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Bonnie Compton

School Psychologist - School Counselor, M. Ed., Ed. S.

  • University Place, Wa.
  • 702-587-3465

Work experience

LSG & Associates

Apr 2015Oct 2015


Served the Shiprock and Taos School Districts with completing evaluations to become compliant with the State of New Mexico.

High Plains Regional Education Center

Oct 2013May 2014


High Plains REC duties for the school psychologist are to assist the District in meeting special education timelines.  Since October 2013,  one day per week I drove to Raton, NM. My duties  included the following;   initial evaluations, re-evaluations and  REED (3 year present level evaluations), for elementary and middle school students  as well as a   member of the Kindergarten/1st grade SAT team.

Taos Municipal Schools

Oct 2012May 2014


Serving as the School Psychologist for the Taos Municipal School District, I again was charged with assisting the school district in becoming compliant with three-year re-evaluations as well as initial evaluations. Through file reviews, updating evaluations when needed, and completing eligibility meetings, more than ninety (120) students have current assessments completed. All juniors and seniors are schedule to have assessments, transition plans and exit meetings before leaving high school.

New responsibilities for the school psychologist for the 2013-14 school year are: RTI/SAT team member for middle and high schools as well as providing school psychological services for two alternative high schools in Taos.

Espanola School District

Oct 2011Sep 2012


The primary objective of this diagnostician is to assist the Espanola School District in becoming compliant with three-year re-evaluations. Through file reviews, updating evaluations when needed, and completing eligibility meetings, more than forty-five (45) students have current assessments completed. All seniors will have assessments, transition plans and exit meetings before leaving high school.

Lyon County School District

Aug 2006Sep 2011


    Assessment of cognitive abilities, achievement, social and emotional functioning, personality, and developmental status; use of interviews, observations, and performance assessments to understand learning and behavior problems; accountability for valid and reliable measures of behavior and treatment progress.
    Diagnostic assessments to support eligibility for and delivery of services within statutorily regulated contexts that integrate diagnostic information from other professionals to support recommendations for educational modifications and community services.
    Primary prevention programs to reduce the incidence of academic failure, school violence, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and programs to promote children's well-being through more appropriate educational and classroom accommodations. Crisis intervention services that support children following natural disasters, violence, abuse, death, or suicide by a student.
    Consultation with teachers, parents, agency administrators and supervision of psychological services staff concerning children's behavior and academic and social problems.
    Consultation with physicians and other professionals concerning the school functioning and learning of children with disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, chronic illness, physical or genetic conditions, and substance abuse.
    Educational evaluation services including development of appropriate measures of child behavior and classroom contexts; analysis of academic achievement using standardized tests, performance assessment, self reports, and other appropriate methods; evaluation of individualized educational plans; observation and measurement of teacher and parent behaviors; and evaluation of instructional and organizational environments.

Lyon County School District

Aug 2001Aug 2006


  • Provided assistance to students in understand and dealing with social, behavioral, and personal problems with emphasize on preventive and developmental counseling.
  • Provided students with life skills needed to deal with problems before they worsen and to enhance students’ personal, social, and academic growth.
  • Observed children and conferred with their teachers and parents to evaluate the children’s strengths, problems, or special need making sure the curriculum addressed both academic and  developmental needs of students.
  • Provided Love and Logic in-service and parent training.
  • Liaison between community organizations and school to  advocate for students to promote  academic, career, personal, and social development of children and youth.
  • Provided special services, including alcohol and drug prevention programs and conflict resolution classes. Assisted in identifying cases of abuse and other family problems that could affect the student’s development.

  • Consulted and collaborated with parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, medical professionals, and social workers to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed.

  • Administered and monitored standardized testing.

Great Falls Public School

Aug 2000Aug 2001


  • responsible for assistance in the planning and implementation of the system-wide training events and building in-services
  • assisting the planning and implementation of Care Program activities
  • promoted community awareness and activities for tobacco prevention
  • provided counseling to students and families concerning student assistance issues
  • responsible for tobacco education and awareness groups
  • implementation of a K-5 prevention program
  • taught GED skills to Montana State Prison inmates during the summer for GFPS District.

North Star Gymnastics Club

Mar 1976May 1999


Provided instruction for babies to college students (Northern Montana College skills classes) in basic gymnastics within the following areas:

  • safety, fundamentals, progressions, and fitness.
  • preschool and school-age movement and recreation classes.
  • coached children at the competitive level.

Rocky Boy School District

Aug 1988May 1994


  • Personal, academic, career, and educational counseling
  • Oversaw class scheduling, student registration, attendance and maintained comprehensive permanent student records.
  • Administered, analyzed, monitored student testing.
  • Facilitated groups; e.g., Insight.
  • Provided in-services training.
  • Liaison between community organizations
  • Developed strategies to cultivate parent involvement, student-tracking systems
  • Assisted in the development of federal proposals.
  • Wrote State Tech-Prep grant for Stone Child College
  • Trained community and staff in multicultural sensitivity.

State of Montana

Jul 1986Aug 1988


Administered & coordinated SRS DFS program within Blaine County, Provided direct and indirect supervision to eligibility technicians, clerical and social service staff. Developed and organized internal office procedures policy for managing the Blaine County office.


  • interviewed/hired new employees
  • assessed, determined, documented staffing/training needs and performance appraisals
  • initiated performance related corrective action
  • developed local policies for use of flex-time, leave without pay, vacation, education leave
  • promoted morale, counseled employees, resolved staff grievances
  • recommended personnel actions for promotions, demotions, and terminations


  • provided effective financial management that included preparing, monitoring, controlling and reporting to County Commissioners regarding the county budget
  • accountable for security, expenditure of food stamp coupons, participation cards, blank checks and Medicaid cards of unlimited value
  • developed, negotiated, administered purchase of service contracts
  • administered, purchase/use of supplies, equipment, office space

Program Management:

  • directed interpretation and developed procedural guidelines for implementing SRS/DFS policies and procedures
  • liaison between the departments, local elected officials, community organizations, Fort Belknap Reservation, BIA, IHS, and other entities in the communities
  • devised policies and procedures which provided timely and nondiscriminatory client access to programs, services, and the grievance process

Direct Service:

  • provided direct or assigned coverage for absent personnel
  • established procedures for risk assessment and staff safety
  • managed emergency and crisis situations


My essential role as a school psychologist is to incorporate information from developmental instruments and life circumstances then translate it for adults who are responsible for promoting the healthy growth and development of children and youth in a wide range of educational contexts.  Both the educational and professional background I have attained, has prepared me to provide a range of psychological diagnosis, assessment, intervention, prevention, health promotion, and program development and evaluation services with a special focus on the developmental processes of children and youth within the context of schools, families, and other systems.  As a school psychologist, I am prepared to intervene at the individual and system level, and develop, implement, and evaluate preventive programs. I can therefore conduct efficient, valid assessments and intervene to promote positive learning environments for children and youth from diverse backgrounds to ensure that all have equal access to effective educational and psychological services that promote healthy development.

 "Response to Intervention (RTI),  a multi-tiered approach to help struggling learners, monitor's a students' progress by closely monitoring  him/her at each stage of intervention to determine the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, in special education, or both."  I have been trained  in the  RTI  and have been involved as a team member in the  Student Assistance Team since my initial training in Atlantic City, NJ in 2007.


Trainer of Trainers and Parent Training in Love & Logic

Attended the Chapman University training on Teaching With Love & Logic in Great Falls, Montana, 2001. Attended Parenting With Love & Logic in Colorado, 2006.   While in Nevada I have provided training to parents using the love & logic principles. The parenting classes were twice a year. The spring of 2008 was the first in-service that was provided to teachers in the Lyon County School District. Three schools  participated in the Love & Logic classes that were incorporated as their school's discipline plan.  

Response to Intervention (RTI) and Student Assistance Team (SAT) training from July 2007 to the present. I became a member of the Student Assistance Team at the schools in which I have worked since the initial training of the Lyon County School Districts' RTI/SAT team training. 

I was  a member of the Taos Middle and High School teams as well as the  Longfellow School, Raton, NM.  

Trainings attended:

Effective Behavior Management Strategies for Kids with Severe Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, Melisa Genaux, M.Ed., May 21, 2010.  

Discrete Trial Teaching and Working Toward Errorless Learning, Melisa Genaux, M.Ed., May 21, 2010.  

Joining Forces Effectively: Consultation and The Art of Influence with Adults, Melisa Genaux, M.E.d, October 28, 2010.  

Effective Behavior Management Strategies for the Classroom: Practical Magic, Melisa Genaux, M.Ed., May 11, 2011.    

Member of a variety of school-based RTI/SAT teams assisting in the intervention process for struggling students; K-12.
Member of Autism Identification Team
Provided the cognitive and social/emotional evaluation to children suspected of being Autistic. I was a member of the team that determined educational "diagnosis" for Autism by observing and scoring the ADOS and  have participated in the training for administering the ADOS.


Linda Sink

Cooperative Education
Services 505-344-5470


University of Nevada, Reno

Sep 2002May 2005

Educational Specialist

Educational Specialist degree

  •     GPA 3.89

Montana State University - Northern - College of Education & Graduate Studies

Jun 1984Aug 1985

Masters in Guidance/Counseling

Masters Guidance/Counseling

  •     GPA 3.81
  •     Graduate Assistant

Montana State University - Northern - College of Education & Graduate Studies

Jun 1969Jun 1972

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science - Health/Physical Education K-12

  •  GPA 3.50
  •  Departmental Honors
  •  Academic Scholarship