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Work experience

Sep 2002Present

Military Police

US Army

• Worked in Federal Detention Facility, monitoring high-risk detainees • Manned and supervised a gun truck while moving in convoys between bases in Afghanistan • Worked on a quick response force team to react to any hostile act or intent directed toward Bagram Air Base

Oct 2012Present

Network Sales Engineer

Howard Technology Solutions

Project management and coordination

Wired and wireless networking

Systems integration


Training and professional development

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Aug 2008Nov 2008

Commercial Construction Laborer

Max Robertson Contractor

Worked primarily beside Carpenters and sub-contractors, building commercial buildings.Specified in structural construction.

May 2008Aug 2008

Security Officer


• Maintained physical security of Turtle Creek Mall at all time while on duty • Continuously communicated with the public • Made fast, educated decision in response to various situations on a daily basis

Jun 2004May 2008

Corrections Officer

Lee County Sheriff's Office

• Worked in high-security county jail in Lee County • Managed as many as 200 high-risk inmates at one time • Worked in suicide-watch housing, managing and counseling potentially suicidal inmates • Practiced good judgment and decision-making skills daily

May 2007Apr 2008

Transportation Management Coordinator

US Army

• Assisted in Coordinating Convoys hauling life sustainment supplies between Bases in Iraq • Personally planned all movement of heavy equipment locally on Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Iraq including the movement of 20'-40' containers, large vehicles, etc. requiring the use of cranes, rough terrain handling equipment and/or 40' flatbeds • Managed approximately 20 employees, including Heavy Equipment operators and their supervisors

Sep 2001Aug 2003

Firefighter and First Responder

Millgrove Volunteer FIre Department

• Completed Basic Firefighter Course • Certified First Responder • Attended various first-aid and fire response calls • Performed CPR and first-aid on a regular basis 

Sep 1999Jul 2003

Cook / Bus Person / Cleaning and Maintenance

The Cricket Club Bar and Grill

• Cooked food items on grill and in grease fryer • Assisted in busing dished and seating customers • Cleaned restaurant weekly • Learned how to properly and efficiently interact with customers • Performed required maintenance as needed in restaurant


Jun 2009May 2011

Jones County Junior College
May 2008Dec 2008

Central Texas College

GPA: 4.0 Studied: Law Enforcement, Crime Scene Investigation, Interpersonal Communication (psychology);

Aug 2003Dec 2003

US Army Military Police Academy

Certified by US Army as a Military Police Officer. Studied Law Enforcement, Combative Skills, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, and First Aid.


Microsoft Office
Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and familiar with Microsoft Powerpoint.  Very proficient at composing spreadsheets and tracking any kind of information.
First Aid
Certified First Responder in 2002 - 2005; Combat Life Saver (advanced first aid) with US Army from 2007-2009; Volunteer Firefighter from 2001 - 2003; frequent first-aid training with US Army; proficient with CPR, obtaining vital information, and first-aid care; able to provide basic first-aid and CPR training to others.
Transportation Management
Transportation Management Coordinator for US Army, see details under employment history.
Combat and Security
Two 12 month combat deployments with US Army.
Law Enforcement
Deputy Sheriff for Lee County Sheriff's Office, Military Police Officer for US Army.


Dr. Keith Thompson

MAJ Jacqueline Corley

Mark Olson

Ty Parker


As an immediate goal, I desire to maintain my employment with the US Army while earning a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, which is subject to change to a similar field.  However, if a career opportunity presents itself which fits my criteria I may be willing to make a career change.

As a long-term goal, I desire to retire from the US Army or Mississippi Army National Guard.  As a contingency, I desire a career in banking, finance, engineering, or other careers involving mathematics.



Brian is a driven professional with a wide range of experience within several aspects of the business environment. He has a talent for rapid adaptation to new environments. He is rational and prudent with colleagues, clients, and vendors at all levels. He displays a history of adeptly producing concrete results.

Brian is flexible and resourceful, exhibiting a professional posture while maintaining a tactful sense of humor under pressure. He is composed and proficient with demonstrated ability to easily transcend interpersonal differences. He is very experienced in handling difficult colleagues and clients and thrives in deadline-driven environments. He also possesses excellent team-building skills. He has a strong display of discipline, professionalism, and versatility developed over 11-year military career and two combat deployments.

Writing Samples


Dec 2002Present

Military Police

US Army
Oct 2004Jul 2012

Certified Corrections Office

Criminal Justice and Corrections Academy at Southwest Florida Institute for Public Service

Certified First Responder

New York State Department of Health

Firefighter I

New York State Department of Health

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