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I am a full-stack web developer with 12+ years of experience who enjoys building things.


Senior Full-Stack Developer

Aug 2012Present
Corcosoft, Borut Balazek s.p.
  • Development of dozens of projects for clients such as Philips, RWE, Innogy, Dannon, LesMills, Radenska, Union, and many more
  • Working with clients from the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia
  • Types of work include:
    • Mobile apps - React Native, Ionic and Cordova
    • Web apps - React, Angular, Next.js, NestJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Symfony, CakePHP
    • DevOps - Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, GCP and AWS 
    • Testing - Cypress, Playwright
    • Open-source contributions - BabylonJS (Microsoft's WebGL engine), Synaptic (a JS-based ML/neural network library) and around 40+ personal open-sourced projects (including boilerplates, experimental apps, side-projects and several libraries)

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Nov 2015Dec 2023
Edukey Education
  • Joined the company as the first developer, scaling projects from tens of thousands to millions of users over the years
  • Developed and implemented a significant portion of the company's product features
  • Introduced and integrated Gitflow, Docker, Continuous Integration, and E2E with Cypress, enhancing the development processes in the company
  • Led the frontend and mobile development areas, including rewriting parts of the legacy web app from jQuery to React, and native Java to React Native for Android and iOS apps
  • Onboarded existing developers and took charge of both onboarding and mentoring newly joined junior developers
  • Mentored QA on the usage of Javascript and Cypress, improving testing coverage and practices
  • Preparing, planning and migrating services from GCP to AWS

Web Developer

Dec 2011Jan 2013
Alstar d.o.o.
  • Tech support for clients, building custom themes and plugins in Joomla!, Ecommerce shops in Perstashop, and custom development on the CRM platform Vtiger for several customers


Software Developer

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Ptuj
  • Algorithms and programming languages
  • Databases
  • Computer networks
  • Computer components


Languages: English, German and Slovenian

Personality traits: Proactive, reliable, adaptive, dedicated and a perfectionist

Hobbies: F1, karting, sim-racing, 3D printing, 3D modeling and photography