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Portland State University School of Art + Design


Graphic Design/ Printmaking

Liberty Christian High School


High School Diploma

Work experience

The Local Coffeehouse


Being the first specialty coffee shop in SE Washington, we were responsible for setting the bar high. Every beverage was expected to be perfect.  We were loved and respected because of our excellent customer service, our ability to prepare perfectly textured milk, and consistently beautiful espresso. Along with being able to pull espresso according to rigorous standards, we were also responsible for knowing in depth knowledge about different brewing methods. We were expected to educate the public on any of the different brewing processes we offered (Chemex, pour over, french press, aero press, and vacuum pot.)  Humbly serving award winning coffees, roasted by Victrola Coffee.  

Sharehouse Coffee


Our mission was to serve our community by providing stellar service, and great coffee. We were accountable for building relationships with our customers, preparing pastries, steaming perfect milk, and crafting smooth, consistent espresso. Privileged to serve Intelligentsia Coffee. 

Vans Shoes

Sales Associate

As a sales associate we were the face of the company. It was our job to uphold the standards of customer service. We had to maintain composure in a fast paced environment. From running and getting shoes, to ringing up the customers, it was our responsibility to insure the customer was well taken care of. 

Pacific Sunwear

Sales Associate

Otherwise known as Pac Sun, Pacific Sunwear was focused on selling clothes and shoes. We were expected to assist the customers by retrieving sizes, getting dressing rooms, suggesting new product..etc. We were also responsible for being their cashier when they were ready to make their purchase. After being with this company for over a year I was promoted to "Shoe Manager", which came with the responsibility of organizing the stock room, labeling the shoes, and educating the staff on new shoe technology. 


Fast Learner
Passionate. Humble. Sharp. Dedicated. 
Passionate. Respectful. Effective. Truthful .
Passionate. Honest. Efficient. Intentional. 
Passionate. Trustworthy. Reliable. Hard Working. 
Passionate. Meticulous. Consistant. Beautiful. 
Passionate. Knowledge. Patience. Perfection.
Adobe Photoshop
Passionate. Committed. Unique. Inspirational. 
Adobe Illustrator
Passionate. Disciplined. Thoughtful. Creative. 


Rebecca Janosky / School Counselor

"Very few kids understand the things that you do at such a young age"  (509) 725-0650

Michael Tormannen/ Co owner of The Local

"You know more about coffee than any kid I have ever met"  (509) 947-8789

Justin Torrez / Store Manager of Pacific Sunwear

 "One of the best sales associates I have ever had" (425) 829-8276