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Inspired by the collaborative process to assist families during separation to move forward with a plan to help their children thrive. Compassionate and patient with years of experience working with families during crisis and youth who have lived with trauma. Exemplary leadership skills, demonstrated by leading group counselling sessions, mentoring youth, and above all striving to lead by example. A self-motivated and dedicated worker who approaches tasks as a challenge. An active problem solver driven to explore creative solutions to even the most complex obstacles. Comfortable working with a diverse clientèle of all cultures and orientations. Motivated by a strong obligation towards the needs and best interest of clients. Proficient communication skills both written and verbal, but especially listening. Highly organized and schedule orientated. Extensive training in programming for clients with special developmental and physical disabilities as well as mental health needs.


Dual Perspective Taking

Able to maintain the mediator's perspective of appreciating the merits from both parties perspective without evaluating or judging either


Eager, tenacious and dedicated when faced with a complex problem to solve

Rapport Building

Years of experience in a therapeutic setting for trauma and crisis management have developed an ability to build trust with clients while in stressful situations

Time Management

Able to keep the process on track in conditions where time is limited

Work experience


Information and Referral Coordinator, MIP Facilitator/Presenter

AXIS Family Mediation
  • Provided clients with information on issues related to separation, divorce and child protection matters
  • Evaluate clients needs and assist with referrals to available community resources
  • Educate clients about the mediation process and alternative dispute resolution options
  • Provide information to clients related to the family justice system and the effect of separation on children and adults
  • Identified cases as high risk in relation to family dynamics and potential domestic abuse
  • Maintained up-to-date list of local community programs and services
  • Worked closely with mediators, advice lawyers, family court staff and other relevant service providers
  • Liaison with outside agencies and community service providers to meet the clients needs
  • Assist with the completion of monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Child Protection Worker

Children's Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk

Family Services Department

  • Worked with families to safety plan when in crisis or to address prevailing risks
  • Participated in regular visits in client's homes, including high risk homes
  • Completed investigations into reported child abuse or neglect
  • Responded to crisis situations and assisted families in deescalation
  • Worked closely with police and probation officers during investigations
  • Co-ordinated with mental health and addiction services to provide support to clients
  • Organized and lead case conferences with schools, counselors and other supports
  • Prepared court documents including detailed affidavits; attended and participated in court for Society matters
  • Wrote case notes, safety assessments, service plans and 6-month reviews
  • Worked closely with a supervisor to ensure best possible service for my clients

Youth Worker

Youth Connections

Group home treatment centre for youth who have sexually offended, or have been assessed at high risk.

  • Worked closely with a team of staff, therapists and social workers in treatment of clients
  • Provided one-to-one counseling for clients for a multitude of behavioral and emotional issues 
  • Entrusted with taking a leadership role with clients in crisis, including physical restraints as a last resort
  • Tasked with setting treatment goals for clients, including conceptualizing and designing programs in areas of life skills, emotional and social development
  • Represented clients and the organization in court
  • Accountable for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly written reports on clients progress, as well as weekly staff meetings to discuss program options
  • Part of special mentor-ship team teaching life skills to youth transitioning into independence 
  • Acted as a liaison for clients with outside professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and therapists
  • Trusted to transport clients in company and personal vehicles
  • Health and safety representative for St. Catharines branch
< 2008

Previous Work Experience Available on Request



Conflict Management Certificate Program

University of Waterloo

Post-graduate certificate program featuring live mediation training under the supervision of Accredited Mediators


Certificate in Family Mediation

York University

Post-graduate certificate program focusing on family mediation, family dynamics and family law


Certificate in Dispute Resolution

York University

Post-graduate certificate program focusing on mediation, negotiation and arbitration


B.A. in Psychology

Brock University


Available upon request