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That simple, one word question fuels everything I do. I've never been able to accept "just because" as a legitimate answer. I strive to learn how things work the way they do, why things work the way they do, and why do we have them in the first place? I genuinely believe that asking that question is not only the key to "reverse engineering" life and everything we encounter, but that it also allows us to reverse engineer specific problems in order to discover their solution.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." - Steve Jobs

Work experience

Linux Geek

Corey Edwards Media

I maintain a headless Debian Linux server in my home office which handles automated incremental backups of my two public web servers in Texas, provides various file sharing and other local network services throughout my house, and serves as a development and staging machine for my personal projects.

I also maintain two separate personal web servers in Texas which host my own website, blog, and projects. I consistently monitor their up-time, memory/disk space/CPU usage, and regularly review system and application logs to ensure proper and reliable operation of critical system components and service availability.

I spend a great amount of time researching new methods to use in hardening all three servers against potential (D)DoS attacks, MySQL Injections, and general security threats as well as experimenting with new ways to implement encryption (LUKS, GnuPG, SSL/SPDY/TLS, etc) to provide file system encryption options, email encryption, HTTPS encryption, and data integrity checking to ensure the most feasible security, usability, and reliability for myself and those who visit my site and use my services.

Jul 2012Present

Server Administrator

SkyToaster, LLC.

I maintained several CentOS servers hosting customer websites with a mission-critical uptime requirement. I frequently performed troubleshooting tasks to uncover disk space-hogging files as well as reviewed system and application logs to pinpoint performance issues and crashes.

I assisted the "Head Server Geek" Patrick Rice with system updates, client account setup, project migration, and a variety of other tasks.


Aug 2014Present

LFS101x Introduction to Linux


To quench my never-ending thirst of knowledge, as well as my desire to dive deeper into Linux, I began taking this course provided by The Linux Foundation which is the basis for the entry-level Linux Certification.

Jan 2014Present

Applied Cryptography and Intro to Theoretical Computer Science


As with the others, I'm soaking up more knowledge at Udacity in a variety of geeky topics. The self-paced design of the courses makes it easy to focus on a particular subject at a time while still progressing through multiple courses at once.


Journey Into Cryptography

Khan Academy

To compliment my new-found passion for cyber-security, I opted for taking a Cryptography course with Khan Academy to get my feet wet with a basic understanding of cryptographic algorithms and the mathematical principles that go into play to make modern encryption possible.




Unlike riding a bike, you can quickly become rusty on coding skills if you don't stay consistent. In late 2012, I worked through the PHP course on Codecademy as a refresher for my PHP coding.


Special Agent Casper Cromwell, FBI Cyber Crime Unit

Phone: (615) 232-7673

Patrick Rice, Co-founder & Head Server Geek - SkyToaster, LLC.

Phone: (772) 226-0760

Brian Seymour, Independent Software Developer

Phone: 850-399-0660

Nathan Allen, Technical Director - The Woods Church

Phone: (586) 360-5824

Daniel Adams, A/V Tech - Friendship World Outreach

Phone: (931) 623-4644

Brandon Watson, University Student

Phone: (305) 975-7165


Customer Support
Capable of discussing technical issues with clients and customers to pinpoint specific problems. Strives to provide quick and effective solutions to trivial problems as well as sufficient temporary workarounds to larger problems which require more in-depth troubleshooting to "correctly" resolve. Enjoys the satisfaction of conquering new technical challenges that arise from supporting end-users.
General Linux System Administration
Extensive background in installing, deploying, maintaining, troubleshooting, and securing Linux servers, desktops, and network appliances. Quite proficient with Debian-based Linux distros and intermediate experience with CentOS (Red Hat),
NGINX AdminIstration
Working knowledge and experience in installing, configuring, deploying, maintaining, and securing NGINX as a stand-alone web server and as a reverse proxy server.
Basic knowledge of PHP. Capable of reading and understanding most code as well as writing basic code or extending existing applications.


Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certified Sage

Hurricane Electric
Hurricane Electric, a popular internet backbone provider, offers this certification free of charge with a basic introduction to IPv6 as part of their Tunnel Broker service. While not a "big time" certification, it does demonstrate a crucial understanding of what IPv6 is and one's ability to properly configure a working IPv6 setup.