

Customer Service Representative (Natural Gas Scheduler)

Northern Natural Gas

In my role I performed nominations, confirmations, allocations and scheduling activities on the Northern Natural Gas pipeline.

I monitored crucial points and pipelines daily for scheduled volumes and actual flow along with responding to inquiries from operators and shippers to work hand in hand to resolve problems.

I strived to maintain positive relationships with all levels of company personnel as I view internal customer service just as high a priority as external customer service.

I took the initiative to investigate and respond to scheduling and billing discrepancies in a timely manner to arrive at a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

I proactively provided technical input to assist in development of project planning, system enhancements and work flow improvements. I approached this with the goal of reducing work load, confusion and ease of use as my main priorities.

Feb 2011Mar 2013

Volume Management Associate

Constellation Energy

I was accountable for the day to day management of Constellation New Energy Group (CNEG) purchased volumes as well as CNEG Customer owned transportation contracts for multiple interstate pipelines.

I was responsible for forecasting and daily balancing for the customer base for which they were assigned.

I worked closely with internal customers, pipeline representatives, external suppliers, and LDC/ pipeline personnel to ensure the confirmation and tracking of all purchased and actualized volumes at their respective receipt and delivery points.

Jan 2010Aug 2010

Sales and Marketing Manager

Cleanfire Distribution

I was responsible for all aspects of the sales and marketing of our product to include web design and maintenance, customer meetings, advertising creation and budget, customer database administration and all sales activities.

Sep 1998Dec 2009

Market Service Representative (Natural Gas Scheduler)

Northern Border Pipeline

I performed daily transportation capacity scheduling ensuring that all tariff prescribed priorities were adhered to and capacity utilization was maximized.

I was designated as the IT specialist within my area due to my extensive knowledge of a wide variety of hardware, commercial and company software. This included installation, configuration and maintenance of off site locations for all team members.

I researched, integrated and trained on new technology that improved system effectiveness with a concentration on cost reduction and productivity improvement.

I developed, tested and verified system changes prior to production for both internal and external customers along with their implementation.

I integrated a cloud based CRM solution with our existing email platform that gave access to contact information across the company and at a savings of 90%.



Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration of Technical Studies

Bellevue University

University of Nebraska at Omaha

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