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Company Profile

BOINK! is a modern dance company that explores the infinite possibilities in the world of film and live performance. Founded in 2013, artistic directors Cassandra Motta, Dylan Baker, and Lauren Hafner Addison have been dancing and creating together for the past ten years. From the company's inception, video editor Christopher Huth continues to be an essential part in our aim to combine dance and film. With improvisation as the backbone to our process, we find that collaboration is the key ingredient in our work. BOINK!'s mission is to combine dance and film in new and exciting ways in order to connect and share with all audiences.

Choreographic History

Apr 2016May 2016

Westbeth NY | All Over WestBeth

Paint That Wagon (Duet w/Projections)

All over Westbeth is the site-specific program showing a variety of unconventional and unique approaches to dance and space.

This piece combines an uncommon space with interactive projections in order to get a visually striking performance.

Jan 2016Jan 2016

Teatro La Tea | Live Dance Live

A Tea Party (Duet)

Live Dance Live is a celebration of dance while supporting a good cause. Proceeds go to Connect, which helps men, women and children with domestic violence. 

This piece is a comical duet that explores the outcome of what happens when two people, at varies timelines, interact within the same space.

Oct 2015Oct 2015

Actors Fund Art Center | Overflow

Overflow (Full Show w/Projections)

BOINK!'s first full-length, self produced show. Overflow is an exploration of modern relationships, reflecting on the erosion of personal space and the proliferation of human connections. Film and dance interplay with the same fluidity that defines our interpersonal experiences. And as with all relationships, it is the give and take—between media and meaning, performer and observer—that form the boundaries of what Overflow seeks to transcend.

Oct 2015Oct 2015

Gesley Kirkland Theater | DUMBO Dance Festival

Fueled (Trio w/Projections)

The DUMBO Festival is a four-day marathon showcase of cutting-edge contemporary dance featuring both emerging and eminent dancemakers.

This is piece was inspired by the strength and grace of women, focusing on femininity, ferocity, anger, and gender equality. 

Sep 2015Sep 2015

Actors Fund Art Center | SPARK Dance Forum

Overflow Excerpt (Group Piece w/Projections)

SPARK is a movement forum that aims to create networking opportunity amongst emerging artists through the performance experience.

We performed an excerpt from the ending of Overflow.

May 2015May 2015

Actors Fund Art Center | Brooklyn Ballet First Look

Overflow Intro (Group Piece w/Projections)

First Look is an annual curated program of work by contemporary dance choreographers presented by Brooklyn Ballet.

We performed an excerpt from the opening of Overflow

Apr 2015Apr 2015

Triskelion Arts | WAXworks

Overflow Intro (Group Piece w/Projections)

WAXworks is an inclusive performance showcase that offers new and experienced artists the opportunity to present their work. 

We performed an excerpt from the opening of Overflow

Apr 2015Apr 2015

Marie-Christine Giordano | Salon

Progression (Solo) & Winged (Solo)

Salon events allow musicians, dancers, writers, and visual artists to share short works or works-in-process and engage in dialogue in an intimate, casual setting.

We performed two solos representing varies points in life, one before a tragedy and one after.

Jan 2015Jan 2015

Teatro La Tea | Live Dance Live

Progression (Solo)

This piece is a solo that reflects on how we cope with change.

Oct 2014Oct 2014

Actors Fund Art Center | SPARK Dance Forum

Progress (Trio)

Progress is a trio inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sep 2014Sep 2014

Teatro La Tea | Live Dance Live

Progress (Trio)

Live Dance Live is a celebration of dance while supporting a good cause! Proceeds go to Connect, which helps men, women and children with domestic violence. 

Jun 2014Jun 2014

West End Theater | Soaking Wet

Trigger (Duet w/Projections)

Soaking WET is a series of choreographic evenings curated by David Parker, has been the first and only resident-dance company of the West End Theater since January 2003.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Lost Planet | 113 Spring Screening

Paint That Wagon (Video)

Set in the never ending liveliness of Central Park, this video utilizes time lapse technique to fast forward us through daily routine and decelerate in the relishing moments of the unexpected. 

Oct 2013Oct 2013

Oklahoma Dance Film Festival

Boink! The Short (Video)

Boink! was selected from over 100 submissions by artists from all over the world, representing the best in cinematic imagination.

This video is a highly energetic, spiraling film that combines the views of several artists through swirling, nontraditional camera angles, colorfully rhythmic editing, and aindrop inspired improvisation.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

Triskelion Arts | SPARK Dance Forum

Fueled (Group Piece w/Projections)

This group piece was BOINK!'s first choreographic endeavor with original projections.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

John Ryan Theater | DUMBO Dance Festival

Enigma Machine (Duet)

This duet, filled of tranquility, curiosity and wonder, was premiered at this performance.

Jun 2013Jun 2013

Green Space | Fertile Ground

Enigma Machine (Duet)

Fertile Ground is a new works showcase for emerging and established artists which features an ever changing line-up of various choreographers each evening.

May 2013May 2013

WAH Center | Spring Dance Festival

Winged (Solo)

This solo was inspired by the flight of birds, choreography mimics the movement of a bird's wing. This solo emanates brokenness and a longing of fulfillment.

May 2013May 2013

Green Space | Fertile Ground

Fueled (Group Piece)

This was the original performance of Fueled.

Feb 2013Feb 2013

The Lincoln Center Film Festival | Dance on Camera

Boink! the Short (Video)

The film premiered February 2013 as part of the 41st edition of Dance on Camera presented by Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center.


Jan 2007Jun 2009

Dylan Baker - BFA Dance

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sep 2005Jun 2009

Cassandra Motta - BFA Dance

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sep 2005Jan 2009

Lauren Hafner Addison - BFA Dance & BA Music

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sep 2002Jun 2006

Christopher Huth - BA Screen Arts and Cultures

University of Michigan