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Work experience

Jan 2019Present

Commercial Account Manager


I work closely with my clients to form trusting relationships.  With my well developed  presentation and interview skills I am able to ascertain my clients immediate needs and projected goals.  I then partner with them,  providing introductions to professionals to guide them along the most beneficial pathway to meet their goals.  
My career path has given me thorough knowledge of various Financial Institutions and their various line of business’.  I analyze financial statements, using the analysis to make recommendations, and assess risk to RBC .   I stay current and up to date on applicable policy and am an advocate on behalf of my client especially during times of transition. .  I use presentations to educate my clients in small to medium size groups.  I organize agendas, invite guests, and lead meetings to groups such as Boards, Shareholders and respected  Center of Influence contacts.  I use my presentation skills to educate,  to promote a team environment and to ensure transparency.  
Overall management of the book of business I am responsible for is important to my success.  Profitability and volume is measured regularly, and risk management  is one of my daily accountabilities.   

Apr 2013Jan 2019

Commercial Account Manager


I was responsible for managing the relationships of a high value group of agricultural and commercial clients in South Western Ontario.  While building on the relationships that I have with my clients, I was able to partner with them to ensure their  goals and needs are addressed.   A regular review of their credit, deposit, and cash management needs were completed, while ensuring BMO's  target risk goals, that are specific to each industry, remain within guidelines.

Client satisfaction  was a main driver behind ensuring that my book of business continued to grow and remain profitable year over year according to the targets and goals set for me by BMO.  Large targets are set for new client acquisition, new loan growth, new account deposits, and new products including revenue generation. 

Business plans and budgeting to ensure a profit year over year are completed annually and reviewed monthly to ensure in line to meet profitability by year end.   Attendance at trade shows, and a proactive approach assists with networking and new client acquisition. 

Nov 2010Apr 2013

Commercial Account Manager


An exclusive portfolio with Professionals was  offered to me in the City of London and I took advantage of this opportunity  to gain this experience.  I was was responsible for a $100 million dollar portfolio of  some legal firms, accountant firms, some  high profile surgeons and specialists, dental companies and Engineers in the city of London.   Their  complex needs, complicated schedules, and unique perspectives  called for a relationship manager that could quickly assess the situation, present a solution and  manage the expectations of the client with clear communication including flexibility of scheduling.    I  successfully managed their lending, deposit and investment needs, both personally and commercially.  Introductions were made to the appropriate business partner when the opportunity arose.

My responsibility was to ensure profitable growth for the bank, by ensuring net sales growth was in check as well as revenue growth.  By financial analysis, business risk was regularly monitored to ensure it was in line. Personal lending skills were further developed by the complicated deals encountered with this role. (largest mortgage was on a $3mm property/ new build:$1.6mm funded.)

Leadership skills were  developed by  the mentoring  and assisting of less experienced small business lenders regularly with the intent to further assist with positive team results. Both years my rating =Exceeded Targets.

Jul 2006Sep 2010

Senior Business Advisor (08-10 Large Commercial)


As the Senior Business Advisor, I managed a portfolio of Business Clients with a total value of $80 million.  My experience expanded as I worked closely with a large group franchise owners (Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire), manufacturing companies, Large Agriculture and Large Commercial clients.  I was able to write and review their credits up to limits of  $10 million.    

The responsibility of this role was to monitor and maintain a satisfactory risk component of the portfolio, maintain profitability, and grow net sales.  I was able to maintain an excellent record  again, of not only meeting but exceeding my targets while managing this portfolio.

May 2005Jul 2006

Small Business Account Manager


As the Small Business Account Manager in Norwich, I managed a small portfolio of approximately $60 million of mainly Agriculture based clientele.  I was responsible for their lending, deposit,  and investment needs, on both their personal and their business side of things.  My goal was to ensure profitable growth for the bank, by monitoring risk issues regularly along  with ensuring the revenue growth of the portfolio.  

May 2003May 2005

Personal Banker


As a Personal Banker, I thrived in providing clients with the advise they needed to meet their goals.  My goals surrounding sales of mortgages, loans, line of credits and accounts were easily exceeded.  I found that there was an area of clients that wasn't being serviced well, and that was small business.  By becoming skilled and well versed in this segment,  I stood out  among my peers.   Annual Achiever designation was achieved while in this role as recognition of my top performance at CIBC.

Jun 1999Mar 2002

Customer Service Representative


My first role in banking as a CSR immediately spoke to me.  I loved the satisfaction I would feel helping clients with their daily transactional needs, but also exceeding my goals as well.   Forming relationships with people came easily to me even in the short time I had with them. I was able to meet my referal targets easily.  To prepare for what I hoped was in my future, I worked on my online courses so that I could be prepared to get a Personal Banking Position when one came up.  I also enroled in my CSC. 



Q2 Quarterly 2021

North Star Award


Ten times Quaterly Achiever

Nov 2011Feb 2012

Award of Excellence


Annual Achiever