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Work experience


Epic Cetified Optime Applications Analyst

The Houston Methodist Hospital

As a member of The Houston Methodist EPIC project team, I am able to offer vast clinical knowledge emanating from six years of experience as an Operating Room nurse. Currently, my responsibilities involve analysis of Peri-operative clinical workflows, foundation system validations, and collaborating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build an EPIC OpTime Application that is tailored to their specific needs. I am also the OpTime Application Lead for several integrated groups including: Quality: Meaningful Use and Core Measures, Data Migration, Change Control, Bar Code Medication Administration, and Scanning and Transcription groups. 


Registered Nurse, BSN

The Houston Methodist Hospital

As an operating room nurse, I have functioned as both a Circulator and Scrub nurse. In caring for patients undergoing a surgical procedure, my responsibilities included: anticipating the needs of the surgeon when assisting during a procedure, maintaining the sterile field, ensuring that supplies and instruments used during the procedure are sterile, and that equipment used are clean and functioning correctly. I also functioned as a super user for various systems including PICIS: OR Manager, LaborWorks, and Abacus. In addition, I was a member of The Houston Methodist House-Wide Policy & Procedure Committee, actively participated in inventory management for the ORs, collaborated with surgeons in creating and updating their procedural preference cards, and functioned as a new hire preceptor. I also functioned as an auditor for the hospital's Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Reports required in state of Texas. 



Master of Science in Nursing with Emphasis in Health Care Informatics

Grand Canyon University

As a graduate of this program, I am able to better comprehend and utilize the data involved in health care to reach better decisions through evidence-based practices. I have also learned to use patient and health data to achieve better patient outcomes, reduce health care costs, and improve operational efficiency. This program has trained me to function in various organizational roles such as automating clinical care, building new operational data systems, training health care providers in using the computer system, as well as collect and analyze data to improve patient care.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Upon completion of this program, I am able to provide patient-centered nursing care using a systematic approach to meet the needs of the patients, families, and communities in diverse settings. I am also able to collaborate with inter-professional team members to provide patient-centered care, demonstrate professionalism, and utilize leadership theories and skills in the practice of professional nursing.


  • Provide clinical workflow input regarding the Peri-operative setting based on previous clinical experience as an Operating Room nurse
  • Conduct interviews, walk-through, and analysis of current clinical workflow and how to best integrate the Epic system
  • Clinical Content Build Out of the Peri-operative setting
  • Involved in integrated groups including: Change Control, Barcode Medication Administration, Meaningful Use, Core Measures, Scanning and Transcription, and Data Migration
  • Involve in Anesthesia Pre-Admission Testing and Preoperative Clinical Content Build Out
  • Assist in the preparation and care of patients undergoing surgical procedures
  • Supervise the sterilization of OR supplies and equipment being used during the procedure
  • Anticipate needs of the surgeon and surgical team, and assist in operative procedures
  • Laborworks super user for the OR 
  • Abacus System super user for the OR 
  • Create surgeon procedural preference cards for new surgeons, and update any old preference cards according to new procedural changes.
  • Collaborated with doctor and director regarding updates on the Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) forms
  • Auditor of quarterly ECT reports
  • Mentor new hires and nursing students during their OR rotations.


Epic OpTime

Prosci Change Management Certified


References will be provided upon request