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I am a creative, customer focused ServiceNow & Advanced Workflow Architect with experience in ServiceNow and SalesForce. My professional background is in both Technical Program Management and Enterprise Product Management with extensive work in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and government.

I enjoy solving problems and simplifying complex processes around automation and efficiency, working with top brands like American Express, BMW, NASA, Nintendo, and Toyota. I have also founded and successfully exited five successful Enterprise software companies via acquisition.

I study the art and design of great storytelling. Epic adventures unfolding on the glittering edge of some alien planet, tales told around the flickering of a campfire, a great book or a well-made movie all serve to equally delight me. My hobbies include photography, metalworking, making things with 3D printers, silicon mold making and casting, art and travel.

Leadership Skills:
SalesForce, ServiceNow, customer success, business operations, complex integration projects, developer platforms, workflow & business process automation, logistics & supply chain, collaboration platforms, Enterprise portals and search, mobile workforce, and content, document and record management.

Professional Experience

IBM Consulting

May 2021Present

ServiceNow Solution Architect (Certified System Administrator, various Microcerts and over 8 teacher led classes - further certifications in the works)

I work on Pre-Sales Solutioning, RFP/RFI's and also am a Leader in complex Delivery projects where I coach and guide our Delivery team's development, architectural and project outcomes to help the customer achieve their goals.

  • ServiceNow Platform & Integrations Lead Architect, Walgreens Boots Alliance - July 2021 to February 2022
    • Mentored and guided team across a number of workstreams, instituted daily scrum, replaced inadequate team members, and guided integrations and highly complex platform foundation data, setup SAML Single Sign On
    • Guided WBA Security team through securityinstance hardening
  • ServiceNow Architect, for IBM CIO Office
    • GRC: IRM Implementation (migrating from a Lotus Notes App)
January 2016May, 2021

Lead / Workflow & Automation Architect (ETTAIN Group Contractor)

I was the technical leader and architect for Eleven (11) complex Enterprise workflow programs in the CX/Services area of Cisco. Focus on automation, workflow, digital transformations, and AI/ML driven predictive analytics using a combination of LEAN, Agile, and Six Sigma methodologies. My programs help run business units with over 1 billion in revenue and growing.

Strategy & Leadership
♦ Using Machine learning/AI and predictive analytics to help with complex business processes/teams by providing better analytical tools to assist with planning, sales, renewals, logistics to better scale revenue and simplify the customer experience - collaborating with our business intelligence/reporting team.
♦ Providing leadership and automation expertise around digital transformation efforts using LEAN, Agile and Six Sigma methodologies to simplify complex processes and scale revenue
♦ Designing, managing and building workflow and business process automation products involving Customer Support, Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Predictive Analytics
♦ Managing and Mentoring External Consultants, Vendors, and Employees in terms of Automation, Workflow, LEAN, Six Sigma
♦ Coordinate release functionality & roadmap with global stakeholders in eleven (11) different work streams
OUTCOME: My workflow product(s) were called out in 2018 ISO Quality Audit as a Best practice at Cisco.

Strategy and Execution 

♦ Designing, product managing, and building cloud-based SaaS products for a global workforce with cross-functional teams
♦ Focusing on designing and building workflow and business process automation products involving Logistics, Big Data, Augmented Reality (AR), IT Service Management, and analytics

Technical Abilities
♦ Basic Scripting using JavaScript and JQuery on ServiceNow

♦ ServiceNow Developer with enterprise experience with Incident, Request, and Advanced Workflow.

♦ Complex Workflow design, development, testing

★★★★★ "Core Values Award: Insightful" November 2019

Excellence Award, June 2019

  • Peer voted award for excellence

Awarded Teamwork Award, September 2017

  • Team Player, Work across boundaries and excel
  • Aid to the greater good of the team, with mentoring and coaching

Awarded Cisco Ignite Award, November 2016

  • Demonstrate skills and influence that move a team forward
  • Partner in projects outside of their direct team and job function
  • Do more than their required job function

FileHold Software


VP, Co-Founder, Product Manager

Leadership and Resource Management
♦ Generated Business (BRD) and Product Requirements Documents), (PRD) reviewed and approved Design and Technical documents created by the development team
♦ Made decisions with engineering team about how product features are technically implemented to mitigate risk, minimize technical debt and ensure customer success
♦ Prioritized product features and roadmap to maximize revenue growth

♦ Mentored employees and contractors about our  Software platform and product, best practices and how to succeed in their role

Outcome: Profitable company with thousands of customers

Team Work & Communication
♦ Championed and Evangelized product with resellers, strategic partners, and customer stakeholders
♦ Created and managed Customer Advisory Boards and various Beta programs to continuously improve product features and roadmap
♦ Stakeholder Management: Interviewed and generated regular product feedback from leading customers like American Express, BMW, Centra Industries, US Dept. of Justice, GE Healthcare, MDA Corporation, Toyota, US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, and Qualis Health.
♦ Domain and Product Expertise provided to sales team and resellers for complex RFP’s, complex sales and to perform competitive win/loss analysis

Strategy and Creativity
♦ Original Idea for product name and product vision
♦ Created powerful but easy to administer product that manages billions of mission critical documents, records and workflows for a global customer base
♦ Managed wireframes, prototypes, product roadmap, product strategy, sprints, and product backlog.

Data Analysis & Technical Abilities
♦ Analyzed Customer data and Prospect system usage with SQL, Salesforce reporting tools, and MS Excel analysis to make informed product and customer UX decisions
♦ Familiarity with .NET, C#, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, Python, and PHP helps me work with engineering teams and make decisions on potential product enhancements with regards to technical debt, risks, and trade-offs


October 2001March 2005

Director of Services/Support and Co-Product Manager

Strategy and Creativity
♦ Creator and Co-Product Manager for SynergyNow product (SMB, Enterprise, SaaS editions)

Leadership and Resource Management
♦ Initiated, sold and managed a complex, multi-million dollar custom software project for 4+ years for American Express and Ameriprise Financial (I was given a Vendor of the year by Amex for this project.
♦ Generating product requirement documents and managing product backlog and roadmap

User Experience (UX) Research & Design
♦ Conducted User research, user acceptance testing and usability testing
Created customer advisory boards for each industry

Entrepreneurial & Business Skills
♦ Founded company in 2001, self-funded, then sold to investors in 2005
♦ Working with accountants and external auditors for financials
♦ Working closely with bank with monthly reports to for operating line of credit to better manage cash flow

evolutionB Information Inc (USA)


Manager, Professional Services

Leadership and Resource Management
♦ Sold, consulted with, and managed major strategic accounts like American Airlines, Allaire Corporation, Boeing, Caterpillar, MDA Corporation, Fujitsu, Sony, US Air Force, US Army MEDCOM, and the US Navy while heavily influencing product roadmap and mentoring other employees and contractors

Strategy and Creativity
♦ Contributed to product roadmap(s) for Synergy EDMS, a Personalization Product for Spectra CMS (acquired by Adobe), and a separate SMS Product for mobile workforces (acquired by VMS)
♦ Generated business requirements for Product Management and verified them by finding major beta customers for M39 product, which was sold to Macromedia/Adobe in 2001

Entrepreneurial & Business Skills
♦ The company sold in 2001 to Macromedia (now Adobe) and Versatile Mobile Systems in two separate transactions; then I negotiated for the Synergy EDMS product to be supported and enhanced by the next company I CoFounded, dba evolutionB

Catouzer Inc


Director of Sales & Marketing, Co-Founder

Strategy and Creativity
♦ Sold, Designed and Managed the development of a mobile merchandising solution for Nintendo's workforce that did daily updates to/from JD Edwards ERP on AS/400
♦ Evangelized adding document management features to Synergy product that increased sales growth by 200%, sold 95% of all major accounts, and owned consulting for global customer base of hundreds of leading Enterprise accounts

Entrepreneurial & Business Skills
♦ Co-Founded software company that grew from 4 partners to over 45 employees in 2 years while being self-funded, bootstrapped and profitable by year 2
♦ Sold 95% of major accounts, including American Airlines, Boeing, Caterpillar, US Army Medical Command, Pitney Bowes etc
♦ Managed 10+ person team in sales, marketing, accounting, and customer support
♦ Directed external accountants at PWC on quarterly audits, and year-end financials
♦ Managed external strategic relationships including Allaire Corporation, where we did co-marketing, OEM agreements and performed Certified ColdFusion Training all over North America


ServiceNow Certifications

July 2022July 2022

Certified System Administrator in ServiceNow

ServiceNow Certifications


Micro Cert(s) in CMDB and Discovery

Two (2) Exams Scheduled for Certified App Dev and System Administrator in July 2022

- Courses taken (CSM, HRSD, ITSM, Security Incident Response, DevOps)

Scrum Alliance


Certified Scrum Master (CSM) (expired)

University of British Columbia - Ranked in the top 20 of Universities worldwide

Sep 1991Jun 1995

Bachelor of Arts

BA in Political Science / International Relations where I excelled in Statistics at one of the world's top-ranked major Universities.  I then began UBC's Continuing studies program in programming, design, and UX/CX before co-founding a startup that was acquired about 2 years later.

Products I created / Managed

Product(s) Timeframe Result
  • Cisco AI/ML & Workflow Products - Joined as Product Manager reporting directly to the Group Director in January 2016 creating products for workflow and business process automation that have helped double revenue without increasing staffing levels.
2016-ongoing  In Progress
  • FileHold Document and Record Lifecycle Software One code base but with licensing options that exposed features for SMB, Enterprise, SaaS;  clients for Web, Mobile, Desktop, rich API, SSO integration with Active Directory, MS SharePoint, MS Office, and imaging systems from EMC, Kodak, Kofax, ABBYY;  many brand name customers like BMW, Dept of Veterans Affairs, GE Healthcare, Toyota and US Dept of Justice. Manages billions of documents, workflows and financial records for a global, multiple-language customer base.
2005-2014 Sold in 2014 to partners
  • SynergyNow EDMS (Document management and workflow system used by leading brands around the world, in multiple languages).
2001-2005 Acquired in 2005 by investors
  • American Express Marketing Research Solution (Private Cloud; Web Client solution managed historical and current quantitative and qualitative research, project approvals, budget forecast and spend tracking, collaboration, reporting and project planning - used custom encryption system with Ncipher Hardware Security Modules).
2001-2005 Used Enterprise-wide for 5+ years and I won vendor of  the year award from Amex!)
  • M39 - Personalization Engine for Allaire Spectra Content Management System (CMS).
1999-2001 Acquired in 2001 by Macromedia/Adobe
  • Synergy Document Management (SMB, Enterprise and SaaS versions, used by leading brands, in multiple languages).
1997-1999 Acquired in 1999 by AGT
  • Mobile Workforce App for Nintendo (Merchandising & reporting system, integrated with JDEdwards ERP using MS SQL and ColdFusion, C++).
1997-1999 Used by thousands of employees, ROI achieved within a year of release