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Work History




The vision of AUTOMA is to be the leading automation system and service provider by introducing true industrial automation and robotics concepts to modern industries. The company has done several automation projects in industry and currently expanding the business using industrial machine importing and giving services through machine shops. AUTOMA is registered export at export development board and import/ export at Srilanka customs 



Future Drones (Pvt) Ltd

 I worked as a director of the Future Drones company (The first Spin-off company from University of Moratuwa) where I did team leading, project managing, system designing, and integration, Manufacturing process development. The company has completed Ceyhawk medium scale electric and gasoline drone which was manufactured using carbon fiber composite. Currently, Company produces over 6 types of drone including Ceymapper, Ceybee, Ceyhex, Ceytwin. VTOL(Vertical Takeoff and Landing) drone development for the blood sample and Logistic transportation, surveillance drones are some of the ongoing projects.


Chief Engineer Systems

Future Drones (Pvt) Ltd

I had been appointed as Chief Engineer of FutureDrones From  January 2017 to Jan 2018., where job included architectural planning of Unmanned Aerial Systems including autopilot electronics and software systems design, system integration, continuous development and augmentation of UAV systems and adaptation and tuning etc. 

May 2014Apr 2015

Research Assistant

University Of Moratuwa

I had been appointed as  Research Assistant under the project titled " Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Real-time Aerial Surveillance and telemetry" for developing first medium scale UAV for surveillance in Sri Lanka.    


Junior Consultant

University of Moratuwa

I had been appointed as Junior Consultant  under the HETC project.Project scope was to 'Implement sub-systems for 7kg unmanned aerial vehicle'.  

Aug 2014Feb 2015

System Architect

Intelligent Machineries International Pvt Ltd

I had been appointed as system architect for implementing of Tuna fish grading probe and analyzer based on image processing. 

May 2012Nov 2012

Trainee Engineer

Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies

During the six months industrial training I had experienced with PUMA 562 robotic manipulator human machine  Interface design. Dspic based closed loop circuit design and firmware development with MPLAB C30, Robot arm modeling, controlling With Matlab are the some of the experience I gathered during the period. During the period  I  worked with FPGA based Tea color sorting machine and we used Altera spartan 6 FPGA with line camera for image processing.  


2009 2014

BSc Engineering (Hons) University of Moratuwa

Electronic and Telecommunication


Aug 2008

Advanced level exam

Bandaranayake college

Physics    :   A  

Chemistry:   A 

Com Math :  B            Z score : 2.5978     Dist  Rank  : 3    Island Rank :93


Ordinary level exam

Bandaranayake college

9 A’S AND  1 C           (2005 O/ L)

Nov 2014

Mentor Graphics Corporation Training Course

University of Moratuwa

During the course   I gathered  PCB Schematic design , PCB layout design , signal Integrity test, power integrity , PCB thermal flow  analyzing  using Mentor graphic   expedition software  


  • First ever Emergency Ventilator system designed for COVID-19 outbreak and presented to Prime Minister of Sri Lanka during the outbreak in 2020. 
  • Tea State Mapping for identifying Land Encroachment using Wingdrone VTOL  Drones under hilly and confined area 
  • Patent pending Automobile safety system: Headrest with spring-loaded window breaking system and emergency self-inflatable lifesaving buoy
  • Wingdrone is proud first Srilankan tiltrotor VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing ) drone designed for various applications such as GIS mapping, Disaster managing, Agriculture,Surveillance, parcel transport etc.
  • PowerBAT is a hybrid robotic drone for industrial transmission line inspection and stringing projects. This  newl robot design prototype has tested and design  is under patent filing  
  • UGO is a hybrid all terrain moving robot designed for surveillance mission in a disaster situation and military missions. The robot has prototyped and tested. Final design under patent filing 
  • Automated gunny sack lifting machine development for the industries
  • Ceyhawk VTOL (Vertical Take off and Landing )  drone development as first srilankan medium scale VTOL drone  
  • High accuracy aerial imagery base GIS data collection of Bandaranayake international  Airport Sri Lanka with Survey department  after airport expansion by JICA (2018 completed)
  • CeyTwin RTK ( First RTK mapping drone created in Srilanka)  drone was  development for GIS aerial imagery using high precision RTK GPS.
  • Tiltrotor VTOL (Vertical Take off and Landing ) prototyping with  collision avoidance for medicine transportation  (an Individual project from a USA citizen)
  • Dialog Axiata tower inspection and 3d modeling using drones 
  • Aerial imagery   based contour mapping over 21000 acres of Kanthale   Sugar Corporation  fields 2017 
  • Aerial imagery mapping over 25000 acres of Anuradhapura Kakirawa area for identifying biodiversity. The project client was Department of  Land Use and Policy Planning and project funded by United nations development programme in 2017.
  • Agricultural spraying drone was developed for Farm Mechanization Research Center at Mahailluppallama 
  • Robot lawn mower automation (an Individual project from a  USA citizen).
  • Denso Vp6 robot  programme to open  plaque at Ancel global engineering division opening ceremony 
  • Ceyquad  surveillance drone design for Srilanka Police departments
  • Quadrotor VTOL drone 
  • Ceyhex package transport drone design 
  • Ceybee  Agri drone development  with multispectral camera 
  • Ceybee GIS drone development 
  • CeyHawk Gasoline version design 
  • CeyHawk composite  frame design for manufacturing 
  • Ceymapper Drone design for  3D mapping  
  • Fish grading probe and analyzer  development with automated image processing technology 
  • Cellquicken rife machine based electromagnetic  treatment  hardware development  (SA project)
  • Smart automobile analyzer for ten wheel  truck performance monitoring (2012)
  • RAVAN first Sri Lankan   medium scale  UAS design  
  • Denso  Vp6 arm optimum jerk  trajectory planning research project
  • Sri Lanka Robot Competition   Autonomous  Robot design 
  • PUMA 562 arm  Human Machine interface design (HMI controller with DSPICS) 
  • FPGA based Tea color separator project 
  • Telepresence Quadcopter design  for disaster management  
  • FPGA based   signal generator 
  • FPGA based Speech recognition,
  • FPGA based washing machine controller DSD project
  • Telephone operate switch panel (June term project )
  • MATLAB based Speech recognition for DSP 

Volunteer projects

  • We were able to build and present first Emergency Ventilator system under the instruction of medical officers in Sri Lanka and able to present it to Prime Minister Mahainda Rajapakshe during the Covid outbreak in 2020, We were asked to proceed project and built 200 systems for  Sri Lankan hospital
  • I participated in Abegiriya stupa  reconstructing project  (volunteer project - 2010)
  • We contributed to several volunteer services  by using Drone in disaster situations  such as
    •  Athurugiriya, Kalaniya flood mapping during "Roanu storm" in 2016  for Disaster management center and CAA. Those Images were used in UNDP twites and UN news.
    •  Aranayake landslide mapping and modeling for Nation building and research organization  2016
    • Kaluthara, Gin-gaga  flood mapping  for Disaster management center in 2017 
    • Aerial imagery over Anuradhapura historical hospital complex and monuments  
  • Future Drone was invited to Rapid Disaster management governed by a world bank  with entities like DMC, World bank, MOD to collecting rapid aerial data on national disaster situation  

Patents and Publications

Headrest with spring-loaded window breaking system and emergency self-inflatable lifesaving buoy

The innovation is directed to a multipurpose headrest with a spring-loaded window breaking system for quick and easy window glass breaking in an emergency. Headrest consists of a lifesaving buoy to assist escaped people to survive in a drawing situation. Therefore, this innovation is much related to the field of human safety to save thousands of victims in an emergency situation such as drawing vehicles.

Patent Pending number: LK/20135.

WIPO- PCT : PCT/IB2019/057604

Identifying the cruising dynamics of a medium scale UAV I: Longitudinal dynamics

Abstract: Pitch and airspeed responses of a medium scale UAV were identified using the prediction error method. Data collection was conducted with an active closed loop autopilot control system. A native SISO open loop transfer function was estimated using the parametric direct approach. Since its predictability was not significant, better estimators were developed using MISO parametric direct, and SISO parametric indirect method. The model validations were done to quantify their predictability.

 Publisher:IEEE ,Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon), 2015 





Gold Award

ICAN-2019 Toronto Canada

Emergency Life Saving Vehicle headrest invention won the gold award in the ICAN 2019 Innovation  competition


Gold Award

Sahasak Nimavum 2018

Emergency Life Saving Vehicle headrest invention won the gold award in applied science and technology field in Sahasak Nimavum 2018 competition


Silver medal awards

Geneva Inventions 2018

 Ceybee Autonomous multipurpose ultralight drone won Silver award in 46th geneva inventions 2018


Gold Award

Sahasak Nimavum 2017

Ceybee Autonomous multipurpose ultralight drone won the Gold award in Applied Sciences and Technology Sahasak Nimavum 2017 organized by Sri Lanka inventors commision



Gold Award

Sahasak Nimavum 2017

Ceyhawk UAV won Gold award in the field of Engineering Sahasak Nimavum 2017


Bronze Award

IESL Techno Exhibition 2017

Future Drones Stall at IESL Techno 2017 exhibition won Bronze award on Engineering services category 

Oct 2016

Merit Award

NBQSA 2016 Best ICT awards

Ceyhawk UAV  won merit award in research and development category of   18th National best quality ICT awards -2016 

Dec 2013

Runners Up

SLRC 2013 Robo Competition

The autonomous and manual robot was designed for the  Sri Lankan Robo competition 2013, and we were able to win second place of the competition.  


I hereby declare that the above mention details are true and accurate according to my knowledge 


Yours faithfully

  C. I  Gamage. 

   07-09- 2022