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Technology Consultant with over thirty years’ experience in microprocessor based computing, primarily focused on Linux and other open source technologies, with a designation as a Microsoft Certified Professional, specializing in Server operating systems and Microsoft Exchange.  An emphasis on PC and LAN related technologies, with extensive experience in product selection and purchasing strategies; design, installation, administration and maintenance of LANs and related technologies.

Work experience

Principal Consultant

JC Kelly
Oct 1999Present
  • For the past twenty-two years, assisted small business clients (5 to 50 employees) in developing secure, stable, cost effective network environments, providing support for those environments
  • Transitioned clients from locally hosted systems to cloud based services from Google, Rackspace and others and provide first-line support for these services

Technology Consultant

DMR Consulting Group Inc.
Oct 1995Oct 1999
  • Worked with clients in the airline, automotive, legal and life insurance industries in the deployment of enterprise helpdesk solutions to support distributed operations
  • As technical lead, developed a methodology and oversaw the Y2K compliance testing of 3000+ workstations and over 100 Novell NetWare and Windows NT fileservers at 37 locations in a 3 week period
  • Worked with Canada’s largest automotive, sporting and leisure products retailer in tailoring Microsoft Exchange to provide message switching functionality between disparate PC and mainframe based e-mail systems
  • As a member of a multi-vendor team, participated in the development of a synchronization and migration methodology between Microsoft Exchange and a widely implemented legacy e-mail system
  • In a consulting/skill transfer role at a leading paper and corrugated manufacturer, oversaw the migration of the shop floor and office LAN from Arcnet to ethernet, NetWare 3.12 to IntraNetWare 4.11 (including NDS design), and client conversion from MSDOS to Microsoft Windows 95 (including necessary legacy application upgrades to run in the new environment)
  • In a consulting role, assisted a large Canadian school board in their selection of desktop and network operating systems to facilitate the deployment of enterprise-wide database applications
  • Participated, filling the role of Network Specialist, in a “proof of concept” which preceded the development of a leading edge client/server pricing system for a major Canadian grocer
  • Participated in a Windows NT network design including domain, server and workstation designs for a large Canadian retail organization.

Senior Branch Configuration Analyst

Manulife Financial
  • provided commentary on emerging technologies and industry events;
  • set hardware and commercial software standards for US Distribution, including the early adoption of Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT Advanced Server;
  • monitored and ensured compliance with software licensing agreements
  • managed support services for more than 500 end users.


J. Cavan Kelly & Associates
  • As a Consultant, advised on the configuration, maintenance and administration of IBM PC-LAN/Tokenring network for the Bank of Montreal trading floor  
  • Authorized reseller/installer  Performance Technology's POWERLan network operating system

Technical Support Rep - Microcomputers

CUC Broadcasting Limited
  • As the Technical Support Representative – Microcomputers, was responsible for the maintenance of all PC equipment; installed and administered the local area network, (NetWare 3 on Ethernet) provided support for software products, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, and dBase and for the Tandem minicomputer system; prepared the PC budget with respect to new technologies, e.g. image processing

Senior Technical Consultant

Central Canada Grocers Inc. (National Grocers, Loblaws)
  • Administered a 150-station local area network; maintained all PC-related equipment for all Loblaws and SuperCentre stores in Ontario, dealt with vendors and manufactures and evaluated new hardware and software.


Software Technology
  • Held the dealership for Sanyo MBC555 specific software, sold Sanyo computer products, and assembled and repaired XT and AT clones on a part time basis.

Estimator, Cost Clerk, Programmer

Display Finishers Ltd.
  • Wrote, implemented, and maintained a computerized costing system; co-authored inventory and invoicing system

Industry Associations/affiliations

Google - Authorized Reseller


Microsoft Customer Advisory Council


Microsoft Certified Professional

ms NT Server, MS Exchange

McAfee Certified Consultant

McAfee Helpdesk

Sanyo Microcomputer User Group