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An entrepreneur and expert in search engine technology, Brent Franson currently serves as the Senior Director of Advanced Client Solutions for, Inc. This industry-leading company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, focuses on online reputation management (ORM). As a member the company's original executive team, Mr. Franson has been directly involved in key projects such as new product development, sales team creation and management, and client base expansion. Coupling his strong background in ORM with his expertise in search algorithms, Brent Franson has played an important role in the growth of Furthermore, he regularly employs his decade of experience in search engine technology to develop solutions catered specifically to's highest-profile clients. In developing these solutions, Brent Franson helps ensure customer satisfaction and confidentiality.

Brent Franson launched his career in the information technology industry in 2000 when he founded a firm dedicated to search engine technology. Over the years, he developed his company into a successful international operation, opening offices in several cities across the United States and one in India. Today, Mr. Franson continues to be a leader in the field, serving as the President of the Online Reputation Management Association (ORMA). He founded this non-profit organization in 2009 with the goal of creating a community for ORM specialists. Highlighting public relations, legal, and ethical matters, this organization includes corporate and individual members from around the world. In addition to his work with ORMA, Brent Franson publicly speaks about ORM topics.

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